Two agent provocateurs filed a lawsuit against Gyula Zagyva

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two journalists from Hetek -- an extremist liberal mouthpiece -- visited Magyar Sziget to interview leading figures of the nationalist movement.

According to the journalists, during their stay, they have been subjected to humiliating treatment by Gyula Zagyva, Jobbik member of parliament and chief of HVIM.

Supposedly, they were locked in a wooden cabin and threatened with a whip.

The lawyer of the journalists filed a lawsuit against Zagyva for stirring hate against minority and premeditated limitation of personal freedom.

The lawyer of the journalists asked parliament to suspend the immunity of Gyula Zagyva during the criminal investigation.

No one doubts that the justice system will take action in the case, regardless of the fabulous claims and the parliament will suspend the immunity of the parliamentarian. This has been indirectly confirmed by Prime Minister Orban in a letter to the influential editor of Hetek. He said everyone is obliged to follow the law. Meanwhile corrupt politicians ruining the country in the past eight years have been living happily protected by legislative immunity. One of them is Ferenc Gyurcsany who made more damage to the country than the Mongol invasion in 1240.

The purpose of this comedy, however, is to find reason to ban Magyar Sziget that popularity increases each year. Magyar Sziget is fast becoming a competitive counter-event to the Sziget festival funded by the liberal establishment.

(Notes: Magyar Sziget is a rock festival held in each year in the picturesque village of Verőce. The the one week long event is run by HVIM and besides music the programs include workshops and lectures about politics, history, literature and sports for young people interested in quality entertainment in a friendly atmosphere.

Sziget is a rock festival for the dumbed down youth of Europe held each year on the Margaret Island. The one week long crime infested event attracts mostly freaks, drug users, drug pushers and other sorts of criminal elements funded by the liberal establishment and big businesses.)

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Vice premiers of China, Hungary meet, boost six-decade-old ties

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu (R) meets with Hungary's Deputy Prime Minister Semjen Zsolt in Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 30, 2010. (Xinhua/Liu Weibing)

BEIJING, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu met with Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Semjen Zsolt here Monday, the two sides hailing the six-decade-old bilateral relationship.

Hui noted the smooth development of China-Hungary ties since the two countries established diplomatic ties on Oct 6, 1949, just days after the People's Republic of China was founded.

"Since the two countries forged a friendly cooperative partnership in 2004, the two sides have increased the frequency of high-level visits and achieved substantive trade and economic cooperation," Hui said.

China-Hungary trade in the first 7 months of the year hit a record 4.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Zsolt, who arrived in Beijing on Saturday for his first China visit, said he was impressed with China's development, congratulating China on its successful reform and opening-up.

Hui highlighted China's status as a developing country, despite the 30 years of reform and opening-up initiatives.

"China still confronts the disparity between urban and rural regions, as well as gaps across different regions."

Zsolt said the Hungarian government, which formed in May, has given priority to developing ties with China.

Hui said his country will make joint efforts to promote the traditional friendship between the two countries and deepen mutually-beneficial cooperation.

Zsolt will fly to Changchun, capital city of northeast China's Jilin Province, on Tuesday for a northeast Asia expo.

Editor: Fang Yang


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Jobbik remembers the Second Vienna Award

At the 70th anniversary of the Second Vienna Award, Jobbik remembers the return of Northen Erdély to the motherland.

After the World War I, the multiethnic Kingdom of Hungary was split apart by the Treaty of Trianon to form several new nation-states. The new Magyar nation-state of Hungary was approximately ⅓ the size of the former Kingdom, and many ethnic Magyars now lived outside the borders of Hungary. Many historically important areas were assigned to other countries, and the distribution of natural resources came out unevenly as well. Thus, while the various non-Magyar populations of the old Kingdom generally saw the treaty as justice for the historically-marginalized nationalities, from the point of view of the Hungarians, the Treaty had been unjust and even a national humiliation.

The Treaty and its consequences dominated Hungarian public life and political culture in the inter-war period. Under Prime Minister Gyula Gömbös, Hungary established close relations with Italy and Germany. The alliance with Germany made possible Hungary's regaining of southern Slovakia in the First Vienna Award of 1938 and Subcarpathia in 1939. These awards allocated only a fraction of the territories lost by the Treaty of Trianon, and in any event, the loss that the Hungarians resented the most was that of Transylvania.

The negotiations started on August 16, 1940 in Turnu Severin. The Hungarian delegation hoped to gain as much of Transylvania as possible, but the Romanians would have none of that and submitted only a small region for consideration. Eventually, the Hungarian-Romanian negotiations fell through entirely. After this, the Romanian government asked Italy and Germany to arbitrate.

