Gábor Vona visits London

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jobbik chief Gábor Vona pays a three-day visit to London to meet the Hungarian diaspora in England.

This Saturday afternoon, he holds a forum in Kilburn, at the Kilburn Park Subway Station near the McDonalds fast food restaurant.

The address is: Kilburn High Road, Hampstead, London, NW6 7QL

Meet up at Kilburn Park, on Saturday between 1-1.30 pm.

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Antro unveils folding electric moped "Moveo" in Budapest

Budapest, March 31 (MTI) - Hungarian hi-tech vehicle designers have unveiled in Budapest an ultra-light, folding electric moped planned to retail for 2,400 euros before tax.

The Moveo by Antro weighs just 25 kgs and targets the commuter and holiday-maker who can fold it up and pop it in the car trunk.

Geza Hivessy, the company's founder, told journalists attending the presentation at the Hungarian Engineering and Transport Museum that Moveo and Antro planned to set up a factory in a former shoe plant in western Hungary. Output volume will be small at first, but if the company is able to raise 5.5 million euros for expansion then volumes will be ratcheted up, he said.

Antro started to attract global interest after Time magazine listed one of the company's super-light electric vehicle prototypes as one of the 50 best inventions of 2010.

"One of Moveo's advantages is that it can turn into a more personal object than a traditional moped, given you don't need to find a parking place for it," Zsolt Hegedus, one of its inventors, said at the event. It can be stored at home, in the office and charged using an ordinary socket, with a range of 35 km after a full charge, he told MTI.

"It's the right product coming at the right time," one of the investors, Tamas Slezak, said.

Zsolt V Nemeth, state secretary for regional development, said the ministry had launched negotiations with representatives of industry over the past few weeks on green transport developments.

(MTI -

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Android devices to dominate smartphone market in 2011: report

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Google's Android is set to become the dominant smartphone operating system in 2011, and will expand its leading position until as least 2015, market research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) predicted on Tuesday.

A new IDC report projected that Android will capture a share of 39.5 percent on the smartphone operating system market in 2011, followed by Nokia's Symbian with a market share of 20.9 percent.

Apple's iOS and RIM's BlackBerry will hold the third and fourth places, with market share of 15.7 percent and 14.9 percent respectively, according to the report.

"Android is poised to take over as the leading smartphone operating system in 2011 after racing into the number 2 position in 2010," Ramon Llamas, an IDC senior research analyst, said in a statement.

"For the vendors who made Android the cornerstone of their smartphone strategies, 2010 was the coming-out party. This year will see a coronation party as these same vendors broaden and deepen their portfolios to reach more customers, particularly first-time smartphone users," he added.

Overall, smartphone vendors worldwide are expected to ship more than 450 million smartphones in 2011, an increase of nearly 50 percent compared to the 303.4 million units shipped the previous year, IDC said.

Looking forward, IDC forecasts that Android's leading position will keep expanding in the near future, with market share projected to increase to 45.4 percent in 2015.

IDC analysts also noted that Nokia's recent announcement to shift from its Symbian to Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system will have significant implications for the smartphone market going forward.

"Up until the launch of Windows Phone 7 last year, Microsoft has steadily lost market share while other operating systems have brought forth new and appealing experiences," Llamas pointed out.

"The new alliance brings together Nokia's hardware capabilities and Windows Phone's differentiated platform. We expect the first devices to launch in 2012," he said.

By 2015, IDC expects Windows Phone to be number 2 smartphone operating system worldwide behind Android, with market share increasing to 20.9 percent from 5.5 percent in 2011.


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Government is planning to clean up the justice system

Magyarhirlap learned that the government is planning to shake up the justice system by requiring judges to reapply for their positions.

The plan will be implemented after the parliament passes the new constitution in April. If the proposal goes ahead as planned, the undertaking may turn out to be one of most important political changes in post-communist Hungary. Currently, judges are untouchable, but if they have to reapply for their positions their qualifications and competency for the job can be reexamined once again and decided on the position accordingly.

Currently, the Hungarian justice system is littered by corrupt Bolshevik judges, handing down particularly harsh sentences against critics of globalism; in the mean time, these very same judges routinely let gypsy criminals off the hook by ridiculously lenient sentences.

The majority of the population was outraged as corrupt judges tacitly supported the 2006 crackdown by the Gyurcsany regime. They approved the arrest of hundreds of innocent citizens on falsified evidence that later have been thrown out by the appeal court.

