Ecuadorian triathlon athlete stabbed to death in Budapest [Update: The murderer is a gypsy]

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police was notified at 2:10 in the early morning hours that in the sixth district of Budapest an individual was lying on the sidewalk bleeding. Ambulance took the 48 year old man to hospital but the critically wounded victim's life couldn't be saved; he later died in hospital. Police looking for an unknown assailant.

The Triathlon World Championship organizing committee confirmed that the victim was a member of the Ecuadorian triathlon team participating in the sport event.

At a news brief, police confirmed the arrest of a 33 year old man who is accused of stabbing a 48 year old Ecuadorian triathlon athlete to death.

According to police there was an argument between a woman and the athlete that triggered the incident. The accused, who is a repeat offender, stabbed the athlete several times and left him dying on the sidewalk. Police spokesperson said the victim and the accused didn't know each other.

Currently, police are questioning the woman who was involved in the incident to learn her role in the murder case.

As some sources pointed out the female companion of the Ecuadorian athlete might have been a prostitute and the accused was a pimp running a prostitution ring. (Notes: If this appears to be true, there are reasons to believe that the accused is a gypsy since these businesses are generally run by gypsies).

It turned out that the victim was a New Zealand citizen living in Ecuador and his name was Warwick John White. The information has been confirmed by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sources carefully examining the videos confirmed that the murderer was a gypsy. The hooker's face shown in TV, even if partially covered, shows her ethnic features.

The picture taken by a video camera in a grocery store shows the victim in the front, behind him the gypsy murderer and the hooker on his right.

Unfortunately, foreigners are misled by Hollywood movies romanticizing gypsies lifestyle and their criminal culture, covertly supported by global forces.

It cannot be said enough times: if visiting the country stay away from gypsies, especially from those working in the sex business run by brutal gypsy criminals ready to kill for the most trivial disagreement.

Today, Magyar Hirlap, a mainstream media outlet confirmed what unofficial sources already knew – the murderer of the Ecuadorian triathlon athlete was a gypsy.

„Az életvédelmi osztály nyomozói nem sokkal később elfogták a 33 éves, roma származású futtatót, aki ellen korábban súlyos testi sértés, hivatalos személy elleni erőszak és életveszélyt okozó testi sértés miatt indult eljárás. A gyilkosság idején jelen lévő, szintén roma prostituáltat a rendőrség tanúként hallgatta meg, szerepének tisztázása folyamatban van.”

(Later, detectives arrested the 33 year old gypsy pimp that already did time in jail for aggravated assault, attacking law enforcement officers and initiating violent attack causing life-threatening injuries. The gypsy prostitute that was present during the murder has been questioned by police for her role in the incident).

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Anonymous said...

has been questioned [last sentence]


Anonymous said...

Please, does anyone know has the murderer been sentenced and how many years they got?

HungarianAmbiance said...

The case is still under investigation.

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