Saturday, December 31, 2011


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One of the great promises of Hungarian fencing sport lost her battle with cancer

The much loved 24 year-old Katalin Izsó was a promising young fencer of the “Vasas” Sport Club and the Hungarian national team. She lost her 2-year battle with brain cancer on Christmas day; she is mourned by her parents, her friends and the entire Hungarian sporting community.

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Father and daughter took the 2011 best coach and best athlete of the year award

This year, sports journalists picked kayaker Tamara Csipes as the best female athlete of the year and her father, Ferenc Csipes as the best coach of the year. Ferenc Csipes (46) coaching the best Hungarian paddlers in the country (including Katalin Kovács, Danuta Kozák, Gabriella Szabó, Tamara Csipes) who won four gold and one silver medals at the Szeged World Championships this year.

Now, that I have been awarded with the best coach of the year title, I can safely say that sports journalists are not always objective. It would be much fairer if they would base their choices on results rather than other criteria. How is it possible that the three-time world champion women's kayak team was ranked behind a handball team that won a cup, in a tournament on which the best teams of Europe haven't even competed; the team could not even win the Hungarian Championship. But I could mention my daughter, Tamara's example, who even though won two gold medals in the world championship, but in an Olympic race she finished only in fourth place said the star coach.

Sport is a realistic genre. Inches and seconds decide who wins and who loses, so I can't stand when someone evaluates results on the basis of subjective criteria. I like straightforward talk, I believe that only hard work can produce result. My daughter, Tamara is the best example of this; I have been training her since she was three years old telling her that nothing is given for free.

Many people envy you to be able to coach the most beautiful girls in the kayaking field, which could not be easy, since in domestic competitions these athletes compete against each other.

They are opponents to each other not enemies. They are professional athletes, who are accustomed to competing against each other to get qualifications to international competitions. This rivalry is the driving force during training sessions -- all want to be the best.

How do you rate 2011?

It was a tough year; because of the Olympic quota races, we couldn't assemble the best team for the Szeged World Cup. But despite this, the girls still could win four gold and one silver medals.

But the rivals are growing stronger, your athletes lost out in two Olympic races in the World Championship and this is not a good sign from the Olympics point of view.

- The international women's field is very strong, but if there won't be confounding factors in 2012, if we can focus solely on the job, then we can win gold medals in London. In Szeged, Danuta Kozak was confused because the head-coach of the national team took the K1 200 m race away from her. I hope the next year the management better complies with the selection principles and then, my athletes can produce results at the Olympics. Looking thing realistically, our chances are good.

( – translated by

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Vampire Bela Biszku can stand on trial

Friday, December 30, 2011

The parliament changed the criminal code preparing the ground for the criminal prosecution of communist officials who committed crimes during the post-war era against the Hungarian people; the amendment eliminated the statute of limitations from the law when it comes to prosecuting Bolshevik criminals.

Most of the big fishes are already dead but some still alive among them chief criminal Bela Biszku who was a top ranking official in the Kadar regime and is responsible for the post-1956 reprisals.

The motion has been introduced by Fidesz deputy Gergely Gulyás; the amendment specifies that crimes against humanity and serious offenses committed during international and local armed conflicts shall not be subject to any statute of limitations.

According to the amendment homicide may be penalized with 5 years to life imprisonment; torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners from 6 months to five years imprisonment; forcing prisoners of war to serve in the armed forces of hostile power can be penalized by 5 years imprisonment; those who arbitrarily destroy assets or engage in thievery can be sentenced to 2 years to 15 years imprisonment. The amended criminal code comes into force on January 1, 2012.

(MTI –

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Jobbik: The Gay Olympics can't go ahead as planned

It is outrageous that in the year of the 2012 London Olympic Games Budapest has to host the Gay Olympics. The event should be prevented by all possible legal means because this event is not about sports; it is an exhibitionist spectacle aiming to flood the city with thousands of gay people from around the world says Jobbik's statement.

Jobbik's Budapest faction are shocked to learn that Hungary was pressured from abroad to host the Gay Olympics that in reality an anti-Christian hate-orgy. Jobbik supporting Budapest mayor István Tarlós' rejection of Berlin mayor's request to fund the spectacle.

Jobbik urging mayor István Tarlós to close the loopholes and immediately start an investigation to find out whether organizers of the spectacle have already signed contracts with public or Budapest-owned sports facilities. If the answer is yes, immediately terminate all contracts.

The aggressive multi-cultural spectacle called Gay Olympics is unacceptable to Jobbik for several reasons; firstly, because the twenty years liberal-Bolshevik rule of Budapest came to an end in 2010; secondly, because Jobbik opposing the idea of letting deviants propagate their lifestyle by staging spectacular public performances that attract all sorts of weirdos from around the world. Thirdly, because Jobbik doesn't want to see Budapest to become a besieged city requiring huge amount of money to maintain law and order.

