Another week another gypsy criminal has been arrested somewhere in the world – this time in Mexico

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo: Acento21

Mexican police arrested a Hungarian Gypsy couple and their son for kidnapping and forcing a model into prostitution.

The couple – József Lendvai and Ildikó Sípos – held the model in a hotel forcing her to establish sexual relationship with hand-picked clients. During the sexual intercourse the family stood guard in front of the hotel preventing the model from runnig away.

Finally, one of the clients notified police that freed the hostage and arrested the couple and their son who was still a minor when the crime was committed.

(Note: The Hungarian mainstream media keep quiet about the case. If any Spanish speaking person reads this site and has relevant information about the case, please leave a massage at the comments section so that we can learn more information about the case because Hungarian mainstream media outlets don't report it in order to cover up the identities of the criminals. These are some of Mexican sites, so far, reported the case:

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