Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: a 180 degree turn on economic policy is needed

Friday, September 17, 2010

At the European People's Party meeting in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said 180 degree turn in economic policy is needed in Hungary. There is a need for strict rules that could be used against speculative enterprises, in the mean time easing financial burden on value producing businesses.

It is absolutely necessary to build an economy based on reality rather than utopias. “This way we can avoid getting into similar crisis in the future. The political and economic utopias, we have been living up until now, collapsed; reality shattered them... and now, we have found ourselves in the rubble,” said the prime minister.

Hopefully, the neo-liberal economic and financial policy will be the last painful experiment in our lives. Neo-liberalism advocating the omnipotence of market forces and makes people believe that it is possible to build prosperous economy without producing values said the prime minister. The current global crisis is the result of the bursting this bubble. The European Union already sensing the need of a paradigm shift in economic policy said the prime minister.

Fidesz is determined to rebuild the country on the basis of reality said Orbán. If reality offers hope, than people will chose reality rather than utopias said the prime minister.

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