Jobbik introduces a new public safety bill in parliament to improve law and order situation in the country

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gábor Vona confirmed that the party will introduce a public safety bill in the fall session of parliament that will incorporate ideas about establishing designated areas for dangerous criminals and residential schools for gypsy children.

Jobbik considers the designated camps for dangerous offenders a short term solution to the problem of dealing with the deteriorating law and order situation. However, the proposal of establishing a residential school system for gypsy children would be a long term solution of integrating gypsies in Hungarian society said Vona.

According to the proposal, the residential school system would be jointly run by municipalities, the church and the government said Vona.

The idea of designated camps for criminals introduced into public awareness by Csanád Szegedi, a few weeks ago; according to Szegedi, the first such camp would be set up in Miskolc.

The precise definition of the new concepts introduced into public debate by Jobbik officials are still under discussion in the party --just like the location and the functioning of the camps that are also need further clarification.

Vona said the primary purpose of introducing these ideas into public consciouses was to start a debate in society about solutions of integrating gypsies in society.

Vona said rumors suggesting that entire families would be relocated into the camps are baseless. Only criminals that are proven to be dangerous for the every day functioning of the community would be eligible for these measures.

It would be the task of local officials to pinpoint who those particular criminal elements are. Municipal officials and police should work hand in hand to expose those criminals and remove them from local communities.

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Anonymous said...

Google the "Canadian Indian residential school system" to see how well that idea worked out for us -- and Canadians are "nice", I can only imagine the horrors that a Hungarian Gypsy residential school system would bestow upon its unfortunate victims. This could only end in cultural extermination, ethnic cleansing, and a trail of tens of thousands of shattered lives. Not to mention: a mark of shame on this generation that will never be erased for the rest of human history.

I fell in love with Budapest when I spent a week there last summer but the fascist/racist/nationalist undercurrent that exists in Hungarian society is absurd and disturbing. The lessons you took from your experiences in the 20th century led you to "let's go back to totalitarianism and isolationism?" Ask yourself this: will your grandchildren be building a "Terror Haza" for the gypsies?

Anonymous said...

You cannot compare the two. Native Canadians were noble and proud people, the true owners of the land disenfranchised by English colonizers; they stole their land by using all sorts of tricks.

Gypsies don't have these credentials. It is a criminal culture, so what's wrong with eliminating a criminal culture?

As a tourist, you probably understood nothing about Hungarian reality. You should pay attention to the philosopher: “Better know nothing than half-know much.”

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