Scandal: Romania wants to celebrate the thievery of Erdély in the Hungarian National Theater in Budapest

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Róbert Alföldi

Romanian officials obtained permission from Róbert Alföldi, the director of the Hungarian National Theater to celebrate the Romanian National Holiday in the prestigious National Theater in Budapest.

The Romanian National Holiday for Hungarians coincide with the day of mourning as the Trianon Peace Treaty carved Erdély out of the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary and awarded it to Romania. Erdély was an organic part of the Kingdom of Hungary for one thousand years and the loss of this piece of land is more painful then the loss of other territories.

As the news came out, historians and public figures started speaking out against the move calling it a Romanian provocation.

Róbert Alföldi, a kinky homosexual with modest artistic talent was appointed as the director of the Hungarian National Theater by the treasonous Gyurcsany regime. Obviously, the appointment wasn't based on artistic merit but it was conceived as an attack by the liberal establishment on the traditional repertoire of the National Theater. Generally, the program of the Hungarian National Theater focuses on historic themes; the Hungarian-hating liberal establishment wanted to change that. The appointment of Alfoldi as a non-conventional artistic director supposed to fulfill this dream.

This is not the first time that the liberal establishment became partner in an anti-Hungarian provocation.

During the Meggyesi government in 2002, the dyslexic ex-apparatchik Peter Meggyes, a snitch in the Kadar regime and the liberal establishment celebrated the Romanian National Holiday with Romanian officials in the Kempinski hotel.

But today the situation is different. The parliament has a vocal nationalist opposition that won't let this outrageous event get passed without vigorous protest.

Several, politicians and public figures already speaking out against the brazen move by Alfoldi -- among them KDNP and Jobbik officials.

In a letter to MTI, Jobbik called Alföldi's decision treasonous.

It doesn't surprise us that Róbert Alföldi collaborating with anti-Hungarian forces. But the fact that these traitors are still in high positions after Fidesz landslide election victory is outrageous said the Jobbik statement.

The Hungarian National Theater is a state institution and the government is responsible for its functioning.

Jobbik calls all Hungarians to the building of the National Theater for December 1st to protest against the Romanian provocation.

Due to national outrage over the detestable decision by the artistic director of the Hungarian National Theater, the permit for the holiday celebration was withdrawn reported MTI.

KDNP politician István Pálffy asked the government to launch an investigation about Alföldi's decision to rent out the Hungarian National Theater. If it turns out that the director violated institution guidelines he should be fired as the head of the National Theater.



Anonymous said...

Oh, God! You hungarians just stop bitchin' about the loss of's not your God damn territory and it never was...
Respect your neighbor country's national day.

Anonymous said...

What the f... is wrong with you people? The hungarian minority party is part of the governing coalition in Romania. Just recently a law passed that allows study of history and geography in hungarian language in Romaniam both countries are parte o EU and things were starting to look like the tensed relations between two neighbour countries were starting to improve.

What do you think is there in Transylvania except the same poverty and lack of education across eastern europe? And organized crime?

Then you f.. up. What's the matter with you? Don't you have better things to do? Like getting out of the economic mess? Living better? Having safe environment for your children?

I guess not. I think it's time for both nations to let go of the past. Hungarians will get used to the fact that the state shapes in EU can not and will not change and Romania wil get used to the fact that there will never be a compensation for the Horty mass killings of romanian people in TRansylvania.


Anonymous said...

A good part of hungarian people is suffering with xenophobia but the other part knows what european values are and they respect it and this is a good news. Romanian people allow hungarians to celebrate their national day without problems on romanian territory, doesn´t matter if a hungarian flag is waiving on a romanian institution, they know how to respect their neighbor. Peace!

Liviu Petre, Bucuresti, Romania, Europe said...

