The Magyar Sziget is ten years old this year

Friday, July 30, 2010

It was ten years ago when the first Magyar Sziget was held at the picturesque village of Verőce. The first Magyar Sziget was organized by László Toroczkai, the founder of the HVIM as a reaction to the Sziget festival held every year with a tremendous financial backing by the liberal establishment.

The Magyar Sziget has never received any financial support from any government agency but it grew by leaps and bounds because of the quality entertainment it has provided for young people throughout the years; it has become an institution by itself as the most popular yearly event among patriotic youth.

During the years, the Magyar Sziget attracted patriotic organizations from other countries as well. In the past couple of years, groups from Spain, France, England, Poland and Croatia attended the event.

According to Gyula Zagyva, this year organizers are expecting visitors from Germany and Sweden as well.

For the tenth anniversary, the best Hungarian rock bands will entertain visitors all day long, but there will be some surprises that Zagyva hasn't revealed. In addition to rock music, there will be quality children programs with puppet show and “táncház”, several cultural events and political discussions with the participation of well-known politicians and experts that are regulars at the Magyar Sziget.

Because of the tough economic times, admission fee to the event remains the same as it was in the last year.

To a question about organizational difficulties, Zagyva said since its conception the Magyar Sziget operates in an unfavorable political climate and because of this, organizers have to be extremely creative, in each year to overcame hostilities by the political establishment.

Among the most interesting programs will be a lecture by László Toroczkai and a conversation with Zsuzsa Szögi, the daughter of Lajos Szögi whose father was lynched by gypsy criminals a few years ago.

As part of the Hungarian Resistance Academy, lawyers of Jobbik's legal cabinet will talk about the legal aspects of fighting for human rights in the current political climate. Participants can meet members of popular rock bands and there will be craft shows and martial arts demonstrations as well.

You can find more info about Magyar Sziget here

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Girl, 14, gang raped by gypsies

The details are sketchy because police ordered a news blackout in the case. What we know is that a gang of criminals forced a 14 year old girl, by using threats to have sexual intercourse with them.

So far four criminals have been arrested but local sources suggesting that ten were involved in the case.

The incident took place in Perkupa, in Borsod county, which is a heavily gypsy infested region of the country.

The mainstream media keeps “suspiciously” quiet about the case; but according to local sources, it is beyond doubt that the culprits were gypsies. In this case too, the effort of police and the mainstream media to cover up the identity of the criminals follows the same pattern as in other cases (for instance, in the case of the police killer gypsy that killed an officer in a car chase)— they release no information about the identity of the person committed the crime (unless he is Hungarian). This behavior of the establishment makes it easy for anyone to identify the criminals even without concrete evidence.

Probably, we will know more about the criminal case in the coming days, as more local accounts will, for sure, surface up about the circumstances of the crime and the identity of the people involved in the incident.

Tamás Dobi spokesperson of Borsod county police said five criminals have been involved in the rape. All criminals have been taken into custody, but only two have been arrested, the rest have been released soon after the incident.

Among the criminals the oldest was 30 and the youngest 18 years old said the spokesperson.

According to police account, the young girl was lured to a deserted area and by issuing threats all criminals had intercourse with her.

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GNOME 3 not ready yet, release pushed back to 2011

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Hague, July 28, 2010 – The GNOME Release Team met at GUADEC on Monday, July 26 and discussed the state of readiness for GNOME 3.0. During these discussions the Release Team decided that GNOME 3.0 needed another release cycle to mature and have pushed back the GNOME 3.0 release to March 2011.

GNOME releases every six months to provide a reliable platform for its community and downstream partners. While it might be possible to release GNOME 3.0 in 2010 by slipping the schedule by a month or two, it makes more sense to stick to GNOME's release schedule and ensure that GNOME 3.0 lives up to the quality that our community expects.

The GNOME Project will ship GNOME 2.32 in September, along with a preview release of GNOME 3.0. Several of the distributions will ship GNOME 3.0 components that can be used for user previews or developer testing.

GNOME is driven by its goals to provide a quality free software desktop, and we feel that our users and downstream community are better served by holding the GNOME 3.0 release until March 2011. This gives adequate time not only for feature development, but user feedback and testing.

The extra time will be used to improve performance for GNOME Accessibility support, GNOME Shell, and documentation for GNOME 3.0. GNOME 2.32 will still have a number of interesting new features such as color management and UPnP support as well as the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes that have marked GNOME's timed releases for years.

Stay tuned to the Web site and announcements from the GNOME Project about the status of GNOME 3.0 and what's coming in 2011.

About GNOME and the GNOME Foundation

GNOME is a free-software project whose goal is to develop a complete, accessible and easy to use desktop for Linux and Unix-based operating systems. GNOME also includes a complete development environment to create new applications. It is released twice a year on a regular schedule.

The GNOME desktop is used by millions of people around the world. GNOME is a standard part of all leading GNU/Linux and Unix distributions, and is popular with both large existing corporate deployments and millions of small business and home users worldwide.

Composed of hundreds of volunteer developers and industry-leading companies, the GNOME Foundation is an organization committed to supporting the advancement of GNOME. The Foundation is a member directed, non-profit organization that provides financial, organizational and legal support to the GNOME project and helps determine its vision and roadmap.


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Renáta Medgyes finished seventh at the European Athletics Championship in Barcelona

The talented long jumper, Renáta Medgyes from Dunaszerdahely finished seventh with a new personal best of 671 centimetres at the European Athletics Championship in Barcelona. She missed the bronze medal by a mere 13 centimetres.

Renáta Medgyes was not supported by Slovakian sport officials at all; her participation in the prestigious event made possible the 5000 Euro fund the Hungarian community collected in a donation drive.

Considering the circumstances of her preparation and the lack of support she received in Slovakia, the seventh place can be considered a big success.

