DAC football fans surprised three schools in Felvidék with national symbols

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yellow Blue Supporters and the “Felvidéki Harcosok” football fans association in Dunaszerdahely surprised three schools with Hungarian national symbols.

The schools that received the gifts are the “Kodály Zoltán Magyar Tanítási Nyelvű Alapiskola” and the “Szent János egyházi iskola”. The principal of the “Kodály Zoltán Magyar Tanítási Nyelvű Alapiskola”, Ibolya Olivér said he was happy that the football fans came up with such an excellent idea. These symbols are the true representations of our national identity said the principal.

Aranyossy Teodóra, the principal of the “Szent János egyházi iskola”, was also thankful when accepting the gifts.

The first school that received gifts from the football fans was the “Vámbéry Ármin Magyar Tannyelvű Alapiskola”. The fans presented the gift to the school on September 10; principal, Masszi János, promised to display the poster in the classroom.

The football fans organized a donation drive to find the money needed to pay for the gifts.

All three schools said besides the large ones they also needed smaller posters that could be displayed in the classrooms. The fans promised they will get them as soon as possible.

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