One such a corrupt judge has been keeping György Budaházy behind bars for more than one and half year using fabricated evidence against him collected by the compromised police under the control of Tibor Draskovics the minister of justice. Draskovics, an ex-apparatchik and the one time young communist introduced a false explosion video as evidence against György Budaházy in a television broadcast that later turned out to be a student experiment and had nothing to do with the case.

This is the system we are dealing with when talking about law and order in Hungary. It is high time that the government clean up the corrupt system and apply the same standards as the majority of people hold dear to their hearts; dependable legal professionals who understand the justice system are the cornerstone of every orderly society, this is why the credibility of the justice system should be restored as soon as possible.

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Gyöngyös city council will start handing out food stamps starting the second half of the year

Gyöngyös city council has decided that starting the second half of the year converting part of welfare payments to food stamps following American examples.

The use of food stamps will be strictly limited and can be exchanged only for food, clothing and other essential items like cleaning detergents.

The food stamps can be exchanged only in designated commercial outlets. The network of stores participating in the program is currently, under organization; city issued a call for interested store owners to indicate as soon as possible if they want to participate in the program.

The food stamps can't be exchanged for cash and can't be sold as they carry the name of the welfare recipient.

The city still pays a 28 thousand forint supplement to welfare recipients in the form of cash, but only on condition that the owner of the house keeps his home and the surrounding areas free of garbage.

(MTI – edited by

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Experts warn of growing water crisis in world's major cities

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

by Maja Wallengren

MEXICO CITY, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Major cities worldwide may face a water shortage crisis by 2050 if relevant governments don't react quickly, experts with a leading environmental group said Monday.

The water shortage will mostly affect basic daily needs such as drinking, cooking, bathing and washing clothes, and the poor residents of the world's major cities in developing countries are the ones who will suffer most, the experts warned.

"By 2050, big cities that will not have enough water available nearby include Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City, Lagos and Tehran. China and India will be particularly hard hit unless significant new efforts are taken by their cities," Robert McDonald, a scientist with the Washington-based Nature Conservancy, told Xinhua in an interview.

McDonald and Carmen Revenga, another scientist from the Nature Conservancy, are the co-authors of a new study -- "Billions of City Dwellers in Water Shortage by 2050?"

They warned if cities don't increase efforts to resolve the world's growing water crisis, several of the key United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDGs) won't be achieved.

McDonald said more than 1 billion people are likely to suffer chronic water shortage on a daily basis by 2050, while more than 3 billion more will suffer water shortage at least for one month every year.

"Ten years ago we had 1.5 billion people in the world without access to clean drinking water, and today we talk about 800 million, so we have made very good progress on the UN Millennium Goals," McDonald said. However, he warned that this positive trend could easily be reversed.

"The thing I am really worried about is how the poorest cities, which already have trouble delivering clean drinking water to their citizens, are going to be able to afford to get water to their residents. Unless new capital is available for investment, the problem will get worse," McDonald said.

The study lists 20 big cities, which, unless major steps are taken, will "suffer from perennial water shortage because of the demographic growth and climate change" by 2050.

Topping the list for Latin America are Mexico City and Caracas, and Asia's most troubled cities include Beijing, New Delhi, Mumbai, Shenyang, Manila, Bangalore and Calcutta, while Lagos, Abidjan and Johannesburg are facing the biggest challenge in Africa, according to the study.

"China and India are urbanizing very quickly, and they make the challenge bigger. Although China already has done a lot to address the water problem, it has to do a lot more," Revenga told Xinhua.

Revenga said all large cities in the study have to not only improve the availability and distribution of clean drinking water, but look much more at how to restructure water use by agriculture and industry, the two biggest users of water worldwide.

The two experts called on governments around the world to step up efforts in building new infrastructure to improve the access and distribution of water to its citizens.

Moreover, they said governments should launch education campaigns to prevent water waste and enhance conservation efforts to collect and preserve water from seasonal rainfall.

"One study estimated the world will have to spend 180 billion U.S. dollars a year to meet its urban water needs," McDonald said. "Whatever the real figure is, there's a serious issue here the world needs to pay attention to."


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Ground operation in Libya could start in April - Russian intelligence

The international coalition force is planning a ground operation in Libya that could start in late April, a high-ranking Russian intelligence service source said on Friday.