Let's hope that at the next big athletic event she will compete for Hungary; as of January 1st all Hungarians can acquire Hungarian citizenship regardless of her residency.

The final results:

1. Ineta Radevica (Latvia) 6,92 m
2. Naide Gomes (Portugal) 6,92
3. Olga Kucserenko (Russia) 6,84
7. Medgyes Renáta 6,71

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A gypsy beats up a priest at the funeral home for arriving late

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The incident took place a week ago, in a funeral home, in the town of Ujhatvan where gypsies waiting for the town priest to perform a burial ceremony for a diseased relative. However, due to misunderstanding of various factors, the town priest arrived half an hour late. Upon arrival, one of the relatives of the deceased person struck the priest two times in his face to show his unhappiness with the priest's absentmindedness.

The cleric was shocked by the violence but despite the atrocity, he performed the ceremony and the dead man was put to rest according to church rituals.

He didn't notify police about the incident because he didn't like official procedures. He also said he had forgiven to the offender. But it is more likely that he swept the incident under the carpet because he was afraid of retaliation.

Note: Despite promises by the Fidesz government to protect citizens from gypsy criminals, violence still going on unabated. Rather than prosecuting gypsy criminals, the Fidesz government continues investing more resources into the persecution of members of the Hungarian National Guard and other patriotic organizations; it seems that the Fidesz government has been harassing these organizations with the same resoluteness as the Gyurcsány government did in the past eight years.

Gyula Zagyva, member of the parliament said, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made crystal clear at Jobbik's caucus meeting that the elimination of the Hungarian National Guard was one of his chief priorities. He said the elimination of the Hungarian National Guard was not a legal but a political question. It is quite amusing that at the midst of one of the greatest economic upheavals in the history of the country, the prime minister has been focusing his energies on an issue that has nothing to do with his project of rebuilding the country. How can this be explained? There is only one possible explanation for this: he was instructed by the global power to eliminate the Hungarian Guard in exchange for more freedom in economic and other matters.

Breaking down negotiations with IMF might be one of the issues that the government can point to as one of the potential benefits resulting from the deal. However, if this is the case, it is a spin; and the sporadic support of the corporate media shouldn't be interpreted as a genuine support but it is part of the game that we don't know neither the rules nor the details. Nobody in his right mind can believe that the mainstream media that is under the firm control of the global power would recklessly throw its support behind a “rebellious” government unless by design.

By all probability, the coming years will announce the “benefits” of the supposed deal, which implementation by the way, coincides with the implementation of the new world order in the global sphere.

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Jobbik rules the Internet

Despite Fidesz's landslide victory in April, Jobbik still attracts the most fans on the Internet.

According to , on most community sites Jobbik leads the field in almost all categories.

On iwiw, Jobbik can boast with 41285, Fidesz 6181, LMP 4245, MSZP 1153 and the MDF 26 fans.

On twitter Jobbik has 1688, LMP 1025, Fidesz 405, SZDSZ 237, and the MSZP 93 fans.

Only on Facebook, where Jobbik is behind Fidesz and the LMP. Here, Fidesz leads the field with 14850 fans, followed by LMP with 6323 and Jobbik with 5026 fans.

On youtube, in terms of hits, Jobbik has a huge lead over the other parties. More than 5 million viewers watched Jobbik videos. LMP got half a million and Fidesz 240 000 hits.

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Laurie Anderson: “When justice is gone, there's always force

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Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The first two parts of this series describes the negative effects that some commonly consumed chemicals have on the body and brain. This third and final part looks at some natural ways to keep the brain healthy and provides tips to rid the body of dangerous substances. In other words, how to fight back against the dumbing down of society!

Read the rest here.

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Tab Candy - New Firefox 4.0 Innovation

Monday, July 26, 2010

An Introduction to Firefox's Tab Candy from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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Two pictures worth thinking about

Click the image to enlarge

On the left, György Budaházy the well-known patriot, arrested more than a year ago on fabricated charges of terrorism; since then, he has been kept in jail by the crooked and corrupt court without ever putting him on trial. He has been forbidden to talk to the press and see his family members including his children.

On the right, the police killer gypsy struck and killed a 30 year old officer two days ago, in a car chase. At his first court appearance, he is casually chatting with journalists with minimal security around him.

Note: Very recently (as a result of the pressure coming from Jobbik members of the Hungarian and EU parliament), the court granted visitation rights to Budaházy's wife, but he still cannot talk to the press.


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Police harassed members of the Hungarian National Guard while distributing donations

Rather than protecting ordinary people from gypsy criminals, the police force of the Fidesz government continue harassing members of the Hungarian National Guard with the same determination as the thugs of the Gyurcsany regime did during the past eight years.

On the M3 freeway, police tried to block vehicles carrying donations to the victims of the flood in Borsod county collected by members of the Hungarian Guard.

Police pretended, they were conducting a road safety campaign, however those stopped reported that none of the vehicles were checked for safety violations.

During the police action several accident happened in the area, yet police used scares recourses to harass members of the Hungarian National Guard conducting a charity mission.

Luckily, all 35 tons of donation reached the victims of flood; they were more than thankful for the help reported by the lawyers of Jobbik's legal cabinet.

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Jobbik proposes pension cuts for communist vampires

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jobbik tabled a bill in parliament calling for the reduction of pension payments for high ranking communist officials active during the communist era. Officials actively participated in the persecution of Hungarians opposing the communist system during the Soviet occupation of the country have been receiving exceptionally high pension payments, something that ordinary working people cannot dream of.

One of the most despicable characters of this era is the 90 year old Béla Biszku, the Minister of Home Affairs in the Kádár government set up after the 1956 uprising. This bloody-handed vampire was responsible for many of the atrocities the secret police committed against ordinary people supporting the revolution. Today, he has been collecting over five hundred thousand forints monthly pension; while an average pensioner receives about thirty thousand forints.