The majority of Hungarians rightly rejecting deviant behavior displayed publicly. Jobbik is aware of the fact that the majority of Hungarians are not necessarily against gay lifestyle, but vehemently opposing demonstrative and provocative gay performances; it would also take huge amount of money to control those who would like to express their disapproval of the event in a radical manner concludes the statement.

( –

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Gyurcsany demonstrates at the State Opera House

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The new Hungarian Constitution comes into force on January 2 and for the occasion, the government throws a party in the Hungarian State Opera House. During the state gala, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany will hold a candle light protest in front of the Opera House said Csaba Molnár the vice-chairman of the Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition.

In a melodramatic fashion, Molnar urged Hungarians to come to the Opera House with candles to show their opposition to the new constitution.

After the Fidesz government abolished democracy and the rule of law the country is moving toward bankruptcy; on the top of it, the illegitimate government created a constitution that is unacceptable for democrats and it dares to spend 13 million forints on a celebration party said Gyurcsany flunky, Csaba Molnár. Although, during the gala the works of Erkel, Liszt, Bartók and Kodály's will be played, strategies similar to the government's current exclusionary policies that forced Bartók to leave the country concluded his rant the pathetic clown.

Molnar is hoping that a coalition of the opposition parties can be formed on the issue before Christmas, therefore organizers of the protest are inviting supporters of all democratic parties and civil organizations to the rally. "Let's show that we are fed up and we will have the strength to restore constitutional democracy after the fall of the Orbán regime” said the globalist stooge.

(MTI –

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Hungarian advertisement that the European Union banned

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"We will not sing the Romanian national anthem" said Csíkszereda biathlon athlete Emőke Szőcs

After she was left out of the 2010 Romanian Olympic team in Vancouver, biathlon athlete Emőke Szőcs decided that in the future she will compete for Hungary. Her goal is the same as Alpine skier Edit Miklós who came home the last year.

"Despite winning qualification to compete at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics I was left out of the Romanian team; instead, a girl who finished behind me was chosen. Then, I felt for certain that it was time for me to switch countries,” said the athlete.

The 25-year-old athlete received her Hungarian citizenship in Csikszereda and since the Romanian Association put no obstacles to her leaving the Romanian team she became a member of the Hungarian team in November.

According to the athlete, Romanian-Hungarian conflict has always been perceived in sporting life in Romania. We feel that ethnic Hungarians have to be twice as good as Romanians to be allowed to compete international competitions said the athlete.

According to Emőke Szőcs, there is nothing special about the Romanian national hockey team scandal when ethnic Hungarian members of the Romanian team sang the Hungarian national anthem rather than the Romanian. This often happens. I think it was the right thing to do. If I would have been there I had done the same thing -- sing the Hungarian and the Székely anthem said the athlete.

Last year, alpine skier Edit Miklós already moved to Hungary to compete for Hungary primarily for emotional reasons. The Romanian Association then demanded compensation from Hungary on the ground that the athlete was raised in Romania.

After seeing that they didn't get the result they wanted, they didn't try the same pressure tactic with me. Of course, they tried to force me to return my equipment for instance, my gun, but I kept it because the gun belongs to my Csíkszereda club. I'll stay in Csíkszereda and keep continue participating in Romanian races as well, but of course, I will have a Hungarian club as well said the athlete.

Emőke Szőcs continues training in Erdély since the Hungarian conditions are not suitable for winter sports. "Unfortunately, we too are lacking snow; there is cold, but the snow doesn't want to fall. Fortunately, in Hargitafürdő there is artificial snow so we have a half mile track where we can train," said the athlete.

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Video of the day: Gypsy family bought a case of beer

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The brand new anthem of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Title: “Éjszínű zászlónk”
Music: Based on the music of Nas Stav by Tamás B. Varga
Text: László Toroczkai

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Hungarian Special Operations Force saved the life American troops ambushed by Taliban

Defense Minister Csaba Hende just returned from Afghanistan and summed up the performance of the Hungarian troops serving in the war torn country as part of the NATO alliance force.

In the past one and a half years this was my third visit to Afghanistan said Hende. Hungarian soldiers carry out their duties professionally, which was confirmed by several leaders of the Allied Forces, local authorities and representatives of the Afghan people. I spoke to number of American and German military commanders and all spoke highly about our troops' professionalism and skills said the minister.

Our Special Operations Force saved the life of an American unit on September 13 as Taliban forces carried out a hit-and-run attack on an American unit said the defense minister. Even if the Hungarian Special Operations Force had a different assignment and was not obliged to come to the rescue of the American unit, after learning about the ambush, the special actions force immediately went into action and attacked the Taliban fighters thus relieving the American troops and allowing them to escape from the entrapment. As a result of the quick action by the Hungarian Forces the Americans lost only one soldier. After the rapid intervention, the Hungarian Unit withdrew from the theater of operations without suffering any casualties said the minster.

