Patriotic organizations remembered the Day of Honor

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Despite the official ban, patriotic organizations remembered the Day of Honor nationwide.

On February 11, 1945 German-Hungarian forces, made a last desperate attempt to breakout of the encircled city of Budapest, rather than surrender to Soviet forces.

General Karl Pfeffer-Wildenbruch, the commander of the German forces sent his final radio massage, on February 11: “Munition ist zu Ende. Verpflegung aufgebraucht”. And soon after: at dusk, we breakout.

The commander of the Hungarian forces Colonel Iván Hindy sent this radio massage: “We are out of food and ammunition. We put our fate in God's hands. If you survive this hell take care of our loved ones”.

Only 785 soldiers reached the German lines. The rest have been killed or captured among them General Karl Pfeffer-Wildenbruch and Colonel Iván Hindy. The fate of 4000 soldiers is still unknown.

The official commemoration service took place in Újpest, on a private property that has been invaded by police disrupting the event. Officers stopped buses and cars and they made identity checks on people suspected of heading for the event.

Despite all efforts to disrupt the event, several foreign organizations managed to cross police lines and attended the commemoration service, among them German and Bulgarian patriot groups.

The following is a picture report of the memorial and the police harassment tactics.

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Anonymous said...


The Thought Police and their backers will not win.

BPP said...

Great work comrades - ZOG will never kill the spirit of a Free Europe!

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