"Information coming via different channels shows that NATO countries, with the active participation of Britain and the United States, are developing a plan for a ground operation on Libyan territory," he said.

"From all indications, a ground operation will be launched if the alliance fails to force the Gaddafi regime to capitulate with air strikes and missile attacks."

If the events in Libya follow this scenario, the ground operation could start "in late April-early May," he added.

The UN Security Council imposed a no-fly zone over Libya on March 17, allowing "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from Muammar Gaddafi's attacks on rebel-held towns.

The operation to enforce the no-fly zone, codenamed Odyssey Dawn, is being conducted jointly by 13 states, including the United States, Britain and France.

Western warplanes have flown more than 300 sorties over the North African country and fired 162 Tomahawk missiles in the UN mission.

MOSCOW, March 25 (RIA Novosti)

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Mount Fuji in Red -- Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life imitates arts?

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Liberal media parrots are slandering the hero of the revolution

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Liberal media whores are attacking Mária Wittner, the hero of the 1956 revolution for reciting the essence of an ancient wisdom: “You die the way you lived”.

In the constitutional debate in parliament reacting to a remark Mária Wittner said "Horn Gyula egy hóhér volt, aki három éve ott vergődik a Honvéd Kórházban, mert képtelen meghalni"

“Gyula Horn was a butcher, he has been agonizing in the Honvéd Hospital for three years and unable to die.”

Gyula Horn was a “pufajkás”, member of AVO, the terrorist organization of the communist party that played a major role in the post-revolutionary retributions after soviet forces crushed the Hungarian uprising.

Mária Wittner with her fellow resistance fighter Katalin Sticker, she was later executed

After defeating the revolution, Horn and his ilks became leading officials in the Kadar regime, while the 21 year old Mária Wittner and hundreds of other revolutionaries were arrested and waited for their execution on death row for their roles in the uprising.

Mária Wittner's death sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. She was released from jail in 1970 spending the best years of her youth in correctional institutions.

Now, the hydra-headed bitch media demanding an apology and her resignation from her parliament seat, which is a joke.

She was 21 years old when arrested by communist thugs

The corporate media are also attacking her for her remarks on László Toller: "Ezt kapta meg Toller is, ő sem tudott meghalni, mert királyt csinált a böszméből"

“Toller suffered the same fate, he too was unable to die because he made a king out of “böszme” (meaning Ferenc Gyurcsany)”. László Toller was a top-ranking socialist official, the mayor of Pécs and incapacitated in a car accident, as a result his agony lasted several years.

He was an ardent supporter of Ferenc Gyurcsany the psychopathic former-prime minister that caused more harm to the Hungarian nation than the Mongol invasion in the thirteen century.

Now, the Socialists' Baranya county branch pretending outrage and demanding Wittner's resignation. The compromised party calling upon Fidesz to dissociate itself from Wittner's remarks.

Either Fidesz get rid of Wittner or it will be identified with her views at home and around the world said the sanctimonious hypocrite Ferenc Gyurcsany.

Former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany

This incident shows that until the socialist vampires and creeps won't be removed from public life they will continue slandering the Hungarian nation, both at home and abroad.

The government should follow Poland's example and ban former Bolshevik officials from engaging in public life as Jobbik demanding it for quite some time.

Gyula Horn showing the victory sign among his comrades

(Notes: Not to be misled by the name socialist party. This is not a sincere organization representing the poor. Far from it. The Hungarian socialist party is a hardcore globalist party representing global interests. In the past eight years, while in power the socialist party delivered the country to foreign interest groups that looted the entire nation to the point of bankrupting it. These disciples of evil introduced an unprecedented reign of terror, a virtual police state in the past eight years and corrupted the entire state apparatus including the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, the military and every conceivable organizations they put their hands on. The damage they have done to the nation just starts emerging as the Fidesz administration opening up the books on government spending).

( –

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Katinka Hosszú: Nothing stresses me out

Saturday, March 26, 2011

(Photo:Tumbász Hédi)

"USC’s Katinka Hosszu completed a successful weekend on Saturday, winning a third event and being selected swimmer of the meet at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships at Austin, Texas.

The junior from Hungary won the 200-yard butterfly in 1 minute 51.69 seconds, becoming the first USC woman to win the event.