Replying to a question about the status of the Hungarian Armed Forces in Afghanistan after NATO's 2014 troops withdrawal date the minister remarked that after 2014, Hungarian military personnel will continue to be present in Afghanistan as civilians to assist the reconstruction of the country. They will be engaged in military security, personal protection and similar duties said the minister.

All these issues are included in the medium-term strategy on Afghanistan that was worked out on December 5 at the Bonn conference. Hungary will develop its position on the issues included in the resolution in due time. We are good allies and we are committed to the international community's efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan. Besides the Hungarian troops, civilians, an ambassador and a recently delegated development consultant is also helping Afghanistan's revival project said Hende.

Due to budgetary restrains the Hungarian Armed Forces are hopelessly underfunded said the minister. A year ago, I sent a list of needed military hardware to the U.S. administration that due to budgetary restraints our country can't afford to buy. As a result, the United States donated hundreds of M4 assault rifle, 53 pieces of MRAP - mine resistant, ambush-protected armored vehicles and 11 Humwee jeeps. In addition, we managed to buy flight control device packages (JTAC) that enable our troops to determine environmental coordinates in case they get entrapped by enemy forces and call for help of the U.S. Air Force said the minister of defense.

The U.S. State Department has already approved the sale of 32 pieces of UH-1N type helicopters with the necessary equipment. But this is not a gift; even if the helicopters are offered for free we still have to pay for the training of pilots, system configuration, the armament and the repatriation of the hardware. As soon as negotiations begin and we know more about the details of the transaction, we have to answer to the Americans within two months. The Hungarian government has to take a decision at some time in early spring. The helicopters are in excellent condition and can fly 25 more years compared with the current Russian hardware that is at the very end of its life circle. Now is the time to decide: are we going to shift to western technology, or stick with the Russian hardware ten more years said the minister of defense.

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Five lawsuits have been filed against those responsible for the privatization of the Hungarian Airline

Commissioner for accountability, Gyula Budai completed the investigation in the Malév privatization case and filed five criminal charges against those responsible for the sale of the airline under the socialist government.

In 2007, under the Gyurcsány government Malév was broken up into multiple parts thus reducing the value of the company into a fraction of its real value. The company was then sold for 200 million forints to Russian businessman, Boris Abramovich who had close contacts with the socialist party. The last year however, the Bajnai government bought the dysfunctional airline back for 25 billion forints, which by then also had 70 billion forints debt.

In 2007 Malév had 30 billion forints debt and by the time the government bought it back this amount went up to 70 billion.

According to Budai, it is particularly disturbing that the buyer didn't put his own money into the transaction and he risked nothing but all costs that were involved in the re-purchasing of the company had to be absorbed by the Hungarian government, in other words the taxpayers.

According to the commissioner, all former finance ministers, business owners and the management of the company carry personal responsibility for the current state of the Hungarian Airline.

( –

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Picture of the day: Resting horse and rider

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Police captured two gypsies that beat a 71 year-old woman to death

71 year-old Rostás Istvánné was found murdered last November in her apartment by her relatives. Police suspected István Jovánovics and and Lajos Tétényi of committing the crime, however, both men deny the charges and blaming each other for the murder.

The 71 year-old victim was found on November 10, last year bludgeoned to death with a rolling pin. According to police, the old lady was wealthy and the gypsies murdered her for her valuables. They first tried to strangle her then one of them beat her with a rolling-pin while the other gypsy stabbed her several times to make sure she was dead.

They took porcelain, necklaces, rings and other jewelry items from the victim's apartment said the victim's son to “Pécsi Napilap”; he also confirmed that similar attacks already happened before in the neighborhood.

According to residents, the “Pécsbányatelep Károly Street” area is a dangerous neighborhood, police cruisers can be seen all day long in this crime ridden part of the city.

The 71 year-old victim

The murder-trial of the 71 year-old victim continues in January with the hearing of witnesses.

(Note: The mendacious mainstream media, as expected, keep quite about the crime, especially now that the accused's pictures have been revealed. In general, when photos are not available about the criminals, the compromised media report the crime by covering up the identity of the crooks -- most of the time suggesting that they were Hungarians)

( Pécsi Napilap – –

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Picture of the day: Betyár

Monday, December 26, 2011


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China launches super-speed test train

The six-car train with a fairshaped head is the newest in the CRH series. China's largest rail vehicle maker, CSR Corp. Ltd, over the weekend launched its first test train that features speeds reaching up to 500 km per hour. (Xinhua/Dou Xin)

QINGDAO, Shandong, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- China's largest rail vehicle maker, CSR Corp. Ltd, over the weekend launched its first test train that features speeds reaching up to 500 km per hour.

The six-car train with a fairshaped head is the newest in the CRH series. It has a maximum tractive power of 22,800 kilowatts, compared with 9,600 kilowatts for the CRH380 trains currently in service on the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, which hold the world speed record of 300 km per hour.

