Jobbik campaign film that the Hungarian Television and the “official” media refused to air

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hungarian Television and the rest of the official media proved once again that they are under the control of the global puppet masters and their local proxies by refusing to air the Jobbik campaign video. Officials argued that some of the catchwords in the video are carrying racist overtones; especially, the term “gypsy criminal”. They said the term “gypsy criminal” can arouse racial hatred against a visible minority. The Hungarian Television cannot air political advertisements that violating ethnic or religious affiliations of certain groups of people or employ terms that can be used to humiliate minorities.

Officials also argued that the mosquito (bloodsucker) analogy in the advertisement denotes a kind of attitude in society that can be interpreted as an offence against certain people.

The advertisement uses the analogy of the insect to expose those dark forces that are responsible for the social and moral corruption of Hungarian society – political criminals, multinational corporations and gypsy criminals.

Jobbik spokesperson, Dóra Dúró rejected the official explanation by saying that the term “gypsy criminal” has no racial overtones; it is a legal expression (like white-collar criminal or blue-collar criminal, terms that are commonly used in the American justice system).

Jobbik campaign team released a censored version of the video by bleeping out the controversial terms. However, media officials said they wouldn't air this version either, because the original already circulating the Internet and the censored version could easily be linked to the original one with the controversial phrases intact.

(Note: As a protest, I made the campaign video post sticky; until the election day, the video stays as top post).



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