Sziget, the biggest multicultural festival of Europe closed its doors

Monday, August 16, 2010

The yearly gathering of drug pushers, drug addicts and dumbed down youth of Europe ended today. According to police, during the one week event, 271 criminal offences have been reported; 3 vehicles were stolen and 6 cars were broken into. Victims reported 67 pickpocketing cases and 106 tents have been vandalized. Police caught 8 drug dealers and had to use disciplinary measures against 42 attendees.

Every year, thousands of young people gather in an isolated island of Budapest to celebrate the illusion of being alive for a short period of time, in a world devoid of meaning and spiritual dimension.

Love, romance and friendship are blossomed wherever I looked...and much more. Till the next year, take this postcard as a reminder of the good times we had together.



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