Béla Biszku

The bill asking legislature to reduce the pension payments for these people to the minimum level and redistribute the surplus among pensioners suffered imprisonment or during the reprisals.

One of the victims of this period was Maria Wittner who had been sentenced to death for her role in the uprising; the sentence later commuted to life imprisonment. Currently, she is a member of parliament sitting on the Fidesz benches. Previously, she proposed a legislature similar to the one the Jobbik bill outlines; then Fidesz endorsed the draft.

We'll see what support Jobbik proposal receives in the legislature dominated by Fidesz. The socialist party, more aptly called “the socialist crime syndicate”, understandably, opposing the bill.

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A police officer was struck and killed by a gypsy refused to stop at a road block

Friday, July 23, 2010

Police flagged off a black BMW in the fourteenth district but the driver refused to stop. Officers gave a chase and at the Keleti station they cornered the criminal; a police officer fired a shot and as he approached the car, the BMW hit the police officer that died on the scene. The name of the officer is Dusán Radovics; he was 30 years old.

Police arrested the driver and the passenger of the car in the eleventh district.

As expected, police tried to cover up the identity of the driver that struck the officer; however, witnesses on the scene reported that the driver was a gypsy.

The liberal media still keep quite about the identity of the criminal despite the information and the pictures surfaced up on the Internet confirming unequivocally that the driver of the car was a gypsy from Hódmezővásárhely. His name is Zoltán Poór a well-known figure in criminal circles. The female passenger of the car was his girlfriend.

The gypsy criminal has been apprehended by police

He is in the police cruiser

His girlfriend has also been arrested

The criminal drove the car without a drivers licence.

During the interrogation, the repeat offender admitted hitting the police officer.

The officer was a 30 year old veteran of the Hungarian police force and the father of a 2 year old child.

Grieving police officer

Police accusing the gypsy with traffic violation, dangerous driving causing death and other criminal offences.

Yesterday, thousands of citizens held a vigil for the killed police officer at the fourteenth district police station.

Let this tragedy be a wakeup call for police officers; it is not the Hungarian Guard that endangers society and the life of police officers, but gypsy criminals. While both the Gyurcsany regime and the Fidesz government put tremendous amount of recourses into persecuting the Hungarian Guard until gypsy crime flourishing in the entire county and nobody does a thing about it.

Gypsy crime doesn't seem to be declining during the Fidesz term in office. Fidesz, in order to gain freedom in economic matters struck a deal with globalists that are hell bent on getting rid of the Hungarian Guard and promoting gypsy crime.

Gypsy crime in Eastern Europe serves the same function as immigration in the rest of Europe. The goal is to break up indigenous cultures and make societies a patchwork of communities incapable of resisting colonization. People without culture are like organisms without an immune system. If you want to know what happens to people deprived of their common heritage take a look at the tragedy of native Americans.

Obviously, the Fidesz government has no power to resist globalists that are behind the promotion of gypsy crime and other anti-social behavior of gypsies. The very same forces are behind the demographic policies of the successive governments encouraging gypsy families to procreate and discouraging Hungarians from having babies. The goal is to induce demographic changes in society by promoting gypsy population growth.

People should realize what has been going on behind the scene. This is a hideous war that is waged by covert means and because of this hard to fight it; especially, for the average person that is misled by the media and entertainment industry that are firmly under the control of those waging this war at the first place.

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History of Uyghurs (Lemurians: c.10,500 BC - 2012 AD)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"History is actually a circle, a very long circle. It's not what we are thought in schools. What we are thought is effectively a 19th century fabrication, white supremacist, eurocentric con job". --John Anthony West

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Hostage taking in China

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Jobbik stand at EFOTT: Interview with Gábor Vona, Dóra Dúró (wearing bikini) and Előd Novák [Video]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Kazakh Archeologists Discover Ancient Scythian “Sun Lord”

By Joanna Lillis

Archeologists in Kazakhstan have discovered the grave of a gold-clad ancient Scythian warrior who has already earned himself a nickname: “The Sun Lord.” Researchers uncovered the find in a Scythian grave consisting of seven burial mounds in Karaganda Region east of the capital, Astana.

The opulence of the warrior’s burial indicates that he was a leader as well as a fighter, expedition leader Arman Beysenov explained. “He was probably a ruler and a warrior simultaneously,” Beysenov said in remarks quoted by the Kazinform news agency on July 16. “The person’s torso was entirely covered with gold. The figure of a leader like this was associated with the sun. He was a sort of ‘sun lord.’”

The warrior was likely buried in the 4th or 5th century BC in a grave that was actually discovered half a century ago, though excavation work only started last year.

Robbers had looted the grave in ancient times, Beysenov said, but it still contained quite a horde of ancient treasure. One of the burial mounds alone yielded 130 gold objects that included the figure of a feline predator, pendants and parts of sword belts. Archeologists also found hundreds of gold beads and 14 bronze arrowheads in the grave.

Inevitably, the archeological discovery is being trumpeted as comparable to that of the Golden Man, found in the Issyk burial mound just outside Kazakhstan’s commercial capital, Almaty, in 1969. The Golden Man, who’s believed to have been a young Scythian prince who lived in the 4th or 5th century BC, was interred wearing some 4,000 gold ornaments.

He has become a national symbol -- the image of the Golden Man, with his trademark conical gold headdress, decorates the monument to independence on Almaty’s Republic Square, and in 2006 President Nursultan Nazarbayev unveiled a statue of him outside the Kazakh Embassy in Washington. The original is on display at Almaty’s Museum of Gold.

Archeologists are now hoping that their digs in eastern Kazakhstan will reveal more information about the glorious “Sun Lord,” the latest find from the Scythian past.