Hosszu also won the 200-yard individual medley on Thursday and the 400-yard individual medley on Friday. She is the first USC swimmer to win three events since Kristine Quance in 1994 and 1996." (

I call her at 9pm. in European time, which is early afternoon in Los Angeles where she is attending university. Is there a lecture break in the university, today?

No...I am skipping a class.


This is unusual. I've never missed a class before, but today, I said to myself: today, I will rest.

What lecture are you skipping?

The History of the United States.

That's all right. That is not a deadly sin...Did the championships make you tired?

Very much so. Among all the NCAA Championships this was the fastest with incredible results. As if swimmers would have conspired to break the fastest times, as they don't use racing suits anymore.

You haven't been an exception either.

What could I do? The preparations went very well, though, I had the feeling, I've never swam as much as in this training session. I won 400-yr individual medley, I had the fastest time. I wanted to win this category by all means. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I win three golds, as I've never won NCAA Championships before.

Which one was your hardest win?

400-yr individual medley.

This is your favorite and you are the record holder as well.

I do my best to remain that way after the Shanghai World Championships, as well.

Before, you haven't been so confident. What changed you, the gold medals or the positive thinking you've learned in the USA?

As a record holder, I can't say anything else...I incredibly enjoy swimming! Nothing stresses me out. I wait for each competition with great enthusiasm; simply, I feel great. At the Shanghai World Championships, 400m medley will be held at the closing day that I will benefit from.

At the Olympics, on the other hand, it will be scheduled on the first day, then the same day as the 200m medley and the 200m butterfly.

Unfortunately. At the London Olympics the 200m butterfly semi-final precedes the 200m medley final, both in the same day. If it would be the other way around, I wouldn't vacillate.

What does your coach Dave Salo tell you?

There is nothing to be afraid of because I can do it.

If he says so...

But I still have think it through.

Do you ask your family's advise?

Not necessarily. But I speak to them a lot, at this time of the year even more. Usually, this is the period when I run out of family “ammunition”, I'm horribly homesick.

Have you ever thought about coming home for good?

Ah, no, I still haven't finished my university education. I'm also fed up with flying. The championship was held in Austin, then we had to fly Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The last flight lasted 50 minutes. Then, the captain said we land; ten, twenty, thirty minutes passed but nothing happened. There was a storm in the area, we had to fly back to Los Angeles. I thought we gonna die. I thought, OK, we cool down and tomorrow continue the flight. But guess what? The aircraft was refilled and we resumed the flight. Luckily, this time we arrived to Los Angeles without hassle.

But at some point, you will have to fly to Shanghai?

Hopefully, until, I forget the bad experience. I won't compete at the Hungarian championships; it wouldn't make sense for me to fly there adjust to the European time zone, then fly to Shanghai and adjust again. I will prepare for the Shanghai World Championships in Los Angeles.

( – translated by

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Donation drive to help the disaster-struck people of Japan

The head of the WORLD FEDERATION OF HUNGARIANS, Miklós Patrubány visited the Japanese Embassy to express sympathy and condolences to the Japanese government and people in the wake of last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Miklós Patrubány, writing in a condolence book at the embassy, expressed his ''deepest sympathy and profound condolences,'' and emphasized that the Japan and Hungary are kindred nations.

Patrubány also announced that the WORLD FEDERATION OF HUNGARIANS starts a donation drive to help the disaster stricken people of Japan.

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northeast Japan spawned a ferocious tsunami that's caused massive destruction; flattening whole cities, starting raging fires, and killing thousands.

The WORLD FEDERATION OF HUNGARIANS Australian chapter will coordinate the initiative; all contributions will be announced on the federation's website.

The WORLD FEDERATION OF HUNGARIANS calls upon Hungarians around the world to contribute into the disaster fund. Receipt will be provided upon request for tax deduction purposes.

Hungarians from Hungary can donate to the following bank account:10300002-20102159-70213285

From abroad use the FEDERATION's bank account:

IBAN HU 83 10300002-20102159-70213285
MKB Rt. – Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank Rt.
1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.

A Magyarok Világszövetsége

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The Hungarian national hockey team solidarity message to Japanese hockey players

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Senior Chinese legislator visits Hungary

Friday, March 25, 2011

BUDAPEST, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Uyunqimg, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), met Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover, Vice Speaker Istvan Ujhelyi and Vice Premier Zsolt Semjen separately on Friday.

