Police arrested three gypsies for their role in the Tuesday night lynching attempt

Friday, April 29, 2011

Eger Municipal Court ordered the arrest of three gypsies, for seriously injuring four individuals on Tuesday night in Gyöngyöspatak.

The three men remain in custody, initially for a month, if the County Court rejects the appeal of the suspects' lawyers. Among the three gypsies, two are repeat offenders: one of them committed property related offences and the other has been jailed earlier for assault and property related crimes. The investigating judge said the arrest of the accused is necessary because there is a possibility of re-offending or the suspects can hinder investigation.

Heves County Police spokesman, Bálint Soltész said earlier that the past two nights in Gyöngyöspata passed without atrocities.

On Tuesday night, gypsy criminals attacked four individuals with iron bars, clubs, axes and samurai swords, injuring two of them seriously.

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President Schmitt decorates renowned human rights activist Bukovsky

Budapest, April 29 (MTI) - President Pal Schmitt on Friday granted the Order of Merit Commander Cross to Vladimir Bukovsky, renowned Russian human rights activist and member of the dissident movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Bukovsky was awarded at the proposal of Prime Minister Viktor Orban in recognition of his efforts promoting democracy, the end of the bipolar world order, and freedom in Hungary.

Orban said at the event that it was Bukovsky who had "taught us that communism caused the greatest harm in human history and we cannot celebrate enough that it is over."
Bukovsky said former communists have not vanished yet, only transformed.
"After some time, the same people re-emerged - under different names, - former KGB agents, whom Lenin considered armoured units of the communist party," he said after collecting the award from Orban.

"It is these people today who control the country where I was born. And they are obviously working towards bringing back all those attributes of the former communist system that we fought against," he said. "Including political oppression, censorship, recovering those areas that used to be under Soviet influence, through applying pressure against the Baltic States, Georgia and countries of Central Europe," he added.

Bukovsky said he was trying to convince Russian leaders in 1991 to hold a Nurenbeg-type trial over communists but the plan did not succeed.

Orban said "we also have obligations when it comes to setting things right about the past." Dictatorship is not the only enemy of truth, but truth needs protection in democracy, he said. "That's why we need those who shake us up from time to time," he added.

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Gypsies have stolen everything that was not welded to the floor from a Tatabánya community center

Gypsies have ravaged the Tatabánya Mésztelep district community center by stealing all metal object they could put their hands on. The extent of the devastation could be measure by the millions and as a result, the community center has become unusable.

They took the radiators, the faucets, the wiring from the wall and the boilers.

The Community Center didn't have a permanent staff, the building occasionally hosted children programs and accommodated church gatherings. The institution was opened to the public three years ago and it was operated by the Youth Association of Tatabánya said Tatabánya deputy mayor.

Years ago, gypsies also demolished a whole school. Later, the government restored the building, but soon after it was closed down due lack of students. Shortly after, all new materials have been stolen from a building, then bit by bit the bricks were taken; today, the former school site is an empty lot.

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Picture of the day: Mother and son

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Russian foreign ministry is surprised by Budapest Municipal Assembly decision to rename Moscow square

The Russian government is surprised by the Budapest Municipal Assembly decision to rename Moscow square to Széll Kálmán square at the time when Russian-Hungarian bilateral relations are on the upswing said Russian foreign ministry spokesperson, Alexei Sazonov.

Though, the Russian side see no hostile motives behind the name change said Sazonov.

RIA Novosztyi news agency pointed out that Moscow square is one of the busiest transportation hubs of the Hungarian capital. It received its current name in 1951, prior to this, it was called Széll Kálmán square.

Budapest mayor, István Tarlós confirmed that this year a different public place will be named after the capital city of Russia.

The Budapest Municipal Assembly voted on Wednesday to change the names of twenty-six public places in Budapest. The southern railway bridge will be called Rákóczi bridge, but public spaces will be named after Illyés Gyula, Wass Albert, Görgey Artúr, Sinkovits Imre and Mansfeld Péter. A park at the Buda side of the Margaret bridge will be named after Elvis Presley.

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Fidesz sets up fact-finding-committee to investigate the Easter Holiday incident in Gyöngyöspata

MTI reporting that Fidesz sets up a fact-finding-committee to investigate "where the lies about an evacuation came from and how panic was created” in Gyöngyöspata.

“According to press reports, the Roma had been 'evacuated' by the Red Cross, which the organisation promptly denied.

