Jobbik sues Fidesz for smear campaign in Felsőzsolca

Friday, September 10, 2010

Zsolt Egyed, Jobbik member of parliament representing Borsod county files a lawsuit against Fidesz for distributing leaflets among gypsies urging them to reject independent candidate Lajos Tóth in the upcoming municipal election. In Felsőzsolca Jobbik doesn't run its own candidate, rather the party is backing independent candidate Lajos Tóth.

The content of the leaflet suggesting potentially misleading information about Lajos Tóth alluding that the independent candidate wants to remove gypsies from the town. Read the leaflet below.

Zsolt Egyed said the truth is that if elected into the municipal council, Jobbik representatives will treat gypsies that are working and sending their children to school with utmost respect; on the other hand, they will be tough with deviant and criminal elements of society.

According to Egyed, Jobbik activists caught red-handed a woman as distributing the inflammatory material in gypsy neighbourhoods; she admitted that she was payed by Fidesz mayoral candidate Csaba Orosz. She has given a written statement admitting the wrongdoing. See the statement below. Click the image to enlarge.

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