During the meetings, Uyunqimg said China and Hungary have a long history of friendship and the relations between two nations have witnessed a smooth development since the establishment of their diplomatic ties over 60 years ago.

She said both countries have maintained close high-level exchanges, which have promoted the deepening of political mutual trust and rapid development of the economic and trade relations.

Hungary has become the third largest trading partner and the largest importing source of China in Central and Eastern Europe. Bilateral cooperation in cultural and educational areas is expanding as well, she added.

The vice chairwoman said China is willing to join hands with Hungary, based on the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, to further enhance the traditional friendship and expand exchanges and cooperation in legislation so as to promote their partnership.

Kover and other Hungarian parliament and government leaders saluted the achievements China has made in its economic and social development.

They said Hungary hopes the two nations could deepen their mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, investment, culture and education.

They also noted Hungary, during its EU presidency, will make an effort to promote a more steady and healthy development of China-Europe ties.

The Chinese delegation led by Uyunqimg arrived here Thursday and will leave for Portugal on Sunday.


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Horror in Hejőszalonta

We reported two days ago that a 50 year old woman was savagely murdered by a gypsy criminal in Hejőszalonta. But then the details of the murder were sketchy due to news blackout by police. Since then, the horrific details of the butchery have come to light, as a result of police leaks and local accounts.

It tuned out that the the victim rented a room to a gypsy couple to supplement her income. But as soon as the gypsies moved in, they refused to pay the rent.

In the night of the murder, the gypsies threw a party and at some point during the evening the murderer (see the picture) assaulted the owner of the house by a kitchen knife.

The exact details of the murder are not known, yet; neither what has triggered it, but probably it had something to do with the rent money. What became known is that the tenant severed the head of the owner of the house almost to the point of beheading her. Police found the victim lying on the floor with a kitchen knife in her back; according to local accounts the crime site was so horrific that the mayor of the the town didn't dare to take a look at it.

This macabre act of violence took place at the time when the Fidesz government officially condemning the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület” civil guard that restored law and order in Gyöngyöspata in two days. The fact that the Fidesz government sides with gypsy criminals is a bad omen for the party that support is already eroding in the entire country.

If police and law enforcement agencies can't maintain law and order then government should set up the gendarmerie said Jobbik members of parliament, Zsolt Egyed and Gergő Balla.

The mainstream media are dead silent about the case, only the nationalist media reporting it, which is a telling sing of the hypocrisy of the agenda driven corporate media that is in the business of covering up gypsy crime.

(Notes: The Fidesz government, in fact understands the scale of the problem gypsy criminals posing for small towns. However, the government is under the control of those dark forces that are running gypsy crime. This global force and their local agents camouflaging themselves as gypsy rights activists that are hindering government's efforts to tackle the issue. The population is naturally disappointed and frustrated as the government, at this time pays only lip-service to the problem. If the shadowy entity forces the government to curb the activities of self-defense groups then the government should use covert means to tackle the issue and fulfill its duty of protecting the citizens of the country; for instance, deploying undercover police officers in the heavily gypsy and crime infested regions.

It is also noteworthy, that the majority of the gypsy minority leaders have criminal backgrounds; many of them repeat offenders. Decent members of the gypsy community don't get involved with this criminal brand of people and as things stand at the moment, there is no way that the problem of gypsy crime can ever be solved by financial and economic means, something that the government is proposing. Providing jobs for gypsies will solve nothing because gypsy crime, first and foremost is a cultural issue. It is like giving pants and blouses for savages and expecting them to cover up their private parts.)

( -

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Shaolin Temple opens soccer training school to nurture young talents

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Source: Global Times [08:56 March 24 2011]

Shaolin Temple has built a soccer school to groom junior talents, the chief coach of Shaolin warrior-monks said Wednesday.

The school named Shaolin Youth Soccer Academy was built in a warrior-monks training base last October which belonged to Shaolin Temple. About 2,000 children under 10 years old are learning Shaolin Kungfu here, and about 40 of them started to learn soccer now.

"It's just the beginning, more children will start to play football after some professional football fields are built, and we believe that some of them will become international superstars some day," Shi Yanlu, the chief coach of Shaolin warrior-monks, said.

The school has hired a coach named Tchami from Cameroon, who was once a member of the Cameroon national team.

