A gypsy dismembered his brother and seasoned the body parts with herbs

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The room where the murder took place

In the town of Nagymányok, a 19 year old gypsy admitted killing and dismembering his brother to police.

The grizzly murder took place in the home of the brothers -- both repeat offenders.

The younger brother attacked his older sibling with an axe while he was sleeping; then by using knife and saw, he dismembered the corps, seasoned the body parts with pepper and marjoram and hid the remains in the basement of the house, under a pile of debris.

He made a video about the remains, with the intention of watching the footage before committing suicide reported police.

The murder was detected by a friend of the victim, three days after the incident. He was visiting the deceased and noticed blood on the floor. He notified police that after arrival apprehended the suspect; first, the culprit lied about his brother's whereabout by saying he left the country; but then he confessed the crime.

Police found the decomposing remains of the 30 year old victim in the basement of the home.

The backyard of the house

According to police spokesperson, the 19 year old might have been murdered his older brother under the influence of drugs. Police said the relationship between the brothers was hostile for some time.

The victim was released from jail in January where he did time for violent offences. The 19 year old suspect still attending special elementary school grade seven and was convicted for assault and property related crimes before.

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