LMP collected the required number of nomination forms by “surprising suddenness”

Friday, September 3, 2010

LMP managed to collect the required number of nomination forms allowing the party to run a mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal election in Budapest. The forms have been presented to the electoral office by floor leader András Schiffer and Gergely Karácsony, the chief of the election campaign.

At Deák tér news-conference, LMP mayoral candidate, Benedek Jávor said miracle has happened – the party managed to “collect “ the required number of nomination forms.

LMP campaign chief Gergely Karácsony said the fact that the party succeeded collecting the nomination forms indicating that a new form of political culture is emerging in Hungary that the old parties don't understand.

(Notes: Suppose you watch an athletic race and you are told the race was won by an athlete with an amputated limb. Unless you are a total brain-dead you crack up laughing; if you are more serious type you suspect fraud, even if you don't have evidence.

Activists who are actually campaigning know how tough it is to collect the required number of nomination forms, even for established parties, especially during summer time when most people are on holiday.

Today, Jobbik's election team asked the Baranya county electoral office to examine all nomination forms delivered by LMP because in the various districts no one met or heard about LMP activists collecting nomination forms, yet the party handed in the required amount of forms in time.

After the SZDSZ, the most notorious anti-Hungarian party imploded in the spring election, liberal hate organizations panicked. They quickly came up with a new idea of setting up a seemingly sanitized party pursuing a fraudulent environmental agenda. This is to mislead and dupe people into believing that the new party,LMP, is unlike the extremist SZDSZ that caused more harm to the country than sixty years of Soviet occupation. LMP sprung out of nowhere in the spring election campaign canvassing with issues such as planting trees in public parks and similar sorts of things. People ignored these moronic messages, yet the party managed to capture 7 percent of the popular vote at the national election. Currently, the parliamentary group of the party made up by a group of unheard of individuals and agents for the liberal establishment already proven their anti-Hungarian sentiments in the past.

LMP star candidate Gergely Karácsony holds an election rally during the spring national election

Admittedly, the party is funded by an American businessman, and because of this the party has no need to worry about spending money when it comes to buying nomination forms. A case about the illegal activity of buying nomination forms has been revealed recently, in the media. Jobbik filed a lawsuit in the case but by all probability the corrupt court will bury the lawsuit and perhaps, we will never hear about it again.

So, where do the nomination forms of this virtual party come from? Besides, the “alternative collecting techniques” mentioned above, the party might receive nomination slips from the surplus of “another party”.

Here are some pointers. It is not a secret that Fidesz collected way more nomination forms than the party needed to run candidates.

The main opponent of Fidesz is Jobbik. Here you can ask yourself: Cui bono? Whose interest is the elimination of Jobbik from the political palette -- overtly or covertly, perhaps by helping LMP as an alternative solution backed by the most influential liberal circles in the country and possibly outside of the country.

Of course, it is very difficult even impossible to prove the existence of these machinations; but you don't need evidence all the time to know the truth. You don't need a proof of a seismometer to know there was an earthquake, you know it from the collapse of your house.



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