“It sounds good but it is untrue” reacted Máriusz Révész to the remarks of Budapest Chief Justice Sándor Ihász

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Member of parliament, Máriusz Révész assaulted by police in 2006

Budapest Chief Justice Sándor Ihász said to the parliament investigation committee that there were no politically motivated decisions by the judiciary during the 2006 police crackdown. In 2006, corrupt judges approved the arrest and torture of hundreds of innocent people without even seeing the detainees by simply accepting the evidence of Gyurcsany thugs.

During the court proceedings most of these cases were thrown out of the court by lack of evidence. This shows that judges indeed were, at least, co-responsible for the abuse of power by the Gyurcsany regime and its police force.

Ihász said internal investigation couldn't find any evidence of wrongdoings related to the illegal arrests of hundreds of innocent people.

It is an open secret that some of the judges working in the Hungarian justice system socialized during the Kadar era and their loyalty can be traced back to Gyurcsany and his partners in crime that were responsible for the 2006 police atrocities.

Tamás Gaudi Nagy, member of the parliamentary committee said it was sad that Budapest Chief Justice Sándor Ihász rejected even the possibility to investigate the role of judges in the 2006 police crackdown.

None of the members of the judiciary questioned by the committee showed remorse or expressed regret for assisting the Gyurcsany regime to carry out one of the most atrocious violation of the law in post-communist times.

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