Parliamentary subcommittee wants to investigate the criminal responsibility of corrupt judges in the 2006 police terror

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Máriusz Révész, Fidesz member of parliament and a delegate in the subcommittee investigating the 2006 police terror said the subcommittee has to investigate the criminal responsibility of judges in the illegal arrests and abuse of power by the police force.

Máriusz Révész was one of the victims of police terror; walking home from the Fidesz commemoration service, Gyurcsany thugs attacked and beat him unconscious.

Two young girls arrested by police during the 2006 uprising said to the subcommittee that the judges approved their arrest without even listening to them.

Révész said what happened in 2006 was more than a mistake; judges who participated in the unlawful arrest of citizens have no place in the Hungarian justice system.

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