The grey-color train carrying testing and data processing facilities was designed and produced by CSR Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd (Sifang Locomotive), a CSR subsidiary based in the coastal city of Qingdao in eastern Shandong province.

Ding Sansan, the company's chief technician, said the concept of the the super-speed train design was inspired by China's ancient sword. The bodywork uses plastic materials reinforced with carbon fiber.

Shen Zhiyun, a locomotive expert and academician with both the Chinese academies of sciences and engineering, said the testing of the super-speed train with speeds of up to 500 km per hour will provide useful reference for current high-speed railway operations.


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Western economy on verge of collapse

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Interview with Rodney Shakespeare, professor of binary economics

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde has said that world's economy is in a dangerous situation.

She urged Europeans to speak with one voice on the region's debt crisis that has rattled the global financial system.

Lagarde also criticized the latest EU summit that drafted a new treaty for deeper economic integration in the eurozone.

She said the summit was not detailed on financial terms, being too complicated on fundamental principles.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Rodney Shakespeare, professor of binary economics, to share his opinion on this issue.

Following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: Now professor Shakespeare, what Christine Lagarde is saying that this is a dangerous situation, has things changed so much from just a few months ago that now she is speaking, it seems with a little bit more urgency than before?

Shakespeare: The good news is that she is waking up showing some realism about how dangerous the situation has become and she is recognizing that Europe is failing to take effective action but, and this is the bad news that she does not specify exactly what should be done and the problem there is that she herself in effect, is at the acme of a collapsing system and therefore she is not going to propose anything that fundamentally change it.

So in effect, she is a talking puppet for a corrupt system and she is not going to propose the one thing which needs to be done which is for the national banks that issued interest-free loans in a large way for the benefit of jobs and ordinary people.

Press TV: Okay so let's say that she knows exactly what needs to be done to salvage the system but because that she is basically a part of the system, so what is the point in even pointing this out and talking about the severity of it? Why is she doing that? What can she accomplish from this?

Shakespeare: She is a talking puppet who can accomplish nothing except to depress people and to ensure that nothing happens. That is exactly what the problem is. If she cannot proposes something which is going to actually change the situation and improve it, which means getting the money out into the hands of jobs, for the people don't lose their homes etc. etc., then she should get out. The IMF is part of the system and it does not have any means of fundamentally correcting what is wrong.

Press TV: So professor, where is the European economy, and should I say the global economy, headed in your perspective in 2012?

Shakespeare: Christine Lagarde has rightly said that Europe is failing to take action, that putting up things which are much too complicated but the action that Europe proposes will also not be effective, it is in effect just kicking the can down the road and Christine Lagarde sees and understands that.

But at the moment, the attention is on Europe, because when the European economies go down, that would mean the banks would go down, that will immediately instigate probably this huge pyramid of derivatives which are based upon things like an insurance for whether or not a national government pays for its bonds. In other words default against, forms of default, insurance against faults or default.

So she is quite right to see that Europe is at the center amount of the trouble but then the USA as well is a Western system which is totally now inundated with irreparable debt.



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Hungarian models are loved in China

Bori (18) working in Guangzhou

Bori (18) had a magazine shooting session in Guangzhou, Andi (20) works in Beijing, Boróka (23) works in Shenzhen and Hong Kong posing for magazine photographers.

The girls came back home a few days ago and they already have other offers to chose from in China.

Why do Chinese agencies like so much Hungarian models?

The Asians like very much those Hungarian girls in whom they discover some eastern traits. In Asia not the long head and round eyes that are preferred like in western cultures but models with more rounded faces featuring cat like eyes that are the real winners. Hungarians are the only nation in Europe with Asian origin, therefore, a significant portion of the population still carries some Asian traits that makes Hungarian girls very popular in China. It is also important that models look ageless and manifest some childlike charm and joy said Barbara Gere, the manager of Zoommodels agency when talking about the secrete of Hungarian models. She added that even the biggest modeling agencies in Paris are looking for girls who have already proven themselves in Asia.

( –

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PM Orbán: What gives me strength

“In Hungarian domestic politics the real debate is not about the government. That only appears so. In fact, the various political forces are separated by what they think of the country. I am the leader of a community that thinks that Hungary is capable of achieving great things. Our opponents deny that. But it is not some kind of romantic nationalism that makes me think so, but experience -- our country has great future ahead of it because we are hard-working and talented people.

Between 1998 and 2002, I already served as a prime minister and I know exactly what we are capable of, what we can achieve if we join forces. If today, we would be where we were in 2002, then we could take the current European crisis lightly; turning up the collar of our shirts would be enough to weather the crisis, but things have been changed since then and now, we need raincoat. In 2002, unemployment was six percent, the national debt was fifty-two percent and we had 4 percent annualized GDP growth. We were Central Europe's most successful and most respected country. I continue to believe that if we once could climb that peak there is no point setting our sight on lower peaks. And yes, we will be able to climb to that peak again and after that, we look for an even higher peak to climb. This is where the real dividing line has been drawn between those who think that this is possible and those who deny that. We, who think that this is possible are growing more numerous by the day.”

