Beautiful clothing and textile designs by Kata Szurdi

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An introduction by Kata Szurdi.

The world is full of hundreds of marvelous artistic treasures which might provide a basic inspiration for a designer. Just take Impressionism or Art- Nouveau as examples from the last two hundred years. In addition, I learned a lot about the cultures of different nations, I studied their folk arts.

I proudly found that the Hungarians has as rich artistic history as the widely-known Asian, African and Latin-American nations. The Magyars’ multicoloured art, which has several various roots is still unknown as much as for the Hungarians as for the world. I would like young people to be familiar with our nation’s amazingly rich art. I help them with my own designs: I have been thinking further the ancient motives and I use them to decorate my own handmade-like but modern clothes. As I see it, today’s clothing is not about aesthetic beauty. One can wear however, unique but comfortable clothes even on weekdays. Many people are willing to put on elegant outfits only at special occasions. I would like to create such individual, personal gears which are decorated with motives from our rich past and reasonable prices. Nevertheless, my design is also inspired by Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Oriental ornamental art and organic architecture. It’s important to make people aware of the fact precious motives, ornamental elements can appear not only elegant, evening dresses but also on casual clothes. My aim is to design outfits for the young as well as for the middle-aged and for the elderly if they wish to make the holidays or the everydays more delighted.

Her works are highly adaptable and versatile by embracing a great range of functionality from sport to wedding dresses. Look at some of her designs below to get a better understanding of the beauty and sophistication inherent in her works.

Read an interview with Kata Szurdi in Magyarhirlap, in Hungarian.

If you like her works and would like to buy some of her designs visit her website for more information:

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