Erik Selymes, managing director of the Hungarian Red Cross, said in a press statement released last Friday that 'taking mothers and children of Gyongyospata on a pre-planned camping trip cannot be interpreted as an evacuation; I deny these press rumours.'

Hungarian-US businessman Richard Field, a Red Cross volunteer, told MTI on Friday, the day the Roma were bused out of the village, that 'I have felt the Roma are afraid and they have reasons to be. [Militiamen] terrorised them throughout the night, knocked at their doors and pelted stones at their windows.'
Kocsis said that it is also to be established what were the interests behind the opposition parties' 'harmonised efforts' and what political responsibility they carried in "ravaging the country". Political responsibility must be established, Kocsis said.”

Jobbik already indicated its willingness to participate in the work of the fact-finding-commettee.

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The Bolshevik scoundrel praising gypsy criminals

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The most repulsive Hungarian politician, Ferenc Gyurcsany lashed out against Hungarians in Gyöngyöspata in his face book entry by calling them Nazis.

The mentally deranged crook said in Gyöngyöspata there is no gypsy question but Nazism is spreading the entire country like wildfire.

We are threatened by Nazis in every parts of the country. The ongoing drama in Gyöngyöspata will become a national tragedy if we don't act now said Bolshevik scoundrel.

The duty of every democrat is to fight against the Nazi filth; we can't tolerate the intimidation of other people. To help evacuating the Roma people from Gyöngyöspata, I offer one million forint closed his rant crazy Nero who has stolen millions of taxpayers money and ordered police in 2006 to shoot, torture and imprison hundreds of protesters for objecting his illegitimate government.

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The socialist crime syndicate praising Fidesz proposal to tighten self-defense law

Tamás Harangozó, socialist member of parliament said his party supports every effort to crack down on “racists, extremists and fascists” (meaning good honest hardworking Hungarians that love their country) elements of society.

As we reported earlier, the Fidesz government tabled a bill in parliament that would prevent Hungarians terrorized by gypsy criminals to organize their own self-defense. Every such attempt could be punished by 3 year jail term.

In the mean time, Hungarian-haters, globalist agents, dumb down youth and the reality show generation (about 150-200 people) demonstrated in front of the ministry of interior in support of gypsy criminals.

Demonstrators met Minister of Interior Sandor Pinter who informed the liberal horde about the measures the Fidesz government has taken against victims of gypsy crime.

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Hungary could be end of new "silk road", says business association chief

Budapest, April 27, 2011 (MTI-ECONEWS) - Hungary could be the end of the modern-day "silk road", Sandor Demjan, who heads business association VOSZ, said at a Hungarian-Chinese business conference in Budapest on Wednesday.

Chinese products could be brought to the European Union via Hungary economically and quickly, thanks to the country's geographical position and its logistics infrastructure, Mr Demjan said. It would even make sense to assemble some products in Hungary, he added.

The Hungarian government is using every tool available to support Hungarian-Chinese cooperation, he said at the conference organised by VOSZ.

Chinese and Hungarian economic and trade relations are about to undergo significant development, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) vice chairman Zhang Wei told the conference. Bilateral trade between China and Hungary reached USD 8.72bn in 2010, up 28pc from the previous year, and Chinese companies have invested USD 2.5bn in Hungary, he added.

Chinese companies employ about 10,000 people in Hungary, said Chinese ambassador to Hungary Gao Jian. Investments, not just exports, play a big role in Chinese trade, he added.

Hungarian exports to China were worth USD 1.53bn in 2010, up 26pc from the previous year, data from the National Economy Ministry show. Exports from China were up 25pc at USD 6.18bn.


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News Brief: a gypsy horde attacked four members of “Véderő”(?) in Gyöngyöspata

Tuesday, April 26, 2011, a liberal mouthpiece known to be a stringent supporter of gypsy criminals reporting that there were clashes between members of “Véderő” paramilitary group (?) and gypsy criminals in Gyöngyöspata.

Sources are confirming that a gypsy horde attacked four civilians with iron bars, shovels, axes and other instruments wounding all of them; all victims needed hospitalization, one of them is in serious condition.

It seems that liberal hate-mongers finally achieved what they always wanted – clashes between gypsies and Hungarians.

According to the biased liberal media, members of “Véderő” trickled back to Gyöngyöspata and provoked local gypsies all day. How realistic is this? Four individuals provoking hundreds of gypsies equipped with iron bars, axes and other dangerous instruments.