Cool down, man! So "Trianon Peace Treaty carved Erdély out of the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary..." What kingdom? Maybe you should adress this issue to the Habsburg Imperial Court in Vienna or even to the Ottoman Sultan in Istanbul:) (pls remember that in 1526 at Mohacs, the ottomans carved Hungary out of the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary, or the other way round, it doesn't matter :), the result was/is the same)
And moreover, that "...kinky homosexual" with, of course ( :))), my comment) "modest artistic talent", this is outrageous, how can you tolerate him, isn't he already hanged up? If you can't be up to the standards of those mounted gentlemen with 'shields and arrows' of 1,000 (one thousand!) years ago, so inspiringly portrayed in the glorious painting adorning your page, then please dismount the net space!
And one more thing: I'll do may own share of patriotic duty, keeping from now on a vigilent eye on that traitor (mine or yours?, to be investigated!), most probably a disguised homosexual or a Jew, hope you'll agree, who now holds the position of Minister of Culture in the Government of Romania (!!!) and shamelessly bearing the (Hungarian, isn't it?) name of Kelemen Hunor! (more at

P.S. Sorry, Hunor, no bad feelings, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Hungarians are a very small people, both in number and atitude. They have lost Transilvania because they could not make any difference in 2 World wars. They have lost both of them. You must be real stupid to make the same mistake twice in a century. You are that small that you forgot that the romanian boot steped on hungarian neck three times in this century, but maybe is not enough, maybe you are a masochist people.
The lack of respect of the hungarian people is something normaly for a small people as your's. But you will pay the bill ....

Anonymous said...

At the National Museum of Romanian Peasant, in Bucharest - Romania, this week, runs, Hungarian Movie Week, and nobody has treated this as an insult. A lot of people (romanians in majority) attended this event and I think is clever, wise and one more prove that some people can really evolve without looking back in anger.

Anonymous said...

Read here about all the changes:

Anonymous said...

fuck hungary. Transilvania is in Romania. Kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

Small people, poor attitude! You want to be respected but you don't respect the others... In Romania we have Hungarian politicians, theatres, churches (even if the pastors in some areas are preaching hate and anti-Romanian attitude), universities, etc. Hungarian National Holiday is celebrated without any problem by the Hungarians in Romania. Romanians enjoy Hungarian cultural events without hate everywhere in the country. And this is your response? I thought we can be friends and forget about the past. But you always do something to remember us how hard it was for us to live in Transylvania for 1000 years. You will always remain a small agressive tribe...

Alex said...

That thievery, lovely neighbour? The Romanians formed and form the majority of the population.

Plus, you tend to forget that the representatives of both Romanians AND Germans voted for the unification of Transylvania and Banat with Romania.

Anonymous said...

You Hungarians are a pathetic lot...

Anonymous said...

And by the way, First of December it's our Unification Day and was done in 1918, while the Treaty of Trianon when Transylvania was alloted to Romania was signed two years later, in 1920.

What was wrong with celebrating our National day? When tens of thousand of Hungarians come on 15th of March to celebrate your National Day in Romania, Transylvania, we say and do nothing. So what was your point? What "provocation"? Maybe in your sick minds.

Vlad said...

Transilvania was, is and it will always be Romanian land. Romanians did not steal it from anybody, just took back what was naturally belonging to them. Back off, Alfoldi, remember 1919 and thank us for saving you from Bela Kun.

Anonymous said...

The time of the Austro-Hungarian empire passed. A century ago.
Get used to it - and get some bloody dignity guys, you really need it.
You really managed to make your country look really ridiculous (politely said).


HungarianAmbiance said...

Finding solutions for the legacy of Trianon would be the interest of everyone. But it is a hard nut to crack. It cannot ever be solved by telling Hungarians to forget about it and behave as if nothing would have happened 90 years ago. Those who pursue this line of thinking are dreaming. One of the solutions would be giving full blown autonomy to Hungarians in Erdély. This would solve much of the issues and would remove most of the psychological blocks poisoning bilateral relations. If you read the Trianon Peace Treaty, it clearly states that Hungarians should be provided autonomy. At this point in time, even the Trianon Peace Treaty is violated. Let's face it, you cannot build friendly relations between two countries, when you have to pretend that all is well but privately you know that this is not the case.

One small step in the right direction would be if Romania would turn off the volume of its national celebration buzz in Hungary, rather than throwing flashy parties that irritates the population officials should celebrate perhaps privately with less fanfare.

Someone mentioned in an earlier comment that Hungarians in Erdély celebrating March 15th openly and freely. March 15th is a grassroots level, community based festivity. And people have every rights to celebrate what belongs to them, in this case history. While the Romanian National Holiday celebration in Hungary is not a grassroots level community based event, but a top level diplomatic affair organized by government and embassy officials. Big difference.


ati said...

i'm hungarian man,i have 18yers old and try to found some one who want to have a relation sheep with me

Alex said...

You are cherry picking what you like.

