Fidesz mayoral candidate István Tarlós will continue supporting the biggest Drug Fest of Europe if elected into office

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fidesz mayoral candidate István Tarlós confirmed that the Sziget “Drug Fest” will be supported by his administration if elected into office in October.

Tarlós and the organizer of one of the biggest “cultural” events of Europe, Károly Gerendai discussed the various issues relating to the event; some of those included developing better transportation links to the Hajógyár island and building better service facilities that would enhance the “Sziget feeling” for all visitors.

Tarlós said young people should be supported in their quest for quality entertainment; as such, it is the duty of the city of Budapest to continue supporting the Sziget Festival.

Károly Gerendai said it was a waste of money to rebuild service facilities of the island each year rather than making them a permanent feature of the place. He said it was scandalous that the favorite picnic site didn't have permanent restrooms.

After completing their discussions, the parties visited the island inspecting ongoing works, among them a landscaping project.

This year, during the one week event, 271 criminal offenses have been reported to police; 3 vehicles were stolen and 6 cars were broken into. Victims reported 67 pickpocketing cases and 106 tents have been vandalized. Police arrested 8 drug dealers and had to use disciplinary measures against 42 attendees.

(Notes: While taxpayers money is used to support one of the biggest Drug Fest in Europe, government and law enforcement agencies do their best to shut the door on Magyar Sziget that provides quality entertainment for nationalist youth conscious about the perils of liberal brainwashing efforts inherent in the mainstream entertainment culture).

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