Orbán: We are going to create community jobs for tens of thousands of Roma people

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Flórian Farkas the chief of the Roma Self-Governing body will sign an agreement about the creation of tens of thousands of community jobs for unemployed Roma.

Speaking at the Fifth European Roma Platform in Budapest, the prime minister announced that besides job creation the government is prepared to provide marketable skills for tens of thousands of young Roma.

The signing of the agreement will take place the next week if everything goes according to plans said the prime minister. The agreement will have historical significance in Hungarian-Roma relations said Orban.

“Let's think of the Roma as opportunity rather than burden”.

Europe put its resources behind solving the Roma issue of the continent; the goal is to look upon the Roma as opportunity rather than burden said Viviane Reding, the vice-chairwoman of the European Commission at the Budapest meeting. She said a great deal of hard work has been put into solving the Roma issue by the Hungarian rotating presidency. As a result, the European Parliament put the issue of Roma integration on the agenda.

The European Parliament and the various committees also worked hard on the project of Roma integration said Reding. The next step is to implement the agreement by the individual states as every country has Roma population. She said only 42 percent of Roma kids attending school in Europe that doesn't prepare them for life.

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Anonymous said...

what about creating jobs for hungarians? or do law-abidding, hard working people not deserve the government's concern?

Sharell Williams said...

They do a really good thing. This is a category of people who need help to integrate into society. Their development will be useful to all! And those Hungarians who want to find a job will surely find it, but they are unlikely to agree to the work that the Roma will do. I recently ordered a resume from topresume because I had little experience and the companies didn't want to accept me, but I did everything to get a job and I got it.

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