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A unique exhibit at “Kurultáj”

Kurultáj is a unique socio-cultural gathering of Hungarians and representatives of kindred nations around the world, especially from Asia. This year, the three day event will be held in Bugac, the weekend of August 6 through August 8.

Visitors can see a unique display of educational activities introducing the life of ancient Hungarians through arts and crafts, dance, contests, traditional combat exercises and other related activities.

During the three day event an exhibition will be set up in a sanctified yurt showing the bones of a leader from the time of “Honfoglalás” (the time when Hungarians reconquered the Carpathian basin, in 895). In addition, anthropologists from the Museum of Natural Sciences reconstructed the face of the leader figure dug out from a burial site dating back to the time of “Honfoglalás”, so that everyone can see how ancient Hungarians actually looked like when coming to the Carpathian basin.

There will be presentations of archaeological findings showing, among others armoury from the time of Avar and Hun era, as well as ancient Hungarian burial artifacts from the time of “Honfoglalás”. The event will be complemented by lectures, combat demonstrations, sport events, interactive programs and dance performances.

The exhibition has been put together by the “Magyar Turán Szövetség” and the “Kiskun Múzeum”.

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The Hungarian parliament human rights committee demanding the release of Előd Tóásó

Monday, July 19, 2010

The human rights committee of the Hungarian parliament will ask international agencies, among them the European Parliament and the United Nations to help the effort aiming at the release of Előd Tóásó that Bolivian authorities jailed more than a year ago.

In a statement to the media, members of the committee asking Bolivian authorities to release Előd Tóásó from jail where he has been kept without credible evidence.

Members of the committee resenting the fact that Bolivian authorities have never informed Hungarian authorities about the evidence they have in the case.

It was one year ago, on April 16, 2009 when Bolivian security forces killed Eduardo Rózsa Flores with two of his associates, Árpád Magyarosi and Michael Dwyer, in the city of Santa Cruz. In the same incident, they arrested Előd Tóásó and Marió Tadic that are still in jail waiting for trial.

Bolivian authorities accusing Flores and his group of trying to kill the President of Bolivia. However, so far no evidence has been presented in the case that would support the accusations.

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Gypsies murdered an elderly man in Soltvadkert

Sources reporting from the town of Soltvadkert that today, in the early hours, two gypsies murdered and elderly man in his own home. After the atrocious crime has been carried out, the criminals have stolen the victim's car but after a few kilometres they crashed into a tree. The culprits have been taken to hospital with light injuries. When police tried to identify the owner of the stolen car found him murdered in his home.

Police captured both criminals that admitted the crime. One of them knew the 69 year old victim; occasionally, he did work for him.

The gypsies entered the victims' house in the early hours climbing over the fence. They beat the man to death and have taken whatever they could, including electrical equipments, bankcards, cash and the victims' car.

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Jobbik caucus removed Lajos Pősze as deputy floor leader

In a Monday caucus meeting, Jobbik removed Lajos Pősze as a deputy floor leader because the politician criticized party support of the Hungarian National Guard and György Budaházy.

In an interview with Magyar Nemzet, Lajos Pősze said that the time and the conditions that triggered the formation of the Hungarian Guard and the support of György Budaházy were long gone and Jobbik should dissociate itself from these matters.

In the interview, Pősze suggested that he was not the only one with this opinion but other members of Jobbik shared his views on the issues.

In a statement today, Dóra Dúró, Jobbik spokesperson emphasized that Pősze statement about the Hungarian National Guard and György Budaházy was a private opinion and didn't reflect Jobbik's official policy.

Gábor Vona also rejected the suggestion of a rift between the party and the National Guard. He said Jobbik and the Hungarian National Guard fought together against the Gyurcsany dictatorship and the two organizations continue supporting each other in the future as well.

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Bogár László:Lejtőn csak lefelé

Trianon Mohács mellett a magyarság történetének legsötétebb szimbóluma. Szimbólum, mert ha alaposan megvizsgálnánk történelmünk mélyszerkezetét, valószínűleg rá kellene döbbennünk, hogy Trianon nem egyetlen esemény csupán. Sokkal inkább megjelenítője egy olyan pusztító „világerőnek”, amelynek hazánk mindig útban volt (van és lesz!), így Magyarország felszámolásának célja történelmi evidencia. Trianon tehát metafora gyanánt e megnevezhetetlen világerő kódnevévé vált. Ezért be kell látnunk, hogy lepusztulásunk messze Trianon előtt kezdődött, és Trianon óta is tart, újabb és újabb „Trianonok” láncolatát létrehozva.

A változásban rejlő tragédia

A történelmi Magyarország a Szent Istvántól Mátyás királyig tartó tér-időben is ki volt téve e világerő pusztító hatásának, mégis meg tudta őrizni szakrális talapzatát és erre épülő integritását. A Mohács óta zajló fél évezred azonban egy folyamatos és tragikus pusztulástörténet. Fél évezrede megszakítás nélkül élünk birodalmi függésben, és minden eddig minket kifosztó impérium kivette a részét ebből a pusztulástörténetből, amin ma is mozgunk lefelé. Ráadásul az is fontos mozzanat, hogy az igazán súlyos kifosztás nem is elsősorban azokban az időszakokban zajlott le, amikor az éppen aktuális birodalom „konszolidált” körülmények között fosztogatott minket, hanem amikor a nagy birodalomváltások („rendszerváltások”) mentek végbe.

A török kiűzését követő iszonyú kataklizmák során 20-25 év alatt nagyobb vagyonvesztés érte az országot, mint a 150 évnyi hódoltság idején. Az első világháború és Trianon, az 1914-től 1924-ig tartó évtized szintén nagyobb lepusztulással járt, mint a kétszáz éves Habsburg uralom. A második világháború és az iszonyú „jóvátétel” szintén nagyobb emberi és anyagi roncsolást hozott magával, mint az időben és térben egyaránt „harmadik” birodalom (hitleri Németország) minket érő előzetes kifosztása. És végül a szovjet birodalom összeomlása és a nyugati globalitás birodalmának berendezkedése, hatalomgazdasági erőforrás-szivattyúinak működése összehasonlíthatatlanul nagyobb kárt okozott a „rendszerváltás” húsz éve során, mint a szovjet megszállás 45 éve összesen. Meg kellene értenünk tehát a birodalomváltások „lemeztektonikájának” pusztító logikáját.

