Jobbik candidate Erik Fülöp won the mayoral race by gypsy support

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This piece of news might cause a couple of sleepless nights for liberal hate-mongers who are tacitly supporting gypsy crime and covertly promoting violence between gypsies and Hungarians; the head of the Gypsy minority council Ferenc Poczkodi confirmed -- a big chunk of gypsy vote in the Sunday municipal election went to Jobbik candidate Erik Fülöp allowing him to win the mayoral seat by a comfortable margin.

Erik Fülöp is an excellent organizer and there was nothing scary about his election program that would have frightened the gypsy population of Tiszavasvári. He campaigned on two main issues – job creation and restoration of law and order.

Erik Fülöp not only won the mayoral seat in Tiszavasvári but he received enough votes to form a comfortable majority in the city council, as well. The majority allows the mayor to implement his program quickly, without being forced to negotiate with a coalition partner.

We didn't build our campaign on the single issue of gypsy crime said the mayor; we consider the term a legal category.

Jobbik Tiszavasvári branch set up a network of activists years ago. Our program is realistic; it has been written by 30 people; the issues we laid down in the program mobilized the majority of the people said the mayor.

The 16 page document sums up the most important issues the people of Tiszavasvári want to be seen realized as quickly as possible. We won't tolerate the “violation of the law and social peace by any antisocial elements” says the document.

The rules are very simple and can be followed by anyone – those who respect law and order will be welcomed in Tiszavasvári, those who violate it, will be removed from the community.

In Tiszavasvári, everyone has to pay municipal taxes said the mayor. Those who cannot pay might remit payments into community work.

The mayor wants to reform welfare system as well. Those on welfare are expected to do community service in exchange for the benefits.

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