Márton Szegedi, Jobbik mayoral candidate have been taken into custody by police

Thursday, September 23, 2010

After the demonstration in Miskolc, yesterday Márton Szegedi, Jobbik mayoral candidate demonstrated how to remove socialist posters that socialist activists put up to cover up Jobbik advertisements.

Jobbik has been complaining for years by the illegal activities of the socialist crime network involved in placing their own placards over opponents advertisements in order to make them invisible. This is against the law, yet police do nothing to investigate the offenses.

Responding to the lack of police action, Márton Szegedi started a campaign aiming at the removal of the illegally displayed placards. Yesterday, he demonstrated how to do that. While demonstrating the procedure police showed up and took him into custody.

For the occasion, Jobbik released a statement condemning the police action by drawing attention to the fact that while police harassing peaceful citizens, gypsy criminals terrorizing the entire city making citizens feel unsafe even in their own homes.

It is incredible! Police spokesperson said that Márton Szegedi, Jobbik mayoral candidate for Miskolc would remain in custody and would be put on a speedy trial for demonstrating how to remove an illegally displayed election poster that would have been the job of law enforcement agencies to remove, at the first place.

The idea behind the police action might have been to prevent Jobbik candidate for running on the municipal election, especially now that the election is a few days away and his support increased substantially the last couple of days.

Police released Márton Szegedi, Jobbik mayoral candidate and changed the speedy trial initiative to regular legal proceeding against the accused said the spokesperson of Borsod county court.

The legal proceeding against Szegedi will continue on October 27.

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