According to the incredible liberal narrative, while the gypsies gathered in the center of the town, members of “Véderő”(?) threw rocks at the gypsies' houses and beat up a 14 year old gypsy boy; then they showed a hand gun to gypsies with the obvious intent of intimidating them.

This information has been disseminated by the compromised mainstream media and as such, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. This whole incident is more than suspicious. I have a gut feeling that behind appearances something more sinister has been happening here, something that has nothing to do with the apparent occurrences.

Jobbik member of parliament, Gyula Zagyva account of the Gyöngyöspata incident.

A local family celebrated a birthday party when around nine o'clock in the evening a Gypsy horde showed up in front of the house, the same horde that attacked the local government building during the day. The gypsies threatened members of the Hungarian family, because previously, they had sheltered several members of the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület” civil guard. Police was called and asked to remove the Gypsies from the street. Police refused the request and as a result, an argument broke out among members of the family and police officers; then officers sprayed tear gas over the man's pregnant wife and brother. Officers took the brother of the owner of the house to the ground and handcuffed him. The man's pregnant wife filed a lawsuit against the police officers.

While officers assaulted members of the innocent Hungarian family in their homes, outside gypsy criminals attacked four guests that came to the birthday party. In the brawl, a 14 year old gypsy boy also injured as the victims tried to defend themselves as they were greatly outnumbered by gypsy criminals said Zagyva.

The four individuals that the gypsy horde wanted to lynch visited an old lady rather than the birthday party. The lady wasn't home and as the visitors left her house gypsy criminals attacked them.

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Fidesz wants to hunt down the vice-president of Jobbik

Fidesz wants to hunt down the vice-president of Jobbik, Előd Novák learned Sources close to Interior Minister Sándor Pintér leaked that a slur campaign is planned against the Jobbik politician that might cost him his mandate. There are also plans to link Novák to the fictitious “Magyarok Nyilai” terrorist organization to establish a legal base of his arrest.

Előd Novák has been a sore spot for Fidesz members of parliament as the Jobbik politician doesn't submit to the tyranny of "politically correct" speech and his straight language use becoming increasingly more embarrassing to members of the National Assembly.

Novák became a leading crusader against double-jobbing. It is well-known that the parliament is packed with double-jobbers holding positions on the state as well as the municipal levels. In the USA or Canada, it would be unimaginable that a politician holding two jobs, concurrently in the National Assembly and as a mayor of a city. This arrangement is quite common in Hungary. Jobbik is the only party that its constitution forbids its members to hold two jobs. Obviously, because most Fidesz politicians are double-jobbers, Novák relentless attacks on them create quite an embarrassment to the governing party.

Fidesz parliamentary floor leader, János Lázár, who is also the mayor of the city of Hódmezővásárhely, retaliated against Novak by introducing a pretty pathetic bill in parliament banning couples to became members of the Assembly. The proposal targets Előd Novák and Dóra Dúró that are the only husband and wife team in the legislature.

Recently, Fidesz removed Novák as the head of a parliamentary subcommittee because he made Fidesz responsible for allowing Robert Alföldi to continue his job as the director of the National Theater.

Fidesz parliamentarians are irritated by Novák straightforward style when it comes to expressing opinions on issues opposing Fidesz viewpoints. In his recent address in parliament, Novák called Fidesz politicians traitors for their stand on certain constitutional issues. After the parliamentary session, Fidesz members were told to remain calm and do not react because they don't have to endure him much longer. This remark can be attributed to the fact that indeed there are plans to remove Novák from the National Assembly.

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Golden Team's Grosics, Buzanszky get national sports award

Budapest, April 26 (MTI) - Gyula Grosics and Jeno Buzanszky, the two surviving members of Hungary's legendary soccer team of the early 1950s, received a national sports award in parliament on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban handed over the "Sportsman of the Nation" award to the Golden Team players, who both played in the famous 1953 match when Hungary defeated England 6-3 at Wembley Stadium.

The goalkeeper Grosics, aged 85, played 86 matches on the national team between 1947 and 1962 while Buzanszky, who will turn 86 next week, played defence in 49 games from 1950 to 1956.

The award was first presented in 2004 and originally 12 people were chosen for the title, but now this number has been raised to 13 so that Grosics and Buzanszky can receive their titles together. A monthly pension of 500,000 forints (1,900 euros) goes with the award.


