New movement for the restoration of the ancient Hungarian script – “Rovásírás”

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Rovás Foundation erected the second “Rovásírás” town sign in Rákóczifalva, on September 3. László Sípos, the chairman of the foundation said this was the second town sign in the country and this would be the beginning of a new initiative aiming to erect “Rovásírás” town signs in every municipality of the country.

During the erection ceremony, passing vehicles showed their support by honking their horns. Organizers are expecting that just by seeing the ancient scrip people that don't understand the ancient alphabet start learning it.

The support for the initiative was so overwhelming that small businesses indicated that by setting up outdoor commercial signs they will incorporate the ancient script into their trademarks.

The Rovás Foundation commissioned the Magyar Közút Zrt to develop a standardized version of the sign so that it can be erected anywhere in the country without legal hurdles. Several previous attempts to set up such signs run into legal barriers due to lack of standardization.

The first fully standardized “Rovásírás” town sign has been erected in Celldömölk; seeing all the interest in the project, László Sípos expecting a flood of requests for similar projects coming from other municipalities as well; as a result, the number of cities and towns marked by "Rovás" signs might reach the hundreds, this year alone.

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Anonymous said...

Thx for the news.

The movement is going on, more and more city signs are appearing with Rovás script.

See at Rovás Info

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