It's hilarious, the village idiot evaluating the first one hundred days of the Orbán government

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ferenc Gyurcsány

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány summoned his flunkies to an Indian Summer retreat party to analyze the first one hundred days of the Orbán government.

Gyurcsány accused the Orban government of wanting to replace the old Stalinist constitution with the “Szentkorona” (The Holy Crown of Hungary) principle. Agent Gyurcsany envisioning a “coalition of democrats”, a group that will act on his understanding of democracy and fight for the current constitution that was based on Stalinist lawmaking.

The shameless liar said “people already have a constitution, they are demanding the rights to endorse the new one in a referendum”.

During his speech, as it was expected, the mentally deranged ex-prime minister (also called Crazy Nero) reminded his audiences of the dangers of extremism that has been growing since he lost power.

“The satanic pleasure dome”, where the party was held, was full to the brim. All traitors and Hungarian haters who count in the business were at the party. All agreed that they have been living in constant fear since the Orbán government took power. Their suitcases are packed and they are ready to live the country on short notice if fascism takes control of the country.

Some of the characters spoke to the people were Kinga Göncz, József Debreczeni and Tamas Bauer.

The anti-woman, Kinga Göncz perhaps the most infamous among all the players -- the “daughter of the rat”. The name comes from his father's Arpad Goncz, the first president of post-communist Hungary, who worked as a snitch when imprisoned after the 1956 uprising spying on his fellow prisoners for many years.

Kinga Göncz was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Gyurcsány government and she is linked to the 2006 police terror that was indeed a crime against humanity. Take a look at the pictures on right side bar of this website under the sub-title “Police brutality in Hungary”. Currently, the handling of the 2006 rioting by police is under investigation by a parliamentary committee.

With such background, Kinga Göncz has been elected in the European Parliament and was chosen as the vice-chairwoman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. (Draw your own conclusion)

Kinga Göncz

József Debreczeni is a pathetic nobody hack-writer, a typical media whore who is willing to write an autobiography for virtually anybody willing to pay for it. He likes to rub shoulders with people having fat wallets. He already wrote more than two books on Gyurcsany but when he was younger and still looking for sponsors, he wrote one about Orban as well.

József Debreczeni

Tamás Bauer is an economist and the son of one of the most notorious thugs of AVO, the Hungarian secret police torturing dissidents during the Rákosi era. His father committed the most monstrous crimes against Hungarians. His specialty was tearing off fingernails of detainees to force confession out of prisoners; despite the atrocious crimes he has committed against Hungarians, this monster in human form has never been put on trial. I guess, I don't have to explain why is that. You can read more about this vampire HERE (in Hungarian). The folk wisdom applies here too, “the apple doesn't fall far from the tree”.

Tamás Bauer

This is just a small sample of the characters you can expect finding in crowds like this. But there are many more....

Now, you can have some idea what inspired the Hungarian Guard when coined its slogan of “God give us brighter future”. When the Hungarian Guard was formed these monsters had been in power for years, looting and raping their country on a daily basis.

More pictures about the gathering



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