The root cause of Hungary's economic problem is parasitism

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Kossuth street Cultural Center in Debrecen was full to the brim with people waiting for Gábor Vona to deliver a speech. But first, Tibor Ágoston Jobbik's mayoral candidate stepped on stage to introduce candidates running in the upcoming municipal election; then Gábor Vona spoke to his supporters.

In his speech, he said it was not the lack of talent of Hungarians that caused the current economic crisis, but parasitism.

Vona distinguished three main categories of bloodsuckers: politicians, global businesses and gypsies.

Brood parasite is a common form of parasitism

He then criticized Fidesz for calling the party's landslide election victory in April a revolution (Fidesz politicians like to call their victory a revolution that took place in the polling booths). Vona posed a question to his audience: how could Fidesz call that a revolution when the main culprits responsible for the crisis are still at large? Unlike, in Iceland where those responsible for bankrupting the country have already been arrested.

According to Vona, pretentious Fidesz politicians in parliament patting themselves on the back for winning the election. But the truth is that their success was, in a large extent, the result of a protest vote against the disastrous policy of the Gyurcsany regime. There are indications that Fidesz won't bring Gyurcsany and his accomplices to justice, anytime soon said Vona.

On a humorous side note on gypsies Vona said Jobbik would introduce a bill in parliament making mandatory for politicians to do field work in gypsy neighborhoods (most gypsy rights activists have never met a gypsy in real time, only on TV screens or in cyberspace).

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