The ministers of foreign affairs of the Axis, Joachim von Ribbentrop of Germany and Galeazzo Ciano of Italy, announced the award on August 30, 1940 at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. As a result of the award, Hungary regained 43,104 km² of its territories lost to Romania after the First World War. The new border was guaranteed by both Germany and Italy.

The Hungarian troops stepped across the Romanian borders on September 5. The Regent of Hungary, Miklós Horthy, also attended in the entry. They reached the pre-Trianon border, completing the reannexation process of Northen-Erdély, on September 13.

The Second Vienna Award proves that a strong and determined government can unify Hungarians in the Carpathian basin. Let this event be an inspiration for all Hungarians living in the lost territories because the Hungarian nation is indivisible.

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Jobbik and the Hungarian National Guard remembered the “Ragtag Guard”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jobbik and the Hungarian National Guard paid tribute to the heroism of the “Ragtag Guard” at the Farkasrét cemetery, today.

Eighty-nine years ago, a group of students, peasants, workers took up arms and fought against the Entente forces that came to the country to enforce the dictate of Trianon that dismembered historical Hungary.

Members of the National Hungarian Guard stood guard at the memorial of Tibor Vámossy, the 19 year old university student fallen during the fighting in 1919, while members of Jobbik and other nationalist organizations, including veterans of the 1956 uprising, laid flowers at the foot of the monument.

Surprisingly, only two police officers could be seen at the entrance of the cemetery, but inside undercover agents videoed the ceremony with the obvious intent of intimidation.

Take a look at some of the pictures shot during the ceremony.

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New town sign inscribed in “Rovásírás” erected in Udvard

The town of Udvard, in Slovakia, erected a new town sign incorporating the name of the town in ancient Hungarian cuneiform script called “Rovásírás”. Hungarians used this form of writing before adopting the Latin alphabet around 1000 AD.

The church persecuted the cuneiform writing – calling it the writing of Satan -- since Hungarians converted to Christianity.

Despite persecutions, Hungarians kept using the ancient alphabet, unofficially, throughout the centuries until the Habsburgs banned it altogether when succeeding to the Hungarian throne.

The new town sign was the idea of Z.Urbán Aladár, the president of the “Palóc Társaság”. Uvard has a tradition of supporting cultural events relating to the use of the ancient writing system. This year, the town was the host of the fourth Felvidék “Rovásírás” competition where students of the local Majthényi Adolf Elementary School achieved outstanding results.

The project has been financed by the “Rákóczi Szövetség” through grants.

The town sign is the work of two amateur woodcarvers – Szabó Ferdinánd and Bencze Róbert.

The erection ceremony started by participants singing the Hungarian National Anthem; then Molnár Béla greeted the guests that showed up in high numbers. In a short speech, he summed up the proceedings leading to the erection of the new town sign.

The ceremony ended with a poem recited by Salgó Gabriella and the singing of the Székely National Anthem. As a sign of unity and solidarity, Szakács Gábor presented the Székely flag to representatives of the "Rákóczi Szövetség" symbolizing friendship between Székelys and Felvidék Hungarians.

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Jobbik's Balatonalmádi office was vandalized

In the early hours of August 27, unknown assailants painted a sickle and a hammer on the wall near the front door of Jobbik's Balatonalmádi office. The vandals also smeared paint on the front entrance of the office.

Jobbik reported the criminal offense to Police that ordered an investigation in the case.

Zoltán Farkas, Jobbik's Balatonalmadi chief said the vandalism clearly targeted Jobbik, despite the fact that members haven't noticed any animosity against the nationalist party in recent days.

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Felhívás: segítsünk a Jobbiknak!

Pénteken (szeptember 3-án) lejár a kopogtatócédulák gyűjtésére rendelkezésre álló idő. A legnagyobb feladat a főpolgármester-jelölti ajánlások összeszedése, hiszen 30 ezer darab cédulára van szükség, amit a nyári szabadságolások idején összegyűjteni komoly feladat.

Szükség van minden velünk szimpatizáló, nemzeti érzelmű ember aktív támogatására.

A nemzeti párt arra kéri minden támogatóját, aki még nem adta le ajánlószelvényét, mielőbb tegye meg, ezzel is elősegítve Budapesten a szebb jövő eljövetelét. A Jobbik arra kéri szimpatizánsait, buzdítsák budapesti rokonaikat és ismerőseiket is, hogy támogassák dr. Staudt Gábort ajánlószelvényükkel, mert most mindenkinek a segítségére szükség van! Nekünk nincsenek milliárdjaink, nincsenek fizetett gyűjtőembereink, csak Önökre, magyar testvéreinkre támaszkodhatunk, csak Önökben bízhatunk.