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The sculpture of Ferenc Liszt has been unveiled at the Beijing National Grand Theatre

The sculpture (depicting a bust and Liszt's right hand) of the famous composer-pianist – the work of sculptor Yuan Xikun – has been unveiled at the Beijing National Grand Theatre on Saturday evening, as part of Liszt anniversary celebrations.

Before unveiling the artwork, Hungarian Ambassador to China, Sándor Kusai praised Liszt's genius, as a composer and pianist and commended sculptor Yuan Xikun who successfully transformed Liszt's music “into the third dimension”.

The sculpture was a gift to the Hungarian Embassy for the 200th anniversary of Liszt's birth by the artist. The ambassador, then donated the artwork to the Beijing National Grand Theatre where it stands next to the statue of Frederic Chopin.

The artwork has been unveiled by Yang Ling, the Vice-President of the Beijing National Grand Theatre; unfortunately, sculptor Yuan Xikun couldn't attend the ceremony due to illness.

Yuan Xikun is one of the most recognized artists of China; he is a member of the Chinese Ministry of Culture Artistic Board and as an artist, he has created portraits about more than 150 famous personalities from Kofi Annan to Antonio Samaranch to Bill Clinton.

After the unveiling ceremony, pianist Li Yundi gave a concert called Liszt Extravaganza, paying tribute to the memory of the famous composer. The performance was the opening session of a series of performances commemorating to the 200th anniversary of Liszt's birth.

Li Yundi, in the year 2000, at the age of 18, won the 14th International Chopin Competition in Warsaw and a year earlier, he won the third prize of the Ferenc Liszt International Piano Competition, in Utrecht. In the first part of the evening, he performed Chopin and in the second part Liszt pieces, then the orchestra played one of Liszt's most famous compositions, the Hungarian Rhapsodies, followed by Chinese musical pieces that the audience received with great appreciation.

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Court threw out charges against eight members of “Véderő” paramilitary group

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eger city court threw out all charges against 8 members of the “Véderő” paramilitary group, police arrested on Friday on fabricated charges.

In Gyöngyöspata, the group scheduled a drill outside populated areas. Anti-Hungarian forces that are coaching gypsies used the occasion to spread disinformation about the event by presenting a Red Cross organized picnic of gypsy children and women as an emergency evacuation caused by paramilitary activities in the region.

Giving in to demands coming from liberal pressure groups, police took 8 members of the paramilitary group into custody charging them with disturbing the peace and dress code violations arguing that the military style uniform caused fear in a large group of people (meaning gypsies).

This reminds one of the Bolshevik era when police could arrest anyone for wearing jeans and having long hair that the communists considered means of imperialist subversion.

Tamás Eszes, the chief of the paramilitary group said his organization had the permit from police to hold a self-defense exercise on a private property. During the planning stages, “Véderő” also checked with the leaders of minorities to see whether they objected the exercise – they didn't. Eszes reminded the court that there is no such law that would forbid wearing military style uniform on a private property.

Police appealed the decision.

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Easter egg painting: Wax method


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Indian spiritual leader Sai Baba dies at 85

Sunday, April 24, 2011

PUTTAPARTHI, India, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Sathya Sai Baba, one of India's most popular and influential spiritual leaders, died Sunday at age of 85 at a hospital in his home town of Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh.

Sathya Sai Baba's body will be kept at the Sai Kulwant Hall in Puttaparthi for two days -- Monday and Tuesday. Arrangements will be made for darshan (last glimpse) Sunday evening at the hall.

Andhra Pradesh Health Minister Geeta Reddy said that Sai Baba's body would be buried Wednesday in Puttaparthi.

Sai Baba's response to medical treatment had been slow, doctors attending him said Sunday.

He was on intermittent hemodialysis and on assisted respiration until Saturday evening at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medial Sciences at Puttaparthi.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy has left for Puttaparthi to pay homage to the Baba.

Sai Baba was admitted to the super-speciality hospital on March 28 following problems related to heart and lungs. Doctors treating him said he was suffering from multi-organ dysfunction.

Sathya Sai Baba was born in 1926 into an ordinary family at Puttapathi village in Andhra Pradesh. He was named Sathyanarayana. As a child he was unusually intelligent and never showed any interest in worldly things. When he was just 14 years old, Sathyanarayana announced that he was a reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

His miracles like creating Ash and gold rings from vacuum made him a household name across India soon. His ashram at Puttaparthi became a famous religious center within just 20 years.

