The miraculous metamorphosis of a hardcore gypsy criminal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Érpatak is not only a town but a phenomenon that everyone should study to get a better understanding about gypsies and ways of dealing with them by using formulas they understand.

Here is a bit of background information about the small town and its mayor that did amazing things in the past couple of years -- single handedly cleaned the town up of gypsy criminals making the municipality livable again. More than that, most gypsies threw their support behind the mayor by noticing improvements in the quality of their lives. This is bad news, indeed, for liberal extremist and other traitors tacitly supporting gypsy crime.

Here is the recap of the story, which is one of the most amazing account I've heard in recent years. It is about a 52 year old repeat offender called Pál Kóka who spent 24 years in jail; after doing his time, he got a chance from the mayor of Érpatak to start a new life. It seems incredible but this hard core criminal accepted the mayor's offer and started doing community work rather then applying for welfare (which was one of the chief requirement) to make a living. Now, he earns minimum salary allowing him and his family to make a decent living and be able to break out of the circle of poverty and crime.

The participation in the community work project bestowed a sense of dignity on Pál Kóka and his family; in the video interview, his wife talks proudly about her chickens and ducks she has been raising to show it is possible to make a living outside of crime.

Pál Kóka's daughter-in-law who is 24 years old looking for work, as well.

Pál Kóka's story is extraordinary, especially if you take into account that he spent half of his life in jail. But as the example shows, with competence and diligence even hardcore criminals can be changed.

He said all gypsies should follow his example and start working. Most gypsies in town agree with him but some who still prefer the criminal lifestyle call him a traitor; this however, doesn't bother Pál Kóka and his family.

Jobbik's proposals to solve gypsy crime are similar to the measures the mayor of Érpatak has already implemented in his municipality. The mayor of Érpatak found the language gypsies understand and use this language to communicate the message of hope that even common criminals understand.

Jobbik's proposals to remove gypsy criminals from municipalities and set up residential schools for their children are winning formulas. It wouldn't be out of the extraordinary if gypsies themselves would support them, because for their children the residential schools system is the only way out of poverty and crime. This is why liberal hate mongers are screaming like crazy and threatening everyone who is sympathizing with the proposals.

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