"Shaolin Kungfu makes them strong and skillful, so it's good to learn playing football," Tchami said.

"Now, the Chinese soccer is not very good, and needs to bring in new elements. Shaolin Kungfu and soccer are similar in some aspects, especially the brave and diligent spirit of Kungfu, which I think will help promote the level of Chinese soccer," said Shi Yanlu.

The school got support from the Chinese Football Association, which gave 1,000 balls as gifts half a month ago.

"It's a favorable attempt to combine Shaolin Kungfu and football," said Wang Suisheng, vice general manager of Henan Jianye, a Chinese Super League team.

The school will choose some children to learn football in foreign countries such as Japan, South Korea and European countries.

It will also hire some Chinese coaches to help Tchami to train these children.

Xinhua - Global Times

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László Toroczkai sentenced for calling Hungarians to oppose gay pride parade

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The corrupt court found the founder of HVIM, László Torczkai guilty of violation of freedom of assembly and sentenced 2 year suspended jail term for calling on Hungarians to oppose the gay pride parade, in 2009.

The charges against Torczkai have been based on an article, he wrote in 2009 that the court interpreted as a call for violence.

Toroczkai admitted writing the article, however he denied that he called for violence as the article included only rhetorical elements and an appeal for opposition of the event within the confines of the law.

Toroczkai said he urged people to oppose the event because “a healthy society shouldn't allow, such a sick celebration to take place in public”; upon these remarks, the judge warned Toroczkai that his description of the event wasn't politically correct and instructed him to refrain using such terms in the future.

The judge said the sentence gives an opportunity to the accused to think through his political activities and apply the necessary changes in his life implying that otherwise, he might end up in the same predicament as György Budaházy.

Toroczkai appealed the sentence.

( –

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Hungarian, Polish presidents stress friendship, historic past at Poznan university

Poznan, March 23 (MTI) - Hungarian President Pal Schmitt and his Polish counterpart Bronislav Komorowski emphasised the importance of their two countries' common historic past and standing friendship at a ceremony marking Hungary-Poland Friendship Day hosted by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan on Wednesday.

Komorowski, the Hungarian president's host, said that the two countries shared a common past of one thousand years and stood together as strong allies today.

"This tradition must continue in all possible ways," he said.

Schmitt also noted from the common historical past the friendship of Hungarian 19th-century reformist poet Sandor Petofi and Polish General Jozef Bem and the assistance Hungary provided by offering shelters to Polish refugees after the outbreak of WWII.

He said in 1956 the workers' uprising in Poznan in June gravely touched Hungarians, adding that mass demonstrations in Poland in support of Hungary's anti-Soviet uprising in the autumn, and the aid Poland provided, had been seen as an unparalleled gesture within the Soviet bloc.

Schmitt and Komorowski laid wreaths at the Mickiewicz Square at the memorial for victims of the 1956 Poznan uprising.

Earlier in the day the two presidents laid flowers at the memorial plaques of 1956 Polish and Hungarian freedom fighter heroes Romek Strzalkowski and Peter Mansfeld.

Schmitt is concluding a two-day official visit to Poland at the invitation of Komorowski on Wednesday.


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Budapest mayor sets ball rolling to move Soviet memorial, rename public squares - paper

Budapest, March 23 (MTI) - Budapest's mayor, Istvan Tarlos, has started talks with his Moscow counterpart on moving the memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers from the city centre, and the municipal council will soon debate renaming Roosevelt Square, Magyar Nemzet daily said on Wednesday.

The memorial to the "Soviet liberators of Hungary" occupies Szabadsag (Freedom) Square in downtown, and has been the focal point of anti-Soviet demonstrations and calls for the memorial to be removed.

The plan to rename Roosevelt Square, in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the Pest embankment of the Danube, Szechenyi Istvan Square, after the country's first prime minister who also established the Academy, will be discussed at a session of the municipal council on April 6.

In turn, Szabadsag Square, which is overlooked by the American Embassy, is to be renamed Roosevelt Square, according to the plan.


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This time, members of the pampered minority slashed the throat of a 50 year old woman

Wednesday morning, in the heavily gypsy infested town of Hejőszalonta, gypsy criminals slashed the throat of a 50 year old woman in her own home. The details of the murder are sketchy as police ordered a news blackout in the case.

Zsolt Egyed, the chief of Jobbik's Borsod county branch tried to get information about the crime by visiting the police station but he received none.

