Csanád Szegedi wants to relocate repeat offenders and anti-social elements of society into designated camps [UPDATED]

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In a news-conference today, Csanád Szegedi recommended setting up designated areas (közrendvédelmi telep) for repeat offenders and anti-social elements of society.

The first such area could be erected in the city of Miskolc, a heavily crime ridden municipality.

The designated camps would be fenced and protected by police and local units of gendarmerie. Residents of the camps could leave the place with permission and there would be a curfew after 10pm..

Gábor Vona also attended the news-conference; in his remarks, he focused on the education of gypsy children. He said the solution to integrating gypsies into Hungarian society should start in special residential schools set up for gypsies. Setting up segregated schools for gypsy children would solve the problem of gypsy integration in society in the long run said Vona.

According to Szegedi, the purpose of the designated camps would be to take criminal elements out of society. Initially, the camps could host gypsy families that are illegally occupied apartments and terrorizing peaceful residents in the Miskolc suburb of Lyukóvölgy. The same camp could host gypsies that occupied apartments in the suburb of Avas and squeezing 20 to 30 people in two bedroom apartments, in the same time terrorizing the entire neighborhood. In these cases, the municipality would be allowed to forcefully remove squatters from the occupied units.

According to the Jobbik's plan, returning to society would depend on the individuals willingness to participate in social work and allow their children to attend school. A municipal committee would decide on the applicant's readiness to return into the world of law and order.

Currently, Jobbik is not in the position to set up gendarmerie nationwide that would guard the camps, however, winning municipal seats in the upcoming election the party could start organizing these units on the local level said Szegedi.

He also said the country needs self-sufficient jails because keeping a person in a correctional institution costs two hundred fifty thousands forints a month. Prisoners who refuse to contribute to the costs of their own confinement would be housed under more puritan conditions.

Gábor Vona, the leader of Jobbik said members of all political parties are burying their heads in the sand just to avoid facing the issue of gypsy crime that is the most critical part of gypsy-Hungarian relations.

The president of Jobbik called upon the other parties to face reality and be brave enough by spelling out what the majority of ordinary Hungarians say at the dinner table –the integration of gypsies into Hungarian society failed. According to Vona, Hungary needs new solutions, otherwise the country finds itself in civil-war-like conditions soon. He calls upon the government to set up a parliamentary committee that would investigate the issues related to the subject of gypsy integration into society and establish a diagnosis. The president of Jobbik is calling upon the government to be the driving force behind setting up an European committee that would deal with the issues of gypsy integration into society when Hungary takes the rotating presidency of EU in 2011; gypsy integration is an European problem too.

Until the other parties are willing to face the questions of gypsy integration Jobbik will keep the issue high on public agenda. He said in the past twenty years, Jobbik did the most for gypsies by expounding rather than shrouding the issues involved in integrating them into society.

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