Hungary winning the team’s gold at Pentathlon European Championships in England

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tóth, Kovács, Gyenesei team wins gold medal at Pentathlon European Championships in England on Sunday with Germany taking silver and France bronze.

Team members celebrating victory

Photos: source

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Gergő Kis wins his second bronze medal in 1500'm freestyle

(Photo: MTI)

"My first reaction is a message: 'aki másnak vermet ás, maga esik bele...', the recipients understand what I mean. Otherwise, it was a good race, if I swim directly next to the Canadian swimmer, I get the silver. But the bronze medal is good too; if someone at home says you win bronze I accept it and don't even travel to Shanghai. Besides many things, I need to develop in tactics and also improve my turns. But the third place is a great result, especially because at home, I and my coach were humiliated and ignored altogether; the bronze medal is a warning that even in such conditions we could prepare and take home two medals” said Gergő Kis after the competition.

China's Sun Yang broke Grant Hackett's long-standing men's 1500 metres freestyle world record to win the gold medal at world championships on Sunday.

Sun clocked 14 minutes, 34.14 seconds to claim the gold. Canada's Ryan Cochrane took silver in a time of 14:44.46, while Hungary’s Gergo Kis earned bronze in 14:45.66.

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Picture of the day: Chimpanzee feeds milk to tiger cub

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two-year-old chimpanzee "Do Do" feeds milk to "Aorn", a 60-day-old tiger cub, at Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Samut Prakan province on the outskirts of Bangkok July 30, 2011. The crocodile farm, used as a tourist attraction, houses some 80,000 crocodiles and is the largest in Thailand.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

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No more hiding - László Gubík became Hungarian citizen

The 24 year old university student from Felvidék announced today that he took the Hungarian citizenship oath on July 19, 2011 in Soltvadkert. He said he is aware of the fact that having Hungarian citizenship infringing the Slovakian citizenship act.

(If you are a US or Canadian citizen, you might ask what is the big deal about dual citizenship? After all, it is a regular feature of the basic law in most countries. But not in Slovakia that has been founded on a chunk of land carved out from the former territory of Hungary after the Kingdom of Hungary was partitioned by global forces in Trianon, in 1919. Since then, Slovakia (and also the other neighboring countries that have received large chunks of land formerly part of Hungary) have been doing their best to drive out or assimilate millions of ethnic Hungarians that have become (Czech)Slovakian and other citizens without anybody asking their opinion. Ridden by inferiority complexes, the successive Slovakian governments intimidating ethnic Hungarians on an ongoing basis by denying them their most basic rights (for instance to use their mother tongue in official communications) that other European ethnic groups have long been enjoying. This is to remove the evidence that reminding them of the origin and the circumstances of the birth of their country.)

László Gubík is the head of the “Magyar Koalíció Pártja” (an ethnic Hungarian party in Felvidék) Léva branch and he has reasoned that as a law student and as a law-abiding citizen he can't hide his new citizenship from Slovakian authorities. "But on the contrary, I would like to continue working in my birthplace and do not intend to quit my Slovakian citizenship," says Gubík.

He referred to the relevant provisions of the Slovakian Constitution that states that Slovakian citizenship can't be stripped away from any citizen without his/her consent. Then, he pointed out that the amendment of the citizenship act passed by the Robert Fico government penalizes dual citizens, which is against the Slovakian constitution.

I got back what always belonged to me

The young law student writing his thesis on the relevance of the Holy Crown principle in contemporary times. The Holy Crown principle made possible the formation of a constitutional framework that integrated all peoples living in the Carpathian Basin. The new Hungarian citizenship act passed by the parliament this year implements this framework and creates a legal system that makes the unification of Hungarians possible regardless of their residency.

The young university student pointed out that his ancestors were all Hungarian citizens who lost their Hungarian citizenship as a result of the Trianon dictate. "By receiving the Hungarian citizenship, I just got back, what in luckier times I would have naturally entitled to receive said the young man.

Tribute to those who have been persecuted for merely being Hungarians

Gubík says he cannot expect that others follow his example, however, he believes that "this is the right way of identifying with the Hungarian nation by those living in Felvidék and the Carpathian Basin”.