(Quote from an interview appeared in at Chrismas Eve – translated by

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Ádám Mirkóczki: Pretended fright and a pathetic farce at the parliament building

At Christmas Eve, I don't want to talk about politics, but back home from the liberal spectacle performed at the parliament building I would briefly sum up my today's experiences.

I have to smile when I read the headlines in the mainstream media talking about "thousands of demonstrators protesting against the government" ...

In truth, a few hundred protesters were there and those faces were nowhere to be seen during the 2006 and 2010 demonstrations. Where were these people in 2006!? In a staged spectacle, LMP members of parliament chained themselves to the entrance of the parliament building – it took a long time for police to take action (In my view, if Jobbik members would have done the same thing police had reacted by bringing in paddy-wagons and water canons etc - and the corporate media would have screamed about bloody scandal).

To exploit the spectacle, Ferenc Gyurcsany rushed to the scene to take advantage of the unfolding event and started complaining about the lack of democracy, while he as a prime minister recklessly disregarded the most elementary democratic rules when dealt with protesters (see this for more info -- ed.). Socialist Party members by the most pathetic way, almost begged to police to detain them (in order to be able to pose later as martyrs – ed.) and take them to the “Gyorskocsi” street detention center... And of course, no one was pepper sprayed or tear-gassed, no one was beaten by batons and there was no police horse charge into the crowd, no one's arm was twisted and demonstrators were not dispersed with water cannon and no one was handcuffed either...

The left-wingers and their pretended fears were but a pitiful farce that the corporate media blew out of proportions by overstating the number of protesters participated in the show and exaggerating their moral caliber...

Let's recall that in the past few years, no one of us who were detained ever released from custody after 1-2 hours of detention, but in most cases we were kept behind bars for 48 to 72-hours. If the same principles would have been applied today, many of the detained liberal politicians had spent Christmas or Hanuka behind bars! That's tell you all about the so called police terror that the liberal politicians are screaming about.

(Nemzeti Hirháló - translated by

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A Csibész Alapítvány Árvácska Együttese: Részlet a Salgótarjánban tartott pásztorjátékból

Saturday, December 24, 2011

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Vona Gábor: A remény minden évben megszületik

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Elbúcsúzik az N1 televízió utolsó adás

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Developing story: Mental patient Ferenc Gyurcsány led away by police

Friday, December 23, 2011

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (a.k.a. Crazy Nero) led away by police (

On Thursday morning, a small group of LMP (liberal) backbenchers chained themselves to the entrance of the Parliament building, among them Endre Kukorelly, Benedek Jávor and Virág Kaufer (who a few weeks ago was caught knitting mittens during the parliamentary session). During the spectacle, the liberal backbenchers wore vest and held a white card in front of them with the pictures of Fidesz and KDNP representatives subtitled, “You don't betray democracy, do you?”.

According to MNO, for a while, police merely "stood by and watched the spectacle,". Meanwhile, some activists chained themselves to the barrier blocking entrance into the parliament; police tried to cut the chains of the protesters with pliers. Several people sat in front of the barrier and shouted slogans like "national cooperation". Police urged demonstrators to leave. According to latest reports, in the meantime, congestion developed in front of the parliament and traffic had to be rerouted to the northern gate, the only spot where parliamentarians could enter into the Parliament building.

When mental patient Ferenc Gyurcsany learned about the spectacle he left the parliament building and rushed to the scene to join the show. He said he agreed with liberal backbenchers noting that "finally, a national democratic resistance starts taking shape." Former Kossuth Square demonstrators (who demonstrated against him in 2006) told him "Hey, Feri, are you still at large?" Soon after, scumbag Gyurcsany, who ordered police in 2006 to shoot at protesters, has been led away by police.


In a Friday's press conference Gábor Vona said: former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, "stole the show," from the liberals and the protest became discredited the moment when the liar and globalist traitor Ferenc Gyurcsany appeared on the scene, telling people he wanted to protect democracy.

Vona said although the governing parties' last one and half years of parliamentary activity was outrageous as they disregarded house rules and exploited their two-third majority, LMP Friday's demonstration was justified; but the demonstration didn't address the country's real problems. According to Jobbik chairman, the operational problems of the parliament are insignificant comparing to the economic problems the country is facing.

Vona reiterated that LMP's protest has been also discredited by the fact that LMP members always supported global interest as opposed to national interests and recently they welcomed IMF's arrival to Hungary.

Commenting on the fact that the socialists left the parliament Vona said that the action "raises the prestige of the National Assembly" and he hoped that the socialists would keep their good habits in the future as well.