Vissza a harmóniához

Óvnunk kell magunkat attól a végzetes történelmi optikai csalódástól, hogy a nyugatias modernizáció létszerveződési módja, az ő mostani nagyszerű demokráciája és piacgazdasága a létező világok legjobbika, és hogy a Nyugat mindig a javát akarta Magyarországnak. Észlelnünk kellene végre, hogy a Mediciek és a Fuggerek geopolitikai harapófogójában fokozatosan összeroppanó Magyar Királyság óta egyfolytában útban van minden, ami a valóban önálló, független, a Szent Korona szakralitására épülő Magyarországra emlékeztetne. A török birodalmi terjeszkedés is inkább csak ürügy és eszköz volt a korai „globalizáció” urainak kezében, hogy belső hatalmi konfliktusaik rendezése közben egy füst alatt felszámolják Magyarországot is.

A legnagyobb kontinentális hatalmat, Franciaországot például semmi nem akadályozta meg abban, hogy saját nyers világuralmi törekvéseitől hajtva a minket éppen brutálisan kifosztó Oszmán birodalom hűséges stratégiai szövetségese legyen. Miközben mi önpusztító naivitással éppen ezt a Nyugatot védtük önfeláldozóan! A Nyugat globális birodalma történelmünk kritikus elágazási pontjainál ezután is mindent megtett annak érdekében, hogy cinikus-gátlástalanul lefosszon és kiárusítson minket. Paradox módon ez még a szovjet alávetettségünkre is igaz. Hiszen egyfelől a jaltai paktum nyomán ezt közvetlenül is a Nyugatnak köszönhetjük, ráadásul ennek a szálnak van egy Jaltánál sokkal súlyosabb és mélyebb szerkezeti összefüggése is. A magyar forradalom és szabadságharc 1956-os eltiprásában azért segített készségesen a Nyugat globális birodalma a szovjet impériumnak, mert az eredeti „projekt” számára a forradalom komoly fenyegetést jelentett. Azt jelezte ugyanis, hogy egy szakrális mélyszerkezetében még mindig ép nemzet képes megmutatni az egyedüli kiutat. Azt tudniillik, hogy a „kapitalizmus versus szocializmus” hamis síkjából „térben kilépve” kell megkeresni az emberi lét egyetlen lehetséges útját, a hagyomány szakrális létharmóniájához való visszatalálást. Ez azonban olyan nyilvánvalóvá tette volna a nyugatias kapitalizmus zsákutcájának végzetes tényét, amit a Nyugat urai aligha engedhettek meg maguknak, ezért tettek meg mindent annak érdekében, hogy 1956 mihamarabb elbukjon, és máig tartó hamis értelmezését is ők uralják. Az eredeti projekthez a „liberális” reformok jelentették a visszatérést, persze csak azután, hogy a lázadó nemzet megkapta globális uraitól a megfelelő büntetést.

A forradalom neme

Az 1956-ot követő évtizedben a paraszti társadalmat szétroncsoló eredeti terv sikeresen megvalósult, és elkezdődhetett a „rendszerváltás” lassú előkészítése. A magyar történelem során békeidőben még soha nem ment végbe olyan népesedési, lelki, erkölcsi, szellemi, anyagi javakban való fogyatkozás, mint éppen az elmúlt harminc-negyven évben. A felkészületlen magyar társadalmat olyan rövid idő alatt és olyan példátlan brutalitással hajszolták át a „globális alkalmazkodás” kényszerű szakaszán, hogy ennek máig tartó, végzetes következményei lettek. Mindebből kiderülni látszik, hogy Trianon nem egyetlen esemény, hanem e pusztító világerő működésének élő szimbóluma. A választás békés forradalma erre mondott nemet, és az új magyar parlament Trianon emléknapi döntése biztató első lépés lehet a felismerés felé vezető úton.


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Jobbik backing Fidesz's stand on negotiating with IMF

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The sanctimonious breakdown of the negotiating process by IMF and EU officials with government negotiators, on Friday indicating how unhappy the global power with Fidesz's budgetary policy.

Tamás Hegedűs, Jobbik deputy floor leader said that the front line in the war of independence the Hungarian government wages against the global power has been drawn at the negotiating table. Even if Jobbik disagrees with Fidesz on several issues, it backs its stand on financial and budgetary policy that IMF would like to control to the tiniest details.

IMF opposing Fidesz's plan to tax banks and introduce more spending necessary to give a break to the impoverished population suffered tremendously under eight years of socialist rule. IMF would like to see more of the same--further belt-tightening measures, hardship that the population cannot take any more.

Even after negotiations with officials of IMF broke down, the Fidesz government insists that taxing banks will go ahead as planned.

Tamás Hegedűs predicted that on Monday, an orchestrated media campaign will start condemning the Fidesz government for standing up against the proposals of the chief financial institution of the global power. The prediction, however turned out to be too optimistic; on Saturday, the main news agencies around the world already started a coordinated campaign threatening Fidesz with serious consequences if the government won't back down and accept the recommendation of global financial institution. Corporate media foreshadowing the devaluation of the Hungarian currency as early as Monday.

According to insiders, the massage of the global power is clear; it won't tolerate any lapse in the financial policy of any nation under the control of the global power. The warning to the Hungarian government, in fact is a warning to all captive nations trying to break free from the yoke of global financial subjugation.

