Demonstration in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for György Budaházy and the Hungarian Guard

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There was a demonstration in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg organized by the HVIM French branch, a group of Hungarian Parliamentarians and French supporters of György Budaházy and the Hungarian Guard. The group handed in a petition to the European Court of Human Rights asking the judicial body to examine the case of Budaházy and the Hungarian Guard banned by the Gyurcsány regime.

At the demonstration, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Krisztina Morvai talked about human rights violations in Hungary including the plight of political prisoners and the case of the Hungarian Guard banned by the Gyurcsány regime on false charges. Meanwhile French supporters of the Hungarian cause distributed flyers written in several languages, informing onlookers about the human rights situation in Hungary.

In the petition to the Court of Human Rights, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Krisztina Morvai are asking the justice system to examine the politically motivated decision by the Hungarian court against the Hungarian Guard. Petitioners are also demanding one hundred thousand Euros compensation. According to Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, the appeal process to be completed might take two to three years.

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A series of protest started for the release of political prisoners on the “Vértanúk tere”

Friday, June 25, 2010

On Friday 25, the HVIM started a series of protest on the “Vértanúk tere” to draw attention to the plight of political prisoners still in jail. The attention-grabbing protest started by László Toroczkai, the founder of the HVIM. Standing in a cage, Toroczkai talked to the press about the profound disappointement of the patriotic movement by the new Fidesz government that still hasn’t released all political prisoners arrested by the Gyurcsány regime.

Currently, György Budaházy and Szaszka are still in jail for over a year on fake terrorism charges. Up until now, no evidence has been introduced in any of the cases against the detainees.

In the upcoming days, more human rights activist and members of the Hungarian resistance movement will join to the attention-gabbing protest. On Monday, Gyula Zagyva, the chief of the HVIM and on the following day, Tamás Gaudi Nagy will spend some time in the cage.


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New Hungarian patent: Vertically operated wind power plant

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A video about a new Hungarian invention outlining a vertically operated wind power station that might revolutionalize eco-friendly electricity production in the future. In the video, inventor Professor Viktor Györgyi describes the advantages of the new design in terms of economy and viability as opposed to the traditional wind turbine construction of currently operated wind power stations.

The video is in Hungarian with plenty of illustrations for better understanding.

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Help a compatriot in Felvidék getting to the European Athletics Championship in Barcelona

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The talented Long Jumper Renáta Medgyes, in Dunaszerdahely has qualified for the European Athletics Championship in Barcelona, despite opposition by Slovakian sport officials. However, her participation in the prestigious sport event is in danger because she is not supported by any government agencies with a penny. Her parents are unemployed and are unable to finance her expenses for the tournament.

Renáta Medgyes is 27 years old and already won a silver medal 11 years ago, at the junior world championship.

Hungarians in ”Csallóköz” started a donation drive to raise funds that can cover the athlete’s expenses during the tournament.

Anyone willing to support Renáta Medgyes can do so by donating money to the following Bank Account:

Számla neve: Renáta Medgyesová
Számlaszám: 9823857030/5600
DEXIA Bank, Dunaszerdahely
IBAN: 34 5600 0000 00 9823857030

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HVIM demanded the release of political prisoners on the Vörösmarty square

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The HVIM demonstrated on June 19, on the "Vörösmarty tér" and the "Vértanúk tere" in Budapest to demand the release of the two remaining political prisoners still in jail--György Budaházy and Szaszka.

György Budaházy and Szaszka have been in jail for more than a year. So far no charges have been laid against any of the prisoners taken into custody on phony terrorism charges.

During the demonstration leaders of the HVIM-- László Toroczkai, Gyula Zagyva, as well as several prominent human rights activists, members of the Hungarian and European parliament—Tamás Gaudi Nagy, Krisztina Morvai and members of the Budaházy family praised Budaházy’s contribution to a better Hungary.

Speakers summed up Budaházy’s role in the Hungarian resistance movement that has been fighting against the dictatorial rule of the Gyurcsány regime during the past eight years. Speakers emphasized Budaházy’s efforts to uncover human rights violations and high level political criminality by corrupt government officials since the collapse of communism, in 1989.

Gyula Zagyva, the president of HVIM and member of the Hungarian parliament revealed a new attention-grabbing protest starting on Wednesday, June 23. According to plans, leaders of the HVIM and other human rights activist including László Toroczkai, Gyula Zagyva, Tamás Gaudi Nagy and Krisztina Morvai will sit in a cage for 6 hours, each day to call attention to the plight of political prisoners arrested by the police of the Gyurcsány regime on fake terrorism charges. The protest will take place for an unspecified period of time.


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Magyar Sziget

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Live video streaming from Versailles

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You can watch live the Trianon memorial activities in Versailles, on the World Federation of Hungarians website. Click here and chose “Élő közvetités Versaillesból” menu item to see the live video streaming starting June 4th at 9 am.

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