Appeal rejected

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jobbik filed a complaint with the Electoral Commission because the Hungarian Radio and Television stations refused to air its campaign video. As it was reported earlier, the mainstream media refused Jobbik's advertisements on the ground of racism that supposedly, embedded in the various catchwords and analogies of the advertisement.

Not surprisingly, the Electoral Commission rejected the appeal.

It seems that the MSZP, LMP and Fidesz formed a common front against Jobbik to prevent party's messages getting to the electorate.

The fact that Fidesz joined forces with the two treasonous parties might evolve into a major crisis within the party, as soon as Fidesz voters start realizing the deception inherent in the party's policies.

Lots of honest but naive folks are supporting Fidesz, however, the people don't realize that their favorite party is a captive of global forces, just like most governments around the world; as such, it doesn't have the freedom to implement policies that would dramatically improve the lives of citizens.

The problem of gypsy crime is among the most important questions that needs to be solved before it develops into a major emergency. Everybody, except the dimwitted knows that the solution to the problem of gypsy crime would be segregation. I'm sure that even the leaders of Fidesz acknowledge this privately; but they have to deny the obvious publicly, because of the known reasons -- the global power made the subject taboo.

Jobbik is the only party that openly challenges the taboo of gypsy crime; refusing to join to the rest of the political establishment and honor the taboo invited all the hatred of the global power and its local proxies camouflaging themselves as Roma rights activists.

In human history, I cannot recall a single case when incompatible cultures merged and the result was positive; when it happened, it always hastened the disintegration of the host society. This explains why the phenomenon of gypsy crime became taboo – it is used as a weapon to destroy the nation-states of Europe. The problem of gypsy crime is not a racial issue, as the puppet masters would like people to believe; it is a cultural question.

“...of all the great hybrid unions that breed furious release of energy and change, there is none to surpass the meeting of literate and oral cultures. The giving to man of an eye for an ear by phonetic literacy is, socially and politically, probably the most radical explosion that can occur in any social structure”. (Marshall McLuhan)

This is exactly what Hungarians (and in fact, every nation with sizable gypsy or emigrant population) are experiencing living side by side with gypsies. Thievery, robbery, murder are common occurrences in towns with mixed population. Integrating gypsies or any ethnic groups into mainstream society can be done gradually, rather then flooding homogeneous societies with large number of aliens. Otherwise, the experiment will lead to social explosion with unforeseeable consequences.



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