Financial Times blogger, Stefan Wagstyl sums up the situation like this:

“The IMF/EU is sending a warning that will be heard well beyond Hungary’s borders - despite its apparent tolerance of lax budgets in 2008-9, it now plans to get tough. With the global economy recovering, however weakly, it is laying down the law. No free riders”.


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Szavay beats Strycova to win Prague Open for fifth WTA singles title

By The Associated Press (CP)

PRAGUE — Seventh-seeded Agnes Szavay has won her fifth career WTA title by beating Barbora Zahlavova Strycova 6-2, 1-6, 6-2 in the Prague Open final.

Szavay broke the 24-year-old Czech in the opening game of Sunday's match and dominated the first set.

The Hungarian also won the opening game of the second set, but Zahlavova Strycova responded by taking six straight games in her first WTA final.

In the final set, Zahlavova Strycova broke Szavay in the third game before Szavay fought back to win the match in one hour 56 minutes.

Copyright © 2010 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved.

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The second Székely Sziget (Video)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010.07.09. II.Székely Sziget from szkr on Vimeo.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Jobbik's caucus meeting

Friday, July 16, 2010

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accepted the invitation of Jobbik parliamentary group to visit the party caucus meeting. Sources reported that Jobbik and Fidesz appeared to have similar approaches on several issues and differ on others; the two parties have similar views on demography and the support of small and medium size businesses in Hungary.

However, they differ sharply on the issue of the Hungarian National Guard and on Israeli investment strategies in Hungary.

On the question of Israel, Viktor Orban said Israeli investors in Hungary enjoy the same treatment as investors from the European Union.

Vona sees the issue differently; he reminded Orbán the statement of Shimon Peres who said Israel has already bought up Hungary, a statement that have been worrying many people.

During the meeting, Gábor Vona defended the Hungarian National Guard by saying that the movement has never broke the law and members of the Guard made up by decent Hungarians fought bravely against the Gyurcsany dictatorship in the past eight years. Vona emphasized that the Hungarian Guard has no intention of carrying out law enforcement duties that is the job of the Hungarian police force. Enemies of the Hungarian Guard are accusing the movement of wanting to take over law enforcement duties from the Hungarian police force.

Despite the urgency of other more important issues waiting to be solved, it seems that Orbán singled out the Hungarian National Guard as its chief target. The fact that he made a big deal about a non-issue points to the fact that the complete elimination of the Hungarian Guard is on the agenda; the elimination of the Hungarian Guard might be a chief requirement of global forces that are controlling the agenda of the Orbán government.

Orbán's view on the Hungarian National Guard is an indication that global forces have a firm grip on the timetable of the Hungarian government underlying the fact that an independent Hungarian national policy is impossible at this point in time. Orbán knows that the Hungarian National Guard enjoys much popularity among the population, yet he is condemning the movement; this very fact makes even more obvious that in this issue he is following the orders of global forces that are controlling the agenda of the party.

Gábor Vona said it would be a sad thing if Viktor Orbán would be the person who fulfils the dream of Ferenc Gyurcsany that ruled the country in the past eight years. It was the psychopathic Gyurcsany and his Minister of Home Affairs Tibor Draskovics that started prosecuting the Hungarian Guard on fabricated charges.

In a news-conference, the Prime Minister said he would not rest until a new law will be introduced into the parliament that will solve the issue of the Hungarian National Guard once and for all.

Vona said Jobbik would continue supporting the Hungarian National Guard because the Guard made up by decent Hungarians deserving the respect of all people.

( –

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Winners of the children drawing and photo competition has been announced

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The winners of the drawing and photo competition for children organized by the, the Szent Korona Rádió, the and the HVIM, have been announced today.

The first prize went to Vivien Varga (11 years old – Dunakiliti). The prize is a weekly ticket to the Magyar Sziget.

The second prize went to Bence Váradi (13 years old – Pilisvörösvár). He will recive a book on “rovásirás”.

The third prize winner is Dorka Blind (11 years old – Pilisvörösvár). She also recieve a book on “rovásirás”.

There was a special prize also that has been given to Noémi Németh (16 years old – Tata) for the following masterpiece.

Congratulations to all winners.

The winners of the photographic competitions will be announced tomorrow.

( –

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Serbian authorities banned the Hungarian rock band, Kárpátia entering Serbia to perform at the EMI camp in Délvidék

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jobbik raised a question in Hungarian Parliament about a Serbian action of banning the Kárpátia rock band from entering Délvidék to perform at the 7th EMI camp.

The last week, EMI (Egyesült Magyar Ifjúsági Mozgalom) organized the 7th EMI camp, a cultural event for young people. As part of the program, the popular Kárpátia rock band supposed to perform during the event; however, Serbian authorities denied members of the group from entering Serbia.

Organizers of the cultural event reported that Serbian authorities citing phony arguments intimidating visitors of the cultural event by making excessive inspections of their personal belongings at border crossings.

Many years ago, Serbian authorities already banned members of HVIM from entering Serbia. Among those denied entry into the country were Gyula Zagyva, Jobbik member of parliament and the chief of HVIM László Toroczkai.

In a question Balázs Lenhardt, member of Jobbik party and of EMI asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the case and the measures Hungarian authorities intend to take to settle the issue.

Zsolt Németh answered the question with a vague statement by saying that foreign ministry officials were in contact with Serbian authorities to settle the matter.

Several organizations protested against the action of Serbian authorities of intimidation and harassment targeting the Hungarian minority in Serbia; among them the MRM (Magyar Remény Mozgalom) a Hungarian party in Serbia.

The “The Erdélyi Magyar Ifjak” also issued a statement condemning the action of the Serbian authorities.

( -

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Members of Jobbik wearing green t-shirt in parliament to protest against a police operation on July 4th

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On July 4th, police invaded the peaceful remembrance ceremony of the Hungarian Guard on the basis of looking for green t-shirts, like the ones wearing members of Jobbik's legal cabinet (See the pictures).

