Representative on Freedom of the Media group called upon the Hungarian government to change the new media package

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of the arms of the hydra headed global elite demanding changes in the media package recently accepted by the Fidesz dominated parliament to curb liberal poison coming 24 hours a day from the various media outlets.

The letter signed by Dunja Mijatovic the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, and addressed to János Martonyi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; it reads like this:

"The media package is cause for very serious concern...If left unchanged, it would seriously restrict media pluralism, curb the independence of the press, abolish the autonomy of public-service media and impose a chilling effect on freedom of expression and public debate, all essential for democracy."

"I ask Parliament and the Government to initiate an urgent revision of the media package and take into consideration the detailed recommendations of the analysis when rewriting the legislation. My Office stands ready to assist the authorities in these efforts at every step of this process."

"The changes put into place a new legal, institutional and regulatory framework for media regulation and supervision that can be easily misused for political purposes and that could contradict the principle of the separation of powers and of the checks and balances typical of liberal democracies. Public-service media are especially at risk of direct political control."

"The study also warns that the current legislative attempt mainly extends the traditional regulatory framework to the new media, including most Internet content originating in Hungary as well as content hosted abroad but of relevance to Hungarian users, which is widely regarded as inappropriate, and dangerous for free social communication on the Internet."

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