From prime ministers, presidents, kings, ambassadors, sports stars, movie stars and ordinary people, millions thronged his ashram seeking his blessings for over 50 years. He founded over 1, 500 Sathya Sai Centers in 114 countries across the globe.

One of India's most famous spiritual leaders, Sai Baba led a life dedicated to philanthropy marred by the occasional controversies.

Thousands of devotees had gathered in his hometown since March 28 to pay their last respects.


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Picture of the day: Haenyeo, female divers in S. Korea

A Haenyeo shows octopuses caught from under the sea on the Jeju Island in South Korea, April 24, 2011. Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the sea to gather various shellfish and seaweed without using any underwater diving equipments. (Xinhua/Park Jin Hee)

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Gypsies returned to Gyöngyöspata from a holiday trip and already assaulted an elderly lady

After the Good Friday false flag operation, the “evacuated” gypsies returned to Gyöngyöspata today; they hardly got off the bus when one gypsy woman assaulted an elderly lady at the bus station.

According to MTI, as a result of the assault, the elderly lady had to be hospitalized.

The liberal trash media shifted into full gear to whitewash the offending gypsy by spreading brazen lies about the incident; according to liberal accounts, the victim insulted the gypsy that triggered the incident. Does this sound realistic to you? An elderly lady surrounded by hundreds of gypsies insulting one of them?

The imbecile gypsy minority leader, János Farkas (in an interview with Hir TV, he said Hitler invaded Germany. He can't even remember what his liberal handlers telling him) said the town is calm and he was very pleased with Interior Minister, Sandor Pinter decision for introducing a new law forbidding local residents to defend themselves. But on the other hand, he was apprehensive about the future of the town, as Jobbik candidate Oszkár Juhász is about to win the upcoming mayoral race. The way we lived in the past can't go on. If we suffer more atrocities we are going to leave the place said Farkas.

The victim asked a tired gypsy woman who happened to be her neighbor. Why did you come back? This is what triggered the assault lied Farkas.

Close to three hundred gypsies, most of them children and women, spent two days in the Csilleberc holiday resort as a courtesy of Red Cross. The picnic was planned long before the Good Friday false flag operation and it had nothing to do with evacuation or anything like that said Red Cross spokesperson. Liberal media whores misinformed world opinion by presenting the excursion as an evacuation triggered by paramilitary activities in the region.

As a result of the new law that forbids citizens to defend themselves, introduced by the Fidesz government yesterday, gypsies became so brazen that they insulted an elderly woman in the presence of a television crew. You can easily imagine what kind of things are happening in the neighborhood when no journalists are around.

According to MTI, gypsy minority leader János Farkas said “the local mayor had resigned due to increasing tension and that his successor could be a nominee of the radical nationalist Jobbik party. Should that happen, the Roma will have "no place" in Gyongyospata and will likely seek asylum in the US, Canada or the UK”.

Anyone knows gypsies in real time, understands right away that a gypsy by himself would never say things like that, unless he is coached. In general, the remarks of gypsy minority leaders are so much out of context that it makes immediately obvious that they are echoing the opinion of their liberal handlers.


By the way, yesterday police found another murdered elderly person in Budapest ninth district. It smells like another gypsy murder.

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Survey finds nearly one-third of respondents didn't have enough money to live on

Saturday, April 23, 2011

By The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Nearly one-third of Canadians that responded to a recent survey backed by a major Canadian bank said they didn't have enough money to cover living expenses.

An online survey completed for TD Canada Trust (TSX:TD) also found that 54 per cent of the 1,003 people who answered said it was a real struggle or impossible to save.

The report, released Wednesday, says that 38 per cent of respondents said they had no savings and 30 per cent said they didn't have enough money for their living expenses.

On the flip side, 30 per cent of the respondents said they had enough money saved to cover living expenses for at least four months.

The online survey, based on a representative sample of Canadian adults, was conducted before Christmas from Dec. 2 to 7 by Environics Research for the bank.

TD used the survey results to publicize its services for helping customers with their savings.

The survey found the top goals for the respondents were: saving for retirement (73 per cent), paying off credit cards (72 per cent), and major purchases or vacations (53 per cent each).

On a regional basis:

— 22 per cent of respondents in the Atlantic provinces said they found saving "impossible" and 43 per cent indicated any left-over money was being used to pay down debt.

— 54 per cent of respondents in Ontario said they found it a "real struggle" or impossible to save and 33 per cent said they didn't have enough money to cover living expenses.