What is known for certain from local sources is that the victim is a 50 year old woman, she was stabbed several times and her throat was slit and she died as a result.

Zsolt Egyed said this case also proves that the Fidesz government is also in the business of covering up gypsy crime just as its predecessor.

The Jobbik politician called upon the prime minister to stand in front of the Hungarian people and admit that the promise of eliminating gypsy crime was nothing but a cheap election ploy.

This case shows that the country needs gendarmerie as Jobbik proposed it in its election campaign said Egyed. He also demanded that police release the details of the savage murder and stop covering up gypsy crime.

( –

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Incredible video: Gypsies demolished the house of a helpless victim

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This unbelievable crime took place in Arló, Borsod county that is a heavily gypsy infested region of the country. This is not a unique case and as such, it shows the scale of destruction and devastation that gypsy criminals can do when law enforcement agencies and the corrupt judiciary fail to enforce the law.

The victim that you see in the video describes the terror she went through as gypsy criminals threw bricks into her bedroom in the middle of the night. Luckily, the brick has landed a few meters from her bed and she managed to survive the first assault without injury.

She called police but other than coming they did nothing more and offered no protection, whatsoever to the victim.

When police left, gypsies continued their reign of terror until the helpless victim had no choice but move to relatives as she feared for her life.

As soon as she left, gypsies started demolishing her house. First, they removed the doors, then the windows and stolen all of her belonging she has left behind. Take a look at the video to see what has left from the building.

In the last final step, gypsies demolished some of the walls of the house and set the leftover on fire, probably to get rid of the evidence that might have remained on the scene. The only thing left from the building are the walls and a few piles of rubble. All this happened by the full knowledge of authorities that did nothing to prevent this atrocious crime from happening.

( -

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Pál Schmitt arrived in Warsaw to take part in the Hungarian-Polish Friendship Day celebrations

Warsaw, March 22 (MTI) - Hungarian President Pal Schmitt, who arrived in Warsaw on Tuesday morning on a two-day official visit, started talks with his Polish counterpart Bronislaw Komorowski.

The tete-a-tete consultations were followed by plenary talks between the two delegations.

Schmitt will afterwards lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Pilsudski Square.

The two presidents will then unveil a bilingual memorial plaque commemorating Hungary's assistance to Poland during its fight against Bolshevik Russia in 1919-1921.

In the afternoon Schmitt will hold talks with Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

On Wednesday Schmitt and Komorowski will leave for Poznan to attend the opening ceremony of the Hungarian-Polish Friendship Day at the Adam Mickiewicz University.

(MTI -

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Laura Iancu: Being Csángó is a condition

Monday, March 21, 2011

According to Csángó-Hungarian writer Laura Iancu, language and national identity are linked, but Csángó language, as such is a fiction and being Csángó is a condition.

Laura Iancu was born and raised in Csángóland, Romania and until entering high school in Csikszereda, she spoke only the Csángó dialect that she considers an impoverished version of Hungarian.

Speaking at Vetési Albert High School, Iancu said that the accusations that Csángó-Hungarians have no identity is wrong. They do have identity but it is based on the Roman Catholic religion.

The Catholic Church has a major role to play in the lives of Csángó-Hungarians. Ordinary Csángós attribute overwhelming power to the priest; they are afraid of him and his curses so much that they even contribute certain tragic occurrences to the priest said the writer.

Speaking about Csángó dialect, she remarked that everybody speaks about the assimilation of Csángós, yet the roots of the problem is somewhere else.

The chief cause of language loss among Csángós is that their language has no written form and speakers using it only at home. Csángós live in a Romanian speaking environment and when they miss a phrase they borrow it from Romanian.

Being Csángó is a condition and Csángó ethnicity is a fiction. Csángós are either Hungarians or Romanians. From this point of view, it is better to call Csángós Moldavian Hungarians. This clarifies the concept said Iancu.

Csángós are characterized by severe inferiority complexes. Because they have been always oppressed, they haven't learned to stand up for their rights. Their feeble attempts to make their voices heard exhaust themselves in writing complaining letters said Iancu.

She also remarked that Csángó folklore and traditional dance people got used to admiring are essentially stage performances and hardly exist in every day life; just like wearing folk costume, which is also a thing of the past said Iancu.

