Gypsy murdered a 15 year old Hungarian girl

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alexandra Bicskei lifeless body has been found by a homeless person in a deserted building in the city of Pécs. Despite opposition from her parents, the 15 year old youngster started dating with a deviant gypsy who has been grown up in an orphanage with 7 sisters and brothers fathered by seven different men.

The youngster, brainwashed by the liberal media and ran away from home defying her parents. The gypsy threatened the parents if they ground their daughter he is going to harm them.

The boyfriend

Alexandra decided it was time to break up the relationship. She met her boyfriend to tell him about her decision upon which the boyfriend brutally murdered her by clubbing her to death with a blunt object.

The grieving mother holding the picture of her daughter

Alexandra's mother sensed that something tragic would happen. “I couldn't sleep for days staring at the ceiling all night. I was full of fear and anxiety,” said the mother. When she heard the news, she knew right away that the victim was her daughter.

The gypsy has been arrested and charged with premeditated murder.

(Note: It cannot be said enough times that parents should condition their children early on making sure that when they grow up they don't go out with gypsies. This could be an effective method of protecting youngsters, in a period when liberal poison gushing out of every mainstream media outlet glamorizing deviant and criminal behaviors).

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Anonymous said...

a deviant gypsy *grew* up in an orphanage [second sentence]

Here you go again... correctly: "grown"


Zoey said...

Girls get killed by boyfriends of all colors. If this guy were Hungarian would you teach your daughter to not date hungarians? No. Instead of brainwashing our kids to be afraid of an entire race of people, how about teaching them some common sense, respect for their parents and for themselves. Let's teach them how to be better judges of character. For example, guys who threaten your parents are probably not going to be nice to you for very long. I think that teaching a teenager to judge by race is doing the kid more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Said story.
But how can you blame the whole race.
This was a result of one young man. Who is a murderer. Lost and emotionaly disturbed.Sick and evil.
Statistics show that the murder rate for Gypsies is the lowest of any other Race.

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