But don't worry. As long as you have XXth Century xenopobic and homophobic attitude, noone outside Hungary will give a damn what you, extremists, say.
And when you get rid of the xenopobic and homophobic attitude, you will not have any arguments left ;-)
So, you are in a deadlock situation. Don't worry about it :-)))

Anonymous said...

You hungarians have many rights in Romania, Slovacia, Serbia, etc because this is in the European spirit, because we live in peace and civilized with other peoples around, because is normal and right, but, you never accept other peoples rights around you and in your country! Who is wrong here?!?

Anyway, hungarians are the only peoples wich are not been born here, home, in Europe!...i wrong, hungarians and gipsies! You bouth peoples becomed here from Asia. Your place it was not here.

You are here ONLY because we all the other europeans accepted this! Go back in ASIA bloody migration peoples!

Mr. Róbert Alföldi is a true european, not a trader how it was been classified by other animals.

Anonymous said...

Why want you accept the reality?

Anonymous said...

Why wont you accept the reality?

Liviu Petre, Bucuresti, Romania, Europe said...

As far as I know, no one is expecting Trianon to be forgotten by Romanians, Hungarians or, if you want, Malaysians (presuming they've learned about Trianon, as we learned about the fall of Singapore in wwii).
But you guys are supposed to behave like mature, civilized Europeans of the 21st century.
Otherwise I frankly don't understand why you're stopping your endless lamenting to your so-called 'thievery of Erdely' and the Trianon. Why don't you make the effort of extending your agressive mourning and confessed spirit of revenge, more than 1,000 (one thousand) years back and direct it to the 'thievery' of the Don-Volga-Ural plains roamed by the respectable horse-mounted gentlemen ('shields and arrows', y compris!) in the painting hung above, set on the run from those plains to the heart of Europe (i.e Transilvania) by the ugly (and, alas, more ferocius than your ancestors) Bulgar and Khazar tribesmen? What about regaining a certain Hungarian autonomy or statehood (even better, as it's your case with Transilvania) near and around Chechnia? Wouldn't that be really cool? Or even sexier, what about Tibet, where Korossy Csoma Sandor found your primeval craddle? (granted, in this case, we Romanians should be equally entitled to a share of the Middle East, from where apparently our forefathers migrated to Europe some 50,000 years ago).
As for "Romania ...turn off the volume of its national celebration buzz in Hungary, rather than throwing flashy parties", please be content, Romania is embracing itself to make equally 'buzzing' celebrations in Paris, Montevideo and, again, Kuala Lumpur (this in Malaysia, you know :) ).
Anyway, please help me understand: how could that be that the Bartok-Enescu musical event planned by the Romanian embassy in your National Theater in Budapest was a 'flashy party'? This guy, Bartok Bela, and this guy George Enescu, are they some deejays now in vogue, or I missed something?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and you should stop using insulting titles such as this one...Look who's talking about flashy things..

Anonymous said...

One more thing: please inform yourself re. rights and de facto autonomy in Szekelyfold Hungarians have! Inform yourself about how well represented the Hungarian community is at political level. I wonder what Romania could do any better.

Anonymous said...

how would you catalog this? Is not this a flashy party???? it happened a few years ago in Cluj. The Erdely never belonged to Hungary or never will. When the trianon treaty was signed the romanian population was in majority.If the romanians respect you, please respect back. Don`t act like a rabied chiwawa. Go cry to Franz Josef :))

Anonymous said...

Please stop decrying the Hungarian nation, this is not about not respecting Romania's national holidays or wanting to take back Transylvania. This is ridicolous that you see that in it again.
You should understand that there are some events that are bright days in the history books of some nations and sad days for others. For us - you like it or not - the 1 of December is not a bright day. Therefore I think we should not host an event in the most important theather of Hungary and celebrate together a day after which so many Hungarians suffered just because they were speaking Hungarian and were considered by you as ’oppressors of Romanians for 1000 years’.
I think you will not be glad to host in your national theater an event that reminds you to the alleged or true oppression of your nation (by Hungarians, communists etc.).
Of course there are some other places in Budapest or Hungary where you can celebrate this event, we are not against it as everyone has the right to celebrate the important moments of their history and I really want to encourage you to do that.