— 33 per cent of respondents in Saskatchewan and Manitoba indicated it was a real struggle to save but a larger portion (37 per cent) said they had enough money saved to cover at least four months of living expenses.

— 55 per cent of respondents in Alberta said it was a real struggle or impossible to save but 31 per cent said they had enough money saved to cover at least four months of living expenses.

— 44 per cent of respondents in British Columbia said it was a real struggle or impossible to save; 30 per cent said they didn't have enough money to cover living expenses.


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Mongolians honor Genghis Khan

People pay tribute to Genghis Khan with hada during the Spring Sacrifice ritual for Genghis Khan at the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, April 23, 2011. (Xinhua/Zhang Ling)

HOHHOT, April 23 (Xinhua) -- Tens of thousands of people from home and abroad flocked to the mausoleum of Genghis Khan on Saturday to honor the Mongolian national hero, as experts called for better preservation of this century-old custom.

About 50,000 people, including members of local Mongolian ethnic groups and visitors from the neighboring country of Mongolia, attended the annual memorial rite, said Qolubagatur, who presided over the ceremony.

"It's the 784th year that we held the sacrificial rite to our master, and the 'holy light' of the mausoleum has never gone out under the guard of our Dalhut families," said Qolubagatur. The Dalhut people are a branch of Mongolians who guard the mausoleum.

Hude, a 34-year-old engineer, said he carried on his family's duty to attend the ceremony after his aged parents could no longer make the journey.

"It has been a tradition that we have held for generations," said Hude, after presenting hada, a traditional white scarf, to the white jade statue of Genghis Khan.

To Hude and others of the Mongolian ethnic group, Genghis Khan was a national hero who united the grassland and founded the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. His grandson, Kublai Khan, established the Yuan Dynasty that ruled China from 1271 to 1368.

After the death of Genghis Khan, Mongolians placed his clothes, personal items, and a piece of camel hair that was believed to have preserved his soul in the mausoleum in the Ordos Highlands in what is now the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The real resting place of the Khan, however, remains unknown, as ancient Mongolians followed a custom of not marking their tombs.

For nearly 800 years, as many as 60 annual sacrificial rites, with the spring ceremony being the grandest, have continued.

The practice, however, is now facing a succession crisis, as younger Mongolians show less enthusiasm for sacrificial culture, said Naqige, deputy head of the mausoleum protection committee.

"Of the 16 Dalhut clans, eight have dropped the duty of guarding the mausoleum. Some descendants refused to follow the time-honored practice and chose other careers," said Naqige.

To step up protection of the culture, China listed the memorial rites as an intangible heritage under state protection in 2005. Now, those who guard the mausoleum are entitled to the same salary and benefits as a government worker.

Naqige and many other experts are also campaigning for UNESCO to list the practice as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

"For hundreds of years, the Dalhut people fought against all odds to protect the mausoleum and preserve the culture. That's why the mausoleum is so sacred to the Mongolians," said Qimeddorji, professor of Mongolian studies at the Inner Mongolia University.

Monks stand with giant trumpets during the Spring Sacrifice ritual for Genghis Khan at the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, April 23, 2011. (Xinhua/Zhang Ling)

People play trumpet shells during the Spring Sacrifice ritual for Genghis Khan at the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, April 23, 2011. (Xinhua/Zhang Ling)

A child in a Mongolian ethnic costume pays tribute to Genghis Khan with hada during the Spring Sacrifice ritual for Genghis Khan at the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, April 23, 2011. (Xinhua/Zhang Ling)

People carry animal offerings during the Spring Sacrifice ritual for Genghis Khan at the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, April 23, 2011. (Xinhua/Zhang Ling)


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Székely girl's “European People's Party” logo design has been chosen among the top four

The 23 year old Székely girl, Boga Emese-Margit logo design has been chosen among the top four at the EPP 35th anniversary logo competition.

She is from Csíkszentsimon and previously, studied programming and accounting at the Sapientia University. Currently, she is the employee of “Eureko Nemzetközi Biztosító Társaság”, and besides her work, she is doing her master degree in management.

You can read an interview with her in Hungarian here.

If you like her design please vote for her at the EPP facebook.

To vote, first, visit this site and hit the "like" button.

Then, visit this site and vote for her design.

Her logo design


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Fidesz government gives free license to gypsy criminals to rob and murder

The new law has gone into effect today; in a nutshell, it bans communities to defend themselves, even if the right to self-defense is a constitutional right.

