Government still owes money to medal winning swimmers

Saturday, September 4, 2010

According to Blikk, the government still hasn't payed Katinka Hosszú and Dániel Gyurta for their gold medal winning performances at the 13th FINA World Championships in Rome, 2009. The government still owes three million forints each athletes.

It turned out that they haven't received the full rewards for their outstanding performances at the European Swimming Championships in Budapest, this summer either.

They have received advanced payments but the full amount they entitled to still up in the air.

“The Magyar Úszószövetség” (Hungarian swimming body) provided advanced payments to the athletes until the prize money arrives from the government.

Katinka Hosszú got 2,1 million, László Cseh (23) 1,2 million, Evelyn Verrasztó (21) 900 thousand, Ágnes Mutina (22) 700 thousand and Dániel Gyurta 600 thousand forints.

Secretary of Sports, Attila Czene (who himself an Olympic gold medalist) said the rewards will be payed shortly.

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