About 500 people demonstrated in Miskolc to remember the innocent victims of gypsy crime.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The demonstration was organized by Jobbik's Miskolc branch; several Jobbik representatives and sympathizers participated in the protest and addressed to the people; among them Csanád Szegedi MEP, János Volner, member of the Hungarian Parliament and Orosz Mihály Zoltán, the mayor of Érpatak.

Csanád Szegedi reiterated Jobbik's position on gypsy crime by saying that removing gypsy criminals from Miskolc and relocating them into protected areas is the only solution for the city that has been loosing its population faster than any time before. Miskolc getting unlivable because of the deteriorating law and order situation that impacts the economic health of the once striving city.

Szegedi criticized the Fidesz government by saying that during the Bajnai administration more criminals were tried than during the Fidesz government.

The next week, Szegedi will start a project called “Adopt a gypsy family” (Fogadj örökbe egy cigány családot!); he would like to see Prime Minister Orbán adopting one gypsy family in his Rózsadomb villa; the ironic remark was addressed to the prime minister who denied the existence of gypsy crime in his latest speech to parliament.

Márton Szegedi, Jobbik mayoral candidate for Miskolc said if elected he would make a prosperous city out of the decaying municipality.

Orosz Mihály Zoltán, the mayor of Érpatak urged everybody to vote for Jobbik in the upcoming municipal election.

Orosz Mihály Zoltán became famous nation wide as he single-handedly cleaned his municipality up of gypsy criminals.

After the speeches demonstrators marched from the Szent István tér to downtown Miskolc and laid flowers at the “Innocent Victims of Gypsy Crime Memorial” supporters of Jobbik set up, temporarily, for the occasion.

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