According to a ministry official, the last week, police spent millions in a nationwide operation to find green t-shirts that has been shipped by an unknown manufacturer to members of the Hungarian Guard.

During the Gyurcsany dictatorship, the court outlawed certain clothing styles, among them black vest and white shirt that the Hungarian Guard has been using as its official uniform since it was formed. Since the court decision, police have been harassing ordinary citizens that have been wearing pieces of clothing resemble to the original style of the Hungarian Guard that is not in use anymore. Obeying to a court decision, the Hungarian Guard changed its uniform from black to green.

Following the July 4th incident, it will be interesting to see if the Fidesz government bans wearing green t-shirts and related clothing styles, like the Gyurcsany regime did when outlawed the black vest.

(Jobbik Jogsegélyszolgálat - Szent Korona Rádió –

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Central Budapest RathaYatra 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

The 17th festival of the chariot was held in Budapest, on Sunday 11th, July 2010. For the occasion, devotees of Krishna marched in the city between the “Hősök tere” and the “Vörösmarty tér” dancing and singing along the way.

Festival of the chariot originates from Jagannatha Puri, India’s Northeaster state of Orissa. Jagannatha, Krishna’s popular form that is worshipped by all Vaishnavas, can be found here.

The festival in honour of Him attracts great numbers every year to the small town on the bank of the Indian Ocean. Jagannatha is one of Krishna’s names and it means: Lord of the Universe.

Along with His brother, Baladeva and sister, Subadra, Jagannatha is the main deity of the Jagannatha Temple in Puri. On this special occasion, the deities who otherwise can only be seen in the temple, leave Their usual place and get on a chariot to march through the streets blessing all living entities. The carved and nicely painted chariot which is richly decorated by flowers and garlands, is accompanied by music and dance.

In the past 35 years founder of the Krishna conscious movement (ISKCON), Srila Prabhupada and his followers have organized this festival in many cities throughout the world, such as New York, London, Sydney and similarly in Budapest.

( – –

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USA Swimming Grand Prix, Los Angeles: Katinka Hosszu Blows Away 400 IM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

LOS ANGELES, California, July 9. THE second evening of long course meter action at the USA Swimming Grand Prix held in Los Angeles had some of the fastest times in the world.

Trojan's Katinka Hosszu thrilled the crowd with a splendid time in the women's 400 IM. She checked in with a blazing fast time of 4:34.68 to vault to second in the world rankings. Only Li Xuanxu has been faster than Hosszu with a 4:34.59 from the Chinese Long Course Nationals in April. Hosszu's previous top time had been a fifth-ranked 4:36.93 from the TYR Swim Meet of Champions as seen on SwimmingWorld.TV. FAST's Ariana Kukors checked in with a second-place 4:39.55, well back from her sixth-ranked season best of 4:37.63. California's Caitlin Leverenz completed the top three in 4:40.73 to take 16th in the rankings.


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Nemrégen volt a pozsonyi csata évfordulója. /907. július 3-6./

Saturday, July 10, 2010

907-ben egyesült európai haderő gyűlt össze a bécsi medencében (Bécs akkor még nem létezett semmilyen formában).

A hadjáratot német-római vezetéssel szervezték meg és az akkori német király rendelete szerint azzal a céllal, hogy "... decretum..Ugros eliminandos esse.." azaz "elrendeljük, hogy a magyarok kiírtassanak".

Ezt a nemes célt extra adag erő koncentrálásával akarták megvalósítani mai szóval élve, "biztosra mentek".

Az akkori Európa viszonyai között szinte elképzelhetetlen 100.000 fő körüli létszámban gyűlt össze a csapásmérő erő.

Még a jóval későbbi keresztes hadjáratok idejére sem tudtak ilyen létszámú hadsereget megszervezni.

907 június derekán megindult a támadás, amely három oszlopban nyomult előre a Duna vonalán. A déli parton a 'gyengébb', kb. 40ezres szárny; a Dunán hajókon egy kb. 10-12 ezres inváziós csoport+hadtáp míg az északi parton egy jó 45 ezres főerő az elit.

Árpád, a törzsszövetség fejedelme az egész Európára kiterjedő felderítő hálózata miatt jó előre tudott a készülő pusztító háborúról.

A törzsszövetség egyesült főerejét - 40.000 lovas - négy részre osztotta.

Az egyenként 10ezer fős lovas egység neve tümen azaz magyarul tömény régi sztyeppei hadszervezési szokás. Az elsőt Ő maga vezette,a többit pedig fiaira bízta: Tarhos(43), Üllő(41), Jutas(35). Emellett természetesen az egész hadműveletet irányította.

Az ellenség átkelésének és ezzel egyesülésének megakadályozására elsőként az inváziós flotta sorsa pecsételődött meg: gyújtólövedékekkel tűzijáték és viziparádé keretében szenvedett technikában 100%-os, élőerőben kb. 95%os veszteséget a hajóhad.

Másnap az elsáncolt déli szárny kapott koncentrált többirányú lovasrohamokat amelyek hatására maradéktalanul elpusztult/40.000 ember/ A csata utáni éjjel Árpád elrendelte az átkelést teljes csendben. Tehát átkelés a Dunán kb. 35.000 lovassal az ellenséges sereg 'orra előtt', éjszaka, tök csöndben!!! (A fantáziátokra bízom ez mit jelenthetett mind egyéni mind közösségi teljesítményben két napnyi öldöklő csata után.)

