László Toroczkai reacts to the exclusion of HVIM from the constitution advisory group

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outraged but not surprised by the decision of the parties of the Hungarian parliament to exclude our organization - HVIM - from the constitution advisory group that we were invited to join by Jobbik. According to László Salamon, the chairman of the constitution drafting committee representing Fidesz, the reason of our exclusion was a Szalasi quote that automatically appeared at the bottom of an email -- as a signature -- sent to him by one of our members, Béla Incze. The cited quotation is not against the law, yet citing this incident we were excluded from the constitution advisory group.

We are convinced that the parties of the parliament looked for an excuse that could be used against us to block our participation in the constitution advisory group; members of the group were aware that our organization supports an agreement only if that has been based on the historical constitution, unlike the “elite” that is interested in preserving the illegitimate conditions of the past sixty years.

Béla Incze, one of the leading members of HVIM, didn't represent the official view of our organization; he didn't communicate the official opinion of our organization; he didn't negotiate officially with László Salamon, the chairman of the constitutional committee, merely hinting that the letter was forwarded to HVIM officials. In this respect, he couldn't communicate the views of the our organization, like Attila Gruber, Fidesz member of the constitution group sneakily suggested. HVIM is not a “Hungarista” organization, it doesn't have mandatory ideological base to be followed by members because it is not based on any single ideology. Yet, we don't dissociate ourselves either from Béla Incze or from the infamous quote that goes like this: “Minden mozgalom olyan erős, amilyen ellenhatást tud önmaga ellen kiváltani” (Every organization is as effective as the counter-force it generates).

Our organization is under the most outrageous attacks from all directions that proves the truthfulness of the saying cited above.

(Notes: During the constitution drafting process each party could invite a civilian organization to participate in the preparatory work of the constitution drawing group. Jobbik recommended HVIM, an organization aiming at the unifications of Hungarian youth in the Carpathian Basin. HVIM founded by László Taroczkai and currently, the movement has one elected member in parliament sitting on Jobbik benches.)

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