A police officer and a civilian have been gunned down in Alsóőrs

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Around midnight, a 29 year old police officer and a police cadet stopped a Ford Fiesta, as part of a routine checkup. While checking the identity of the passengers of the car someone fired shots from a passing vehicle killing the police officer and one of the passengers of the Ford Fiesta. A 25 year old passenger of the Ford Fiesta has been also injured in the incident; he has been taken to hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

Police release little information about the case. But they said the shooting came from a passing vehicle that according to latest reports has been found close to the shooting site.

Latest reports are suggesting that police found the black car suspecting it was used in the murderous assault on the police officer. According to unconfirmed reports, police found a dead man in the car. There is no information about the identity or the circumstances surrounding the death of the person found in the vehicle.

Ádám Németh, the 21 year old university student was one of the victims of the shooting

Sources reporting that the police officer was gunned down by a submachine gun. Residents in the nearby camp site reported hearing rounds of shootings that couldn't come from a handgun. This places the incident into a different light, as it suggests that whatever was the motive behind the murder the killing might have been carried out by organized crime.


The mainstream media never speculates when gypsy criminals are involved in a criminal offense but become very active in every other cases.

ATV investigative reporters figured that the motive behind the shooting of the police officer might have been jealousy. One of the scenarios is that the officer had a homosexual relationship with the murderer.

Perhaps, we will never know the motive leading to this killing; however the way police are handling the case and the eagerness of the media “to investigate the case” make us suspicious. The entire story smells like a cover up. Something like the story of Tényő murder-suicide where police came up with an incredible account of the events by telling us that a man killed his family, then slit his wrists and in the final act of the narrative he cut himself up with a chainsaw.

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Anonymous said...

It seems as if the police are losing the trust of the people....a very dangerous situation that can lead to a complete breakdown of society (look at what is happening in Mexico).

Also, I question the use of the term "submachine gun" and the source claiming the sounds could not come from a handgun. The fact is that a submachine gun and a handgun fire the same ammunition, therefore, they would sound the same.

If the question is the rate-of-fire, it is not difficult for a pistol to be fired nearly as quick as a submachine gun, especially if the shooter is emotionally uncontrolled, as may be the case here.

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