According to Fidesz spokesperson Péter Szijjártó "Anyone committing acts we have seen during the past weeks, refusing to accept that in Hungary the state has the exclusive right, the opportunity and the responsibility to enforce public order, will face sanctions”.

This means that any community that try to organize its own a self-defense will be sanctioned by the state. The law basically gives free license to gypsy criminals to rob and murder innocent people; the Hungarian police are under the control of supporters of globalists that are determined to instigate clashes between gypsies and Hungarians to advance their hidden agenda. Therefore, Hungarians can't count on police to protect them from gypsy criminals.

Not even arch-criminal Ferenc Gyurcsany and his gang would have dared to pass a law like this. This is truly shocking that the Fidesz government that people put so much trust into even a year ago, betrayed its own voters and in fact, the entire country by implementing a treasonous act of serving innocent people up to gypsy criminals.

Good morning Fidesz voters!

God give us brighter future.

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Another mayor is crying out for help

The mayor of Drávapiski, Zoltán Mali invited the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület” civil guard to town because the local police force located in Siklos, unable to perform its constitutional duty of protecting the property and safety of local residents by allowing gypsy criminals to terrorize the population undisturbed.

Mayor Zoltán Mali who became famous for his struggle against loan-sharks a couple of years ago said three local gypsy crime families specializing wood and crop stealing causing a major problem in the town. During the years, the gypsies became so brazen that recently, they have stolen building materials from the mayor's office building. There have been several cases when during public work-programs gypsies went stealing timber and when they were caught, they said, they have found the goods on the street, said Mali.

The mayor added that the municipality doesn't want the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület” civil guard to patrol the town but to help organizing an effective local force that could efficiently fight against gypsy crime.

The organization of a local force has already been started and the job has been entrusted to the deputy mayor.

The mayor said the town don't trust anymore in the official civil guard since officials learned that its members are junkies.

( –

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Miklos Ungvari wins gold at the European Judo Championships in Istanbul

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hungary's gold medalist Miklos Ungvari celebrates after winning against Azarbaijan's Tarian Kerimov (not pictured) during their men's under 66 kg category European Judo Championships final match at the Abdi Ipekci Arena in Istanbul on April 21, 2011.

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Anti-Hungarian forces staging a false flag operation in Gyöngyöspata [UPDATED]

LMP, the party that has been carrying on the flag of the defeated Hungarian-hating SZDSZ, joined forces with “minority rights activists” and staged a spectacular anti-Hungarian operation in Gyöngyöspata. With the financial backing of an “American Businessman” anti-Hungarian forces moving hundreds of gypsies out of town under the pretext of protecting them from the “Véderő” paramilitary group that is holding a drill in the town.

The exodus of gypsies from Gyöngyöspata is currently under way and the event is promoted by the liberal media infamous about fanning the flames of the anti-Hungarian hysteria.

Supposedly, hundreds of gypsies, most of them children and women have been transported to the Csillebérc youth camp.

Interestingly, this staged operation coincides with the double murder of an elderly couple in the heavily gypsy infested town of Szikszó.

Police arresting Tamás Eszes, the leader of the “Véderő” paramilitary group who wants to run in the mayoral race in Gyöngyöspata against Jobbik candidate Oszkár Juhász. This fact alone, discredits Fidesz fraudulent claim that the organization has links to Jobbik.

But there are much more to this false flag operation than one can read from the superficial signs. It is not impossible that the entire campaign targeting Jobbik, the party that creative ideas thwarting the plans of those dark forces that are manipulating Hungarian society from the shadow by creating ethnic tension in the country.

The fact that the international media and foreign embassy staff are in Gyöngyöspata shows that indeed, this is a staged operation and was planned long time ago.

I'm writing these lines from an Internet-cafe, and events are still unfolding; let's see what happens in the coming days, but I am quite certain that my first impressions about the events are not that far off from the truth.


Jobbik spokesperson Dóra Dúró dissociated her party from the “Véderő” paramilitary group.

She said Fidesz has more to do with “Véderő” than Jobbik.

Interesting news surfaced up about the seller of the land that the paramilitary group bought and use for training purposes. It turned out that the seller of the property is no other than Attila Makai's brother-in-law. Makai will run as an independent candidate (with Fidesz support) in the upcoming mayoral race in Gyöngyöspata. The leader of the “Véderő” paramilitary group also wants to run. Do you see the connection? Fidesz candidate Attila Makai can count on the gypsy vote. By bringing a new, seemingly radical group on the stage can divide radical voters, especially if Fidesz manages to link the paramilitary group to Jobbik. This is why Fidesz officials grab every conceivable opportunity to link Jobbik to extremist groups.