Az átkelés annyira sikerült, hogy hajnalban az ellenség a felkelő napból záporozó több tízezres nyílfelhőre ébredt majd túlereje ellenére ismét két nap öldöklő ütközet ellenére szó szerint halomra pusztult a pozsony körüli síkságon. A néhányezer fős túlélő csoport menekülés közben próbált rendeződni de a magyar könnyűlovasság üldözésben is hatékony: Ennsburg váráig meglepően kevesen jutottak el. A vár alatti síkon felvonuló magyar haderőre rátört a királyi őrség és tartalék de a színlelt visszavonulással magyar részről a német üldözők csőbe futottak mert a környező erdőkből kitörő magyar lovasság a megforduló főerőkkel őket is legázolta. A német király olyan gyorsan menekült, hogy minden értékét /még a trónszékét is!/ hátrahagyta, seregvezéreiből pedig a flottavezetőn kívül mindenki meghalt /grófok, püspökök tucatjai/.

A csata következménye, hogy a magyar határ az Enns folyó lett /Ober Enns - innen a meséink 'Óperenciás tengere'/ valamint hogy idegen sereg 130 évig nem mert Magyarország felé fordulni. /Szent István idején először, de akkor ugyanígy jártak csak a Vértes hegységben. /

Árpád fejedelem két fiát vesztette és Ő maga is halálos sebet kapott és pár hét múlva meghalt - a hazáért.

Eltemették tisztességgel titkos sírba őse, Atilla közelébe - a mai Nagykevély hegy rejtett völgyébe - nyugodjék örök békében!

A 907 -es pozsonyi csata hivatalos tananyag az Egyesült Államok összhaderőnemi katonai akadémiáján, ismertebb nevén a West Point-on. Tehát minden amerikai hivatásos tiszt évtizedek óta vizsgázik belőle.

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Kyokushin World Champion Csenge Szepesi vs. Svetelina Nikolajeva in 2010, LOGRONO

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The annual Gay Pride Parade is underway in Budapest

The entire Andrássy Boulevard is closed off from traffic and riot police preventing onlookers to get close to the route of the march.

According to reports by szentkoronaradio, police preventing journalists getting close to the event at Oktogon.

Among the marchers are Ferenc Gyurcsány ex-Prime Minister and his wife and prominent members of the socialist crime network governed the country in the past eight years. Also among the marchers are members of LMP, the party managed to send representatives into the Hungarian parliament in the April election.

According to demonstrators opposing the march infiltrated into the parade wearing T-shirts with historical Hungary on it and singing patriotic songs.

According to Sándor Staigler the organizer of the Gay march, the event was in danger of cancellation because police let tourist alongside the route of the march that also allowed demonstrators to get close to the marchers.

At the Dózsa György street demonstrators opposing the march are gathering in small groups; sources reported that about 50 paddywagons stationing in the nearby streets with riot police standing by.

As a result of the opposition of the exhibitionist show, this year the march takes place on a shorter route ending at Oktogon.

At Oktogon, demonstrators are gathering at large numbers and riot police lined up to prevent those opposing the march to get close to the participants. In the mean time, police removed a sign set up by demonstrators saying “Don't feed zoo animals”.

As a result of the opposition, marchers turned back before reaching Oktogon to avoid confrontation with those opposing the march reported

Demonstrators at Oktogon waiting for the marchers to express their opposition to the exhibitionist show; however the marchers, to avoid confrontation, turned back before reaching the place.

The march ended peacefully at “Hősök tere”. The Budapest public transportation company provided designated carriages in the subway system that won't stop at the regular stations to make sure that the deviant minority can safely leave the area.

( - -

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Nationwide campaign for the release of György Budaházy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Krisztina Morvai and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy started a nationwide campaign for the release of the two remaining political prisoners, György Budaházy and Endre Szász.

In a news-conference Krisztina Morvai and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy outlined the strategy of the campaign aiming at providing objective information of the activities of György Budaházy during the Gyurcsány dictatorship in the past eight years.

During the campaign a film will be screened about the activities of the number one political prisoner of the country showing its struggle against the Gyurcsány regime. The film shows a different image of Budaházy and his struggle for a free and independent Hungary, a portrait that the mainstream media shy to talk about.

György Budaházy and Endre Szász are in jail for more than a year; so far no charges have been laid against any of the detainees. Authorities keep them in jail on vague accusations and unreliable testimonies of police informers suspected to cooperate with authorities for financial gains. During the imprisonment of the political prisoners several irregularities have been introduced into the legal process said Krisztina Morvai and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy.

The film about György Budaházy

(MTI – edited by –

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Police provocation at the commemoration service of the Hungarian Guard

Monday, July 5, 2010

During the Sunday memorial service organized by the Hungarian Guard riot police charged the crowd pepper-spraying several members of the Hungarian Guard.

On July 4, the Hungarian Guard remembered the 2009 police attack that left hundreds of citizens injured and several others got arrested among them Gábor Vona, the leader of Jobbik. In the crackdown, the riot police of the Gyurcsány regime broke up a peaceful protest by ordinary citizens and members of the Hungarian Guard with teargas.

Since then the Gyurcsány government has been thrown out of power, as the socialist party suffered a catastrophic defeat in the spring election. However, it seems that the new Fidesz government continues the policy of harassment and intimidation by persecuting the Hungarian Guard and its sympathizers with the same vehemence.

During the Sunday protest participants blamed Fidesz and the new Minister of Home Affairs Sándor Pintér for the unprovoked police action aimed at intimidating peaceful citizens wanting to join the memorial service.

As a result of the police action, Gábor Vona, Sándor Pörzse, Lóránt Hegedűs and several other speakers, questioned Fidesz’s intentions to fulfill a policy of national unity that was one of the party’s election promises.

The fact that the police action didn’t erupt into a full scale riot had been the result of the negotiating skills of Jobbik parliamentarians, among them Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Előd Novák as well as members of the legal cabinet of Jobbik that struck a deal with the commander of the riot police effectively ending the standoff.

About 75 citizens have been arrested on various spots of the city reported by a police source.

The memorial service ended peacefully.


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