Police confirmed that 43 people, among them 15 members of the Parliament have been detained for a short period of time on suspicion of violation of personal freedom.

Budapest Police Headquarters said that 11 members of parliament voluntarily escorted the detainees to the “Gyorskocsi” street detention center where the volunteers tried to prevent police to get the detainees out of the police cruisers and detain them, therefore, they too have been taken into custody. Later, all members of parliament have been released from custody.

Police charge 15 parliamentarians with violation of personal freedom; the names of the suspects are: Dorosz Dávid, Ertsey Katalin, Gyurcsány Ferenc, Jávor Benedek, Karácsony Gergely, Kaufer Virág, Kolber István, Kukorelly Endre, Molnár Csaba, Scheiring Gábor, Szabó Rebeka, Szilágyi László, Szilágyi Péter, Vadai Ágnes and Vágó Gábor.

Police action has been taken against Gőgös Zoltán, Harangozó Gábor István, Harangozó Tamás Attila, Horváth András Tibor, Lamperth Mónika, Lendvai Ildikó, Mesterházy Attila, Nemény András, Nyakó István, Pál Béla and Ujhelyi István; these socialists members of parliament tried to prevent police to take the suspects into custody.

(MTI - – –

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The party of traitors wants PM Orbán to directly negotiate with IMF

The Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition (DC) calling on the Fidesz government to immediately start negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission. Globalist agent Ferenc Gyurcsany wants PM Viktor Orbán to head the Hungarian delegation said Csaba Molnar an independent member of Parliament and the Vice President of DK.

Molnar urged the Fidesz government to come to an agreement with the IMF as soon as possible on a standby credit line and do not expect better arrangement than the Gyurcsany regime negotiated in 2008. (Note: Under the treasonous Gyurcsany regime the Hungarian national debt increased from about 50% to 80%)

Molnar made the remarks as Standard & Poor's downgraded Hungary's credit rating this week. Molnár whose former party indebted the county said that there are concerns that Hungarian government securities become worthless and bankruptcy will follow. He also demanded from the prime minister to release the content of the letter he has written to José Manuel Barroso about the National Bank of Hungary's independence.

( – edited by

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United Nations report on Előd Tóásó's arrest and detention has been released

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A UN study group of independent legal experts called upon the government of Bolivia to immediately release Hungarian citizen Előd Tóásó because he is arbitrarily detained.

A group of experts from five-countries released a ten-page report, emphasizing that the Latin American country is in breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) at several points. The report says that Tóásó was arrested without warrant and he has been kept in jail illegally ever since; the Cochabamba court is not competent on the case and the procedure that has been conducted so far hasn't been lawful -- only the Santa Cruz court is competent in the Tóásó case said the report. Furthermore, Bolivia violated the presumption of innocence in Tóásó case because from the moment of his arrest he was pronounced guilty on billboards and in the election campaign slogans; also the Bolivian justice system ultimately failed to meet the 18-month capped pre-trial detention rules.

The working group's report complains that after 32 months of arrest the case is still in procedural stage and authorities violated the independent and fair court trial rules of international law.

The Székely Charitable Foundation announced in Budapest today that the organization will hire an internationally renowned defense lawyer living in Santa Cruz to undertake Tóásó's defense in the upcoming trial expected in the first half of the next year.

Tóásó's family and the Székely Charitable Foundation start an international campaign – based on the recent UN report – for the release and rehabilitation of Előd Tóásó.

( –

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Picture of the day: Hun-Magyar Harcművészet

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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New Testament's “Rovás” edition has been released for Christmas

The New Testament's “Rovás” edition is a new milestone in the history of Hungarian book publishing. It has been co-published by the St. Jerome Catholic Bible Society and the “Rovás” Foundation; this shiny new edition of the holy Bible was introduced to the public on December 20, in the Bible Centre in Budapest.

The professor of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Béla Tarjányi said to MTI that the Bible Society promoting and distributing various versions of the Bible since its certification in 1989. Since then, the Bible Society has published the Vienna gold Bible in 2008, a Gypsy language version of the Bible and a special version written in uppercase letters for senior citizens.

A month ago, the “Rovás” Foundation approached the Bible Society with the idea of releasing the New Testament's “Rovás” version said Béla Tarjányi who has always been interested in the ancient Hungarian script. The Bible Society liked the idea and a record time of 10 days the Kner Printing House released the New Testament “Rovás” edition based on Káldi's legal Catholic Bible that is the most liked Bible adaptation of Catholics.

Jesus Christ's monogram in the ancient “Rovás” cript

The professor recalled that Gárdonyi Géza's novel the “Egri csillagok” and a popular fairy tale book have already been published in “Rovás” script.

"The Székely-Hungarian runic script is one of Hungary's national treasures; we can be proud that we have our own writing system and this must be part of the national consciousness" stressed Tarjányi.