Ajánlószelvényeiket leadhatják a párt főbb állandó utcai asztalainál (Örs vezér tere, Blaha Lujza tér, Móricz Zsigmond körtér, Moszkva tér, Határ út, Szentlélek tér), de a leadóhelyek részletes listáját megtalálják a Jobbik honlapján is! A kampánystábot a 70/3799701-es számon, vagy a budapest (csiga) levélcímen érhetik el.


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Beijing SportAccord Combat Games kick off

Updated: 2010-08-28 20:38

Ehsan Peyghambari of Iran performs during the Men's Gunshu competition at the 2010 Combat Games in Beijing August 28, 2010. [Photo/Agencies]

BEIJING:The inaugural 2010 Beijing SportAccord Combat Games, attracting 1,500 athletes from 60 countries and regions, kicked off here on Saturday.

The Games feature 13 sports: wushu, aikido, boxing, judo, ju-jitsu, karate, kendo, kickboxing, Muaythai, Sambo, sumo, taekwondo and wrestling.

Hungary is represented by 14 athletes:

S. Kovács Ádám

Dubi Sándor

Görbics Gábor
Veres Richárd
Szendrei Barbara
Jároszkievicz Krisztián
Mórádi Zsolt
Imre Tamás
Gömbös László

Kálló Gyöngyi
Makai Erika

Bányai Evelin
Hollósi Csaba
Máthé András
Papp Valér

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Economic Armageddon: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Double Dip is Here!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The worst nightmare forecast by economic specialists over the previous years has come true: new research by economic gurus in the United States of America has revealed a bleak scenario: the United States’ economy is in a state of depression. Yes, it is the Double Dip, a roller-coaster ride to economic catastrophe and it has arrived. To come: massive debt default, the failure of entire nations and widespread starvation in the western world.

The research referring to the works of a number of leading economists (David Rosenberg, Fred Harrison, Arthur Laffer, Nobel Prizewinner Paul Krugman, Robin Griffiths) is revealed in the article by US based analyst and writer, Terrence Aym*. And it makes terrifying reading.

While these leading economists represent different views from opposite ends of the political spectrums both in the USA and the UK, on one thing they agree: the decade ahead is going to get worse.

David Rosenberg states categorically that the United States’ economy has entered another Great Depression, the beginning of the double dip much referred to in recent years, following the shocking revelation in July that the US real estate market has collapsed 27% compared with July 2009.

British economist Fred Harrison explains that property speculation around the globe was responsible for the boom and bust waves ripping through the world economy and claims that tax reforms could have avoided the crisis. What he predicts now is a decade-long depression fuelled by “a massive contraction in demand” resulting in a 45 trillion-dollar debt default and unemployment rates of 25% in the USA and UK. Worse still, Harrison predicts the failure of entire nations and “something unseen for hundreds of years could appear again: wholesale starvation of peoples in some Western countries”.

Harrison, we remember, was dubbed by Spectator Business in 2008 “the canary in the housing mine”… “Nostradamus could scarcely have been more accurate”.

According to the research in Terrence Aym’s article, US economists Arthur Laffer and Nobel Prizewinner Paul Krugman agree with Harrison and foresee higher unemployment, more foreclosures, more failed businesses, a worsening credit crisis and housing slump in the USA.

Laffer, advisor to President Reagan, a member of the US Economic Policy Advisory Board, predicts a “very big fall” for the US economy in early 2011, translated into falling corporate profits and a probable collapse of the Stock Market as massive tax hikes begin to bite when existing legislation runs out.

Krugman agrees: a Second Great Depression is underway now and tomorrow, there will be tens of millions of people caught in long-term endemic unemployment in the USA. Robin Griffiths, strategist at Cazenove Capital, concurs: “The world has entered significant financial depression” while claiming ominously “a double dip is inevitable and imminent”, as he draws parallels with the US M3 money supply today and between 1929/1933.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the double dip has arrived.

*Top economists : The second Great depression has arrived



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Picture of the day: The new face of patriotism


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Gypsy criminals can expect long prison term in Switzerland

The cruel gypsy, Sándor Sz. as shown in Swiss television; he kicked his pregnant girlfriend's belly till the terrified girl aborted the baby. It turned out that the pimp kept good relations with the killers of Marian Cozma who also made a living out of running prostitutes.

