Former Supreme Court Justice, Miklós Völgyesi said judges should be held criminally responsible for the 2006 atrocities

Thursday, September 23, 2010

According to Miklós Völgyesi, there are signs that judges might have followed orders of higher authorities when allowed the arrest of hundreds of people without reviewing evidence provided by police during the 2006 demonstrations.

Today, Miklós Völgyesi appears in front of the parliamentary committee investigating the abuse of power by police and other law enforcement agencies during the 2006 rioting. He gives a letter to the committee he had written to Chief Justice Zoltan Lomniczi regarding the abuse of power by police and the unlawful arrests approved by judges.

Völgyesi suggested that judges should be held criminally responsible for allowing arrests without reviewing evidence presented by police during the 2006 crackdown.

In other news, Hir TV interviewed a retired prison guard that revealed widespread torture that took place in the various correctional institutions, in 2006. In the report the former prison guard described different methods of torturing detainees by prison guards. One of the procedures involved handcuffing prisoners to each other and making them kneel facing towards the wall. If a detainee moved due to fatigue, he was beaten up by prison guards. If someone complained about the brutal treatment, he was undressed and humiliated in front of other prisoners. There were several older people among the detainees, both men and women; some of them couldn't take the pain imposed upon them and broke down by urinating on themselves. According to the retired prison guard, the abuse of power and the torture of prisoners took place by the approval of the higher authorities of the correctional institution.

The atrocities were recorded by security cameras of the prison; but the evidence was deleted from the servers 72 hours later because "no one had filed a lawsuit or complained within that time frame" against prison authorities involved in the torture. Prisons obliged to keep digital materials for 72 hours.

The following days prison guards had been given a thank you party on taxpayers expenses by the correctional institution, in a restaurant in the town of Pilisszentkereszt.

Obviously, what happened in 2006, in the different government offices and law enforcement agencies is one of the most sinister intimidation efforts in post-communist times by a criminal regime that came into power by vote rigging. The emerging evidence shows a massive cover up effort by law enforcement agencies involved in the abuse of power, which includes the justice system. The abuse of power by the illegitimate Gyurcsany regime in 2006, might go down in history as one of the most atrocious criminal acts committed by the government against its own people since the 1956 revolution.

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