A sample page from Mathew's Gospel

On the question of who will be able to read this Bible, the professor said that "anyone can learn to read the runes in a few hours by juxtaposing it with the Latin version."

Tarjányi remarked that two thousand copies of the New Testament's “Rovás” edition have been published; half of the money earned from the sale goes to the Bible Society and the other half to the “Rovás” foundation. The sales price of the New Testament's “Rovás” edition will be around 2-3 thousand forints said the theologian.

(MTI – Photos: –

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International campaign for the release of Előd Tóásó and all political prisoners in Bolivia

The purpose of the campaign is to draw the attention of international organizations and institutions of nearly three years of abuse of the rights of Előd Tóásó and 74 other political prisoners in Bolivia.

What can I do?

First, copy the following letter in English and send it to the following e-mail addresses:,,,,,,,,,

Second, at the end of the letter delete the bracketed text written in large print and substitute it with your name and the name of the country you are residing.

Third, make this effort known among your circle of friends and ask them to join the campaign.

Some of the people arbitrarily arrested in Bolivia on political grounds:

Arbitrary arrest and judicial harassment against Mario Tadic, Előd Tóásó, Juan Kudelka, Alcides Mendoza, Juan Carlos Guedes, Ignatio Villa Vargas, Marco Antonio Herrera, Alejandro Gelafio Santiesteban, Mario Alberto Herrera, Roberto Justiniano Anez, Hugo Paz Levandez, Hugo Vasquez, Zvonko Matkovic Ribera, Marco Antonio Monasterio, Lucio Anez, Zoilo Salcez, Gary Prado Salmon, Carlos Eduardo Pereira, Ronald Castedo, Alberto Melgar, Branko Marinkovic, Guido Eduardo Nayar, Mario Antonio Paniaqua, Gelafio Santiesteban Hurtado, Alejandro Melgar, Hugo Acha, Alejandro Brown, Luis Hurtado Vaca, Enrique Vaca Pedraza, Lorgio Balcazar, Juan Carlos Velarde, David Sejas, Hector Laguna, Pablo Humberto Costas, Mario Adolfo Leon, Luis Orlando Justiniano, Juan Carlos Santiesteban, Juan Adalberto Torrez, Juez Tapai Pachi. ( Terrorism case 1. ) and Ruben Costas, Rony pedro Zeballos, Fernando Paz, Oscar Suarez, Asad Daher, Pablo Andres Nacif, Jorge Nacif, Samuel Arcienega Vargas,Marco Antonio Herrera, Jordi Castan,German Hurtado Padilla, Fernando Correa, Carlos Abel Ulloa, Alfredo Romero Benegas, Luis Nunez Rivera, Roberto Maldonado, Adolfo Bruno Leonhard, Adolfo Bruno Leonhard, Freddy Sanchez Perez, Adolfo Romero Canido, Nelson Mariano Aquilera, Horacio Carlos Darruda, Enrique Rivero, Svonko Pedro Matkovic, Edmundo Farah Paz, Marioly Rivera Dorado, Cristina Andrea Prado Paz, Rosa Maria Anez, Ruth Lozada de Pareja, Tatiana Marinkovic ( Terrorism case 2. )

As you probably know from the mass-media, three European citizens (Rózsa Flores Eduardo, Magyarósi Árpád and Michael Dwyer) where executed arbitrarily on 16 April 2009, in the Hotel Las Americas, Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Two other Europeans, Előd Tóásó and Mario Tadic have subsequently been arrested. The police squad operated without any official warrant and without being supervised by a prosecutor, thus violating the Bolivian and international legal norms and regulations.

The Bolivian government claims that these people were terrorists, however this claim was never proven. Later the government prosecuted other 37 people , all of them are members of the political opposition to the Evo Morales government.
After 32 months of prosecution the trial was not yet started, despite of the legal requirement that the court sentence must have been pronounced within 36 months after starting the prosecution.

On October 16, 2010, after 18 months of detention (!) some of the detained should have been released, because the Bolivian law limits the preliminary detention without charges at 18 months. The charges were publicly presented two months later, in December 2010,. Interestingly, the Bolivian government amended the relevant regulations retroactively enabling the arbitrarily detention of the above-mentioned detained people.
In addition, the prosecuted persons’ human rights are severely and continuously infringed:

- At least 4 people have been physically and psychologically tortured.
- The deaths in the Hotel Las Americas never were officially investigated, thus violating the Istanbul Convention.
- The right to an effective, competent tribunal has been violated.
- Many people are arbitrarily detained and exiled for political reasons.
- Their right for a an equal, fair, public, impartial and independent tribunal is not allowed.
- The presumption of innocence is violated and was denied from the first day. Several governmental video spots, publications, media presentations and interviews are only reflecting the position of the Bolivian government.
- Some people where arbitrarily deprived of their properties, luck of missing trial, and sentence[P1] .
- The right of freedom of opinion and expression is not [P2] respected.
- The right of the detained to medical care, treatment and education is violated.

