Jobbik files a lawsuit against the “alternative nomination form collecting” LMP

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As we have indicated in a previous article, something wasn't right about the nomination form collection methods of LMP. What we have suspected after analyzing the various signs of the campaign seemed to be materialized.

Gergely Karácsony LMP's campaign chief admitted that Fidesz and gypsy activists offered nomination forms for LMP but the party “rejected” the offers (Note: you should be extremely naïve to believe that).

Offering or selling nomination forms is a criminal offense. According to Jobbik, LMP should have reported the attempts of Fidesz and gypsy activists to police, immediately.

Gábor Staudt said even left wing political gurus found unrealistic LMP's claims about the time the party needed to collect the required amount of nomination forms.

Gábor Staudt said for the time being Jobbik filed a lawsuit only against LMP, hinting that perhaps more lawsuits will follow in the coming days.

Fidesz refused commenting on the reports.

As we have said before, LMP is a wolf in sheep clothing. It is the successor of SZDSZ, the anti-Hungarian party collapsed in the spring election. LMP is the creation of the global elite; it is bankrolled by the very same elite and as such, the party serves its global masters rather than the interests of Hungarians.

In a brief statement Fidesz rejected the report as speculation. As usual, the gypsies haven't even bothered responding to the allegations. On the other hand, nobody expected them to do so.

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