Major police provocation on the National Holiday

Friday, August 20, 2010

Riot police invaded Jobbik National Holiday celebration at Margitsziget. They grabbed the commander of the Hungarian National Guard, József Ináncsi and took him away.

Gábor Vona and Gábor Staudt tried to interfere by talking to the commander of the riot police without success.

According to Gábor Szabó, a logo on the captain's t-shirt that triggered the police operation (see it below).

Lawyers of Jobbik's legal cabinet visited the thirteenth district police station where the captain has been taken; the only thing they could find out is that the captain has been arrested.

About one hundred sympathizers are gathering in front of the police station demanding the release of József Ináncsi. According to reports, police checking the identity of the crowed and harassing the people that merely exercising their constitutional rights. Sympathizers also saw a paddywagon pulling out of the police station but no one could confirm that the captain of the Hungarian National Guard was in it.

Sources are reporting that József Ináncsi has been taken to the “Gyorskocsis utca” detention center where he was interrogated. He is charged with a criminal offence because he readily admitted that he was the captain of the National Guard.

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