Some of you commented that the Hungarians in Romania (1.5 million) can celebrate their holidays. Yes, this is more and more true. And there are less and less fights against them. But unfortunately they still have to fear that they got punched… and their at not celebrating in Bucharest National Theater but there where they live.
By the way the native Romanians (10000) in Hungary can also do the same in South-Eastern Hungary, no problem.

To tell you the truth this is an internal quarrel for the two different views of Hungarians, we do not want to involve or offend you! We understand you, you should also understand us!
Some people here do not feel offended in their national feelings (if they have any) because of this issue and some do. I respect you that you are at least unified in this matter. The pathetic thing is here - that we are not…
The Romanian Embassy just wanted to find a nice place for celebration which is correct and welcome (maybe they have not thought it over what it could cause), but sometimes you should refuse letting out some symbolic places for events that may offend Hungarian people. And sorry for that, but we should prefer our own nation’s feelings the most..

Anonymous said...

Stop counterfeiting history. Transylvania was conquered by Hungarians 1000 years ago, but it was an autonomous voivodship, vassal to the Hungarian king and not part of Hungary. When the Ottoman empire conquered Hungary (500 years ago) Transylvania became a vassal to the Ottoman empire - but again, not a part of Hungary, nor Ottoman empire (Hungary was part of the Ottoman empire for 150 years). At the end of the 17th century it became part of the Habsburgic empire. Only in 1867 Transylvania was included in Hungary and it remained there for 50 years. To conclude, Transylvania was part of Hungary for only 50 years. Nevertheless, the rulling class was mostly ethnic Hungarian for the past 1000 years, yet the majority of the population was ethnic Romanian.

Anonymous said...

Hungarians arrived to Carpathian basin in 896, 1100 years ago..., the Turks came to the territory of Hungarian Kingdom in the 15th century. Transylvania was a voivodship under the Turkish rule but before part of Hungarian Kingdom... so it is not just 50 years, friend:)
That is true that HK was not a centrilazed state in a sense as 18th century no country was at that time.

Anonymous said...

the majority of the population was Romanian just around after late 18th century and not for 1000 years. but true Romanians are now more in Transylvania which does not mean that the Hungarians there should be treated as secondary citizens (I mean language usage in offices, names of settlements on town shields - these are small things but still not solved. - but there is an improvement I admit)

Anonymous said...

You see, that's the point. You have no idea about Hunharians' rights in Romania. There might have been times when minoorities were discriminated, during communism, but c'mon, the whole population was discriminated back then, to say the least. In the recent history, there is a lot of improvement and only those ones who have never lived in Transylvania could believe such a stupidity that Hungarians are discriminated or so. It is ridiculous for people who live or have lived there! Stop talking about things you have no idea of !! :))

Secondly, why Romania cannot celebrate National Day in a theatre, when Romanian Ministry of Culture is managed by a Hungarian ethnic!!!
Stop using double standards and plain paranoia. You want respect, you have to give respect. Otherwise it doesn't work, and at the end of the day, you'll be the ridiculous ones, as you actually were, in this scandal. It does not belong to 21 century.
Travel more, open up more, let the other side of the story to be told, listen, and grow up. That's the best way, neighbours.
I like Budapest amd I have Hungarian friends, there are many things I like about Hungarians, so I tkink it is the time to get to know and accept each other.


Anonymous said...

I tried to explain you that this day makes people unconfortable (offends people) in Hungary, which means the National Theather was not a good choice for the event. You can celebrate it in Hungary, nobody questions that but not at that symbolic place. I am sure this will be celebrated in Gyula/Jula and Méhkerék/Micherechi.

(Just imagine Hungary celebrating Vienna Decision II in Bucharest..)

That is really good thing that you have Hungarian ministers, but that is not a gesture from the Romanian people but just the result of a democratic election and coalition talks. You know that. I hope that the Hungarian representation will be reflected in the government in the future too.

Ok,you are right there is no discrimination before the law or so.
I would higlight the lack of positive discrimination that is needed for a minority to protect and maintain its culture.
For example I think everyone has the right for the usage of the mother tongue especially if they represent a certain percentage in a region. (e.g. in whole Finland there are 5% Swedes in the whole population, but both languages are state languages.). If you look at the constitution of Romania (Titel I, article 13) you will see that the only the Romanian is official and there are no recognized official regional languages.
But here is an improvement too, I know, the Romanian Post started to introduce the Hungarian language in those of its offices where there is a certain percentage of Hungarians. Let all the offices go on this way!


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Anonymous said...

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