Speaking about her own relationship with her birthplace, she remarked that by and large, she has lost her roots; going home causes psychological shock to her due to the changes taken place in her hometown since she was little.

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Jobbik proposing the compensation of Székely victims of Marosvásárhely pogroms, twenty-one years ago

István Szávay Jobbik member of parliament tables a bill in the Hungarian parliament proposing the compensation of Székely victims of Marosvásárhely pogroms, twenty-one years ago.

According to the proposal, a parliamentary committee would be set up to investigate the number of victims of the violence and propose moral and financial compensation to those suffered the most of the consequences of the violence.

According to Szávay, three Székely-Hungarians died and more than three hundred injured when Romanian chauvinists attacked a peaceful demonstration in Marosvásárhely, while Romainian police and soldiers stood by. Besides the many nameless victims of the violence, the largest Hungarian literary figure, András Sütő lost his eyesight in the incident and was almost killed by raging drunkards driven by nationalist fervor.

The violence has been blamed on the Hungarian community and as a result, only Hungarian nationals have been sentenced to long prison terms in communist style show trials. Pál Cseresznyés has been singled out as a main culprit behind the violence and has been sentenced to ten year jail term. He has been released due to international pressure after serving six years of his sentence. Up until now, no inquiry has been conducted by Romanian authorities to pinpoint the instigators behind the violence said Szávay.

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Breakthrough in Dunántúl: Jobbik candidate Ákos Balogh finished a strong second at the Zalaegerszeg by-election

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Sunday's by-election in Zalaegerszeg eleventh electoral district, Jobbik candidate Ákos Balogh finished a strong second behind Fidesz candidate László Horváth by capturing 20,9% of the vote. This is an 8% increase since the last election that was held in the fall.

Fidesz candidate László Horváth won by 39,8%, which is 20% drop of voters support since the fall election. This is indeed a dramatic loss indicating that Fidesz support base is eroding nationwide.

The Socialists finished third with 16,6% and the globalist LMP party received 6% of the vote.

Jobbik is the only party that managed to show a dramatic increase in voters support since the last year national and municipal elections.

Voter turnout was 15%.

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Remembrance ceremony at the Turkish fallen soldiers memorial at the Rákoskeresztúr cemetery

Jobbik members of the Hungarian-Turkish friendship committee of IPU, Márton Gyöngyösi and Tamás Hegedűs took part in a remembrance ceremony at the Turkish fallen soldiers memorial at the Rákoskeresztúr cemetery. The memorial was erected for the memory of Turkish soldiers died in 1916-17, on the Eastern Front fighting on the Hungarian side during First World War.

After singing the Turkish and Hungarian national anthems participants, among them ambassador to Hungary Kemal Gür, Tamás Hegedűs, members of the Hungarian military and members of diplomatic corps laid flowers at the memorial.

Despite the very bad weather, about 40-50 participants took part in the event, among them officers from the Hungarian Armed Forces, Polish military and diplomatic personnel, Azerbaijani Embassy officials and Turkish military and embassy officials.

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The House of Hope in Délvidék is open for business

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The first House of Hope has been opened in Torontáltorda, Délvidék on the Hungarian National Holiday. The building complex inaugurated by László Toroczkai, the founder of HVIM, Gábor Vona the chief of Jobbik and László Bálint the chief of MRM, a Hungarian party in Délvidék.

The initiative was the brainchild of László Toroczkai who started the project in 2007, but lack of funds slowed the construction and the restoration of the buildings so much that it took several years to complete it.

The aim of the project is to provide a place for cultural activities for Hungarians living in the lost territories. The building complex provides facilities that Hungarians are missing in these regions due to lack of funding.

The facilities include Internet room, library and even hotel rooms where visitors that are coming from other parts of the world can stay for a few days in an authentic setting.

The building will be furnished with ancient Hungarian furniture restored by expertly hands and it will include some rarities like a “Búboskemence”, – oven made of mud(?) -- and other heritage accessories that Hungarians used throughout the centuries.

Part of the property incorporates a piece of land that still hasn't been developed but there are plans to construct various sports facilities and related structures where visitors can learn and practice ancient Hungarian arts like archery, for instance.

The long term goal is to set up a network of centers throughout the Carpathian basin, especially in areas where ethnic Hungarians live as minorities.

Take a look at some of the pictures and the video to see how the House of Hope looks like.

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