In a joint operation by the Hungarian and Swiss police, 4 Hungarian gypsies have been arrested in Zürich. The gang ran a prostitution ring in several countries; the brutality by which the criminals treated their victims is beyond comprehension. An exclusive about the case -- in Hungarian and German -- can be read on KURUC.INFO!!!!!!!. A must read for everyone. The controlled mainstream media is stonewalling the case. Can you guess why?


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Jobbik remembers the “Rongyos Gárda” (Ragtag Guard) at the Farkasréti cemetery

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This year too, Jobbik will remember the heroic fight of the “Rongyos Gárda” (Ragtag Guard) at the Farkasréti cemetery, on August 28, at 6 pm., at the memorial of Tibor Vámossy, the 19 year old university student who took up arms and fought against the invading forces in 1919 wanting to carve out a sizable chunk of western Hungary and annex it to Austria.

After the Trianon peace treaty in 1919, ordinary citizens, students, workers, peasants took up arms and fought against the invading forces pressuring authorities to decide on the destiny of the western part of the country by plebiscite. As a result, Sopron remained a Hungarian city.

The communist and post-communist regimes have never acknowledged the heroic achievements of the “Ragtag Guard” that members came from every walks of life and nationality; they often fought barefooted against the invading forces because lack of recourses. But even in those difficult times, they did what they had to do, fought for the survival of their country.

At the ceremony, Jobbik deputy-leader Levente Murányi and József Ináncsi, the chief of the Hungarian National Guard will address to the people.

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Demonstration for the release of György Budaházy

György Budaházy's friends and supporters will gather on “Kussuth tér” to demand the release of the patriot and two other political prisoners still in jail on September 2, at 6 pm..

György Budaházy was arrested more than a year ago with sixteen others by the Gyurcsány regime and since then, he has been kept in jail without charges.

Several prominent politicians and human rights activists will be present and address to the crowd; among them Krisztina Morvai MEP, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Gyula Zagyva, members of parliament; minister Lóránt Hegedűs and Adrian Magvasi, the director of Szentkorona radio and László Tanyi, Budaházy's childhood friend.

The Romantikus Erőszak and the Historica rock bands also perform during the protest.

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Party time for the champions

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photos: Tumbász Hédi

Janics Natasa

The hard work payed off; Hungary topped the medal table by winning six golds, five silvers and one bronze medal. Germany came in second, with eleven medals and Canada third with seven medals.'s time to celebrate one more time.

Janics Natasa

Janics Natasa/Kovács László/Csipes Ferenc

Natasa Janics/Gabriella Szabó

Kovács Katalin/Andreas Dittmer/Kristin Wagner

Marschalko Alexadra/Korisanszky Péter

Molnár Péter/Paksi Timea

Szabó Gabriella/Kovács Katalin

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Jobbik mayoral candidate Márton Szegedi wants radical solution to gypsy crime

Márton Szegedi Jobbik mayoral candidate for the city of Miskolc said parts of the city are unsafe for residents at any time of the day because of high level of gypsy crime. Home invasions, theft, violence, robbery and murder are everyday occurrences in many parts of the city. Most of the crimes have been committed against older people unable to defend themselves said Szegedi.

In a news conference, he proposed a radical solution to the problem by asking authorities to allow the deportation of repeat offenders from the city. Citing French, Italian and Finnish examples he proposed setting up a project that would allow relocating repeat offenders in designated camps outside populated areas.

Several European governments have already been working on creative solutions that might lead to solving the problem of gypsy crime for good. The French government, for instance called gypsy crime a national security issue. In Italy, the military and the Italian National Guard have been used several times against gypsy criminals in many Italian cities. In Finland several cities simply banning gypsy criminals from entering certain parts of the municipality. Hungary should draw on these experiences and develop a permanent solution to gypsy crime.

Like the Socialists, Fidesz too misled the population by promising quick solutions to the public said Szegedi; but it is clear that police don't have the resources to handle the issues relating to gypsy crime.

He is asking parliament to consider introducing measures that would allow taking away the citizenship of repeat offenders as part of an overall solution to the problem of gypsy crime.

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Debunking satanic symbolism in Lady Gaga's video clip [in Hungarian]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Two members of HVIM died in a car accident

On August 20th, in the town of Fehérvárcsurgó, two members of HVIM -- S. P. and Kónyi-Kiss Domonkos -- suffered a car accident. S.P. died on the spot and Kónyi-Kiss Domonkos was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The circumstances of the accident are still under investigation.

Kónyi-Kiss Domonkos has never recovered from coma and today, he too died in hospital, reported HVIM.

For the memory of the two young men, members and sympathizers of HVIM will hold a candlelight vigil at the Szent László monument in Székesfehérvár, at 8 pm. today.

Photos about the remembrance service

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