Please write to the above-mentioned authorities and human rights organizations urging them to bring pressure on the Bolivian government in order to:

1. Guarantee in all circumstances the physical and psychological integrity of the detained.
2. Put and end to any acts of harassment, including those at the judicial level.
3. Comply with the provisions of the UN Declaration on Human Rights; more generally, ensure in all circumstances the respect for human rights and fundamental freedom.
4. Force the Bolivian government to conduct the court proceedings in accordance with the domestic and international laws, and prevent it from creating any new retroactive laws which may extend the arbitrary detention and political persecution.

Yours faithfully,


CC :

1. Defensor de Pueblo

Sr. Rolando Villena Villegas
Casilla de Correo 791, La Paz
Fax: +591 8113538

2. Avvaz Community

Director Ricken Patel

3. Human Rights Watch

New York
350 Fifth Avenue, 34 th floor
N.Y. 10118-3299 USA
Fax: +1 212 736 1300

4. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

1889 F. Street, NW
Washington DC, 20006
Fax: +1 202 458 3992

5. Office of the UN High Commission for Human Rights

Sra. Yoriko Yasakawa
Edificio Torre Azul, Piso 10 AV. 20 de Octubre esq Calle
Campos Sopocachi, La Paz
Fax: +591 2434360

6. Amnesty Internacional

The Human Rights Accion Center
17-25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA
Fax: +44 2070331503

7. Fair Trials International

3/7 Temple Chambers
Temple Avenue
London EC4Y 0HP
Fax: 0044 (0) 207 822 2371

8. European Parliament

Subcommittee on Human Rights
Fax: + 32 2 28 49070 (Brussels
+ 33 3 88 17 9023 (Strasbourg)

9International Society for Human Rigths (ISHR)
International SecretariatBorsigallee 9
60388 Frankfurt am Main
Fax: ++49-(0)69-420 108-33

10. Campana Presos Politicis Bolivianos


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Third Children's Christmas in the “Hazatérés temploma”

The first children's Christmas was organized by HVIM in 2009, for the children of political prisoners who are luckily free by now (even if some of them still under house arrest). Since then, this initiative has grown into tradition with enormous popularity among patriotic Hungarians.

The Sixty-Four County Youth Movement did its best to bring smile on the faces of children this year too making sure that no Hungarian child in need remains without gift.

The event was opened by HVIM's honorary president Gyula Gy. Zagyva who brainstormed the event three years ago. He said this event will take one into an entirely different dimension. "There is no more important thing than making sure that the struggle we started years ago our children will continue. The new generation should remain strong in spirit!"

The event has been attended by several public figures including Gábor Vona and his children. Vona made Christmas tree ornaments with the children and also told them stories.

The music has been supplied by Balázs Sziva the lead singer of the “Romantikus Erőszak” rock band.

Béla Boczán instrument maker and Gábor Kovács musician performed classical pieces on ancient Hungarian instruments like the zither.

Then, the children received gifts as the HVIM made sure that no child goes home without one. The event ended with the final words of reformed church pastor Lóránt Hegedűs who asked for blessings on our country and every Hungarian child.

( –

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The Hungarian government is outraged about Aladar Horvath's slanderous remarks

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Public Administration and Social Convergence secretary Zoltán Balog rejected Aladar Horvath's slanderous remarks he made during a public lecture in Canada. As we reported earlier, the gypsy politician accused the Hungarian government of Nazi policies when it comes to addressing the problems of the Roma people in Hungary.

Horvath visited Toronto by the invitation of Munk Centre and York University to give a speech at the Human Rights Day celebration. Horvath lied to foreign audiences about the treatment of gypsies by the Hungarian government. He said that the Roma people feel threatened, they suffer racial prejudices and they have to participate in forced public work programs that are reminiscent of "Mussolini's labor camps”. Then he asked the Canadian government to consider accepting significant numbers of Roma refugees from Hungary.

According to Zoltán Balog, it is sad that such statements will come to light when a real gypsy integration program has been launched in Hungary. Balog said he is expected to meet Canada's Ambassador to Hungary Tamara Guttman to seek solutions to the escalating Roma exodus crisis to Canada.

( –

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Top Hungarian athletes of the year 2011 have been chosen

Monday, December 19, 2011

Krisztian Berki and Tamara Csipes

This year Sports Stars Gala has been hosted by the Budapest Syma Hall where sports journalists have chosen the top Hungarian athletes and coaches of the year 2011.

Journalists picked gymnast Krisztian Berki as the best male athlete and kayaker Tamara Csipes as the best female athlete of the year 2011.

The Ferencvaros women's handball team

The best team of the year award went to the Ferencvaros women's handball team; the best head-coach of the year award went to the canoe/kayak coach of the national team Botond Storcz and the best coach award went to kayak coach Ferenc Csipes.

( –

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