Jobbik will run the chief of the party's Heves county branch, Oszkár Juhász for the mayoral seat. Jobbik has nothing to do with the leader of the “Véderő” paramilitary group said Dóra Dúró.

Roma Press reporting that Gyöngyöspata gypsy residents want to get political asylum in the U.S. and Canada. Janos Farkas, the chief of the Roma Civil Rights Movement said "There is no future for us here, they killed all our hopes and dreams" (meaning, since the “The Szebb Jövő” civil guard restored law and order in the town a couple of weeks ago, gypsies cannot go on terrorizing innocent residents as they used to).

According to reports, Gyöngyöspata is packed with politicians, “minority rights activists” and journalists from all around the world. We consider this event as a prelude to the pending hate and hysteria campaign that will start in the international press soon.

LMP activists coaching gypsies among them minority rights leader, repeat offender Vince Szava

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér visiting Gyöngyöspata gypsy community

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér chatting with minority rights leader, repeat offender Vince Szava

The liberal media disseminating wholesale lies about the Friday “exodus” of gypsies from Gyöngyöspata.

According to Red Cross officials, the trip of gypsy children to the Csilleberc youth camp has been decided on long before the “Véderő” paramilitary group showed up in the town. In other words, the two events have nothing to do with one other. This “tiny” bit of fact, however doesn't bother liberal hate-mongers and the shadowy forces that have been working diligently in the background for some time to instigate clashes between gypsies and Hungarians; these treasonous bunch of people made up the Gyöngyöspata fairytale as it was disseminated by the Hungarian liberal media and will be publicized, I'm sure, in the upcoming hate-campaign in the international press as well.

LMP, the most obnoxious party in Hungary that likes to call itself an environmentalist group has been working quite some time on a project that rewards illiterate gypsies for their anti-social behavior. During the Gyöngyöspata demonstration a few weeks ago, for instance, LMP activists distributed candy bars and booze to gypsies indirectly telling them that their anti-social behavior is all right. These liberal vampires are hoping that at some point in the future they can stir up enough hate between gypsies and Hungarians that at some point erupts into clashes that can be blamed on Jobbik. This despicable liberal horde is more dangerous than the socialists that most people recongnize as a bunch of crooks and as such, they have no chance to reclaim their former glories. The LMP, on the other hand, can mislead people, especially younger ones by hiding behind the green mask. Events like the today incident in Gyöngyöspata have the benefit of opening the eyes of many people as the political parties are forced to take sides in the debate.

As expected, the international liberal media have already started the hysteria campaign in the major European and American papers by using the arguments and disinformation that the Hungarian liberal mouthpieces disseminated about Gyöngyöspata. In all probability, the hate-campaign in the international media will continue or even getting more intense in the coming days.

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The leadership of MRM (Magyar Remény Mozgalom) applied for Hungarian citizenship in Soltvadkert

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MRM is the youngest Hungarian party in Délvidék with representatives in the Provincial Parliament of Vojvodina and the Hungarian National Council of Délvidék.

The goal of the party is to protect the rights of Hungarian minorities in Serbia. MRM has good relations with Jobbik, therefore, it has a symbolic importance that the leadership of the party applied for Hungarian citizenship in Soltvadkert, which is the hometown of Jobbik member of parliament, István Szávay.

After handing in the applications, László Bálint held a news-conference in the Holy Crown café; he said obtaining the Hungarian citizenship has particular importance for the Hungarian minorities living in the lost territories. The leadership of MRM applied for the Hungarian citizenship together to encourage Hungarians in Délvidék to follow suit. The citizenship helps strengthening the identity of Hungarians, especially now before the census in Serbia begins. The result of the census will determine the fate of Hungarians for the next ten years said Bálint. The party chairman said they don't worry about Hungarians leaving their homeland as a result of getting Hungarian citizenship, because those who wanted to leave have already left due to open borders.

Jobbik member of parliament, István Szávay expressed his pleasure that his hometown could host this lovely event. He recalled that Soltvadkert municipal council brought a unanimous decision during the December 5th referendum asking the town population to say 'yes' to the dual citizenship. He confirmed that Jobbik is strongly committed to granting full voting rights to Hungarians living in the lost territories.

Bencsik János, Photo: Kató Alpár

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