Krisztina Morvai reporting from Strasbourg [Video in Hungarian]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For those don't understand Hungarian here is a brief recap of the video.

In the video, Ms. Morvai exposes the sneaky efforts by Eu's leadership to do away with the sovereign nation-states and create a federal state structure that would function, essentially like the United States of America. Mr. Barroso, President of the European Commission delivered his first State of the European Union address a few days ago, imitating the State of the Union address by American presidents. In the speech, among others, he talked about the beneficial effects of eliminating state budgets and defense policies in favor of a central budget.

Jobbik and the eurosceptic parties of the European Parliament rejecting this approach of solving problems.

Following the examples of English and Dutch members of European Parliament, Jobbik MEPs start displaying the national flag on the benches as signs of symbolic protest against the centralizing efforts of the European Commission and the invisible power running the EU through proxies.

In the video, Ms. Morvai invites Hungarians to help her fight against the centralizing efforts of EU by sending proposals to her. The authors of the best proposals will be invited to Strasbourg for a three day visit. Ms. Morvai believes that by doing so she can form an advisory group around herself that might help her future work in the European Parliament.



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