"In the twenty-first century, this is my small way of showing respect to those who affirmed their Hungarian identities in ominous times, who were deported to forced labor camps, who were deprived of all their properties, who rejected forced assimilation and instead relocated to Hungary,” concluded his statement László Gubík.

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Hungarian Meteorological Service: perfect summer weather during “Magyar Sziget”

Friday, July 29, 2011

During the week of August 1 through August 7, the meteorological service forecasting only one or two showers in the Verőce region. Serious rain fall is not expected at all, but lots of sunshine; it will be a perfect festival weather with temperatures between 22 and 31 degrees.

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The three amigos might stand trial for indebting the country

The Fidesz government will ask the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs and Legal Committee to examine the possibility of establishing liability under the current legal framework for the unreasonable increase of public debt by the successive socialist governments announced government spokesperson Péter Szijjártó.

The Fidesz politician added if the current legal environment won't allow bringing politicians to justice for such acts, the government will ask the two bodies to ensure that "this could be done in the future." He said the new constitution will have a special clause on public debt that provides a legal framework under which criminal prosecution is possible.

The Vice-Chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee investigating the increase of public debt between 2002-2010, recommended to look at the causes what made debt spiral out of control and find those responsible for it.

Szijjártó reiterated its position that the socialist governments poor economic management led the dramatic increase of public debt; this irresponsible policy of the previous cabinets led to the current situation that effects every Hungarian family.

Answering to questions, Szijjártó mentioned the names of three prime ministers under which public debt spiraled out of control – former prime minister Péter Medgyessy, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai. He remarked that the former finance ministers of this period also bear responsibility for the deteriorating situation. He indicated that the government turned to the parliamentary bodies before deciding on any action, because of the complexities of the issues – these past crimes have long-term effects.

Jobbik agrees with the government's intention to bring legal actions against those responsible for indebting the country. Z. Kárpát Daniel said Jobbik agrees that legal action is needed and criminal liability should be established on the issues of indebtedness. Jobbik, however, wants to investigate the past twenty years rather than just the last eight to nine years and look at "the Orbán government's responsibility as well”. According to Jobbik all governments, in the past 21 years, bear responsible for the increase of public debt, although in different degrees.

The socialist crooks as expected vehemently opposing the idea as they are the chief culprits behind the accumulation of public debt.

Veteran Bolshevik László Kovács, the vice president of the Socialist Party said prosecuting former prime ministers would be unprecedented in a democratic country. So far, no politician anywhere in the western world brought to justice for government's failed policies whatever were the long term effects of that policy. "If something like this happens, Hungary can expect harsh criticism (from abroad). Voters are the ones that have to pass judgment on such issues," said Kovács.

(Kovács hinted that the socialist party has foreign friends and the party will turn to them for help in case legal action has been brought against any of the socialist crooks for their past crimes. After all, these foreign forces were the beneficiaries of the looting of the country under the successive socialist administrations. However, the economic situation in the world is changing rapidly and it is not certain that these entities will stand behind the failed party indefinitely. If not presently, perhaps a couple of years from now the socialist criminals can be brought to justice for the long term economic pain they have inflicted upon the Hungarian people by indebting their future and their children's future as well.)

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Gyurta wins men’s 200 metres breaststroke at worlds

Daniel Gyurta of Hungary won gold in the 200-meter breaststroke at the world swimming championships on Friday.Olympic champion Kitajima had led at the 150-meter mark, but could not hold off the surging Gyurta.

  Gyurta clocked 2:8.41 seconds. Japan’s Kitajima earned silver in 2:08.63. Christian Vom Lehn of Germany was third in 2:09.06.


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Polish patriotic youth staged a demonstration at the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw demanding freedom for Budaházy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Members of “All-Polish Youth” and the “National Radical Camp” staged a demonstration at the Hungarian embassy in Warsaw to demand freedom for György Budaházy.

Protesters chanted slogans such as "Freedom for Budaházy", "Budapest - Warsaw - common struggle", "Freedom for the patriots" and "Pride, pride, national pride". The protesters also held a sign that demanded freedom for Budaházy.

Michał Kowalczyk summed up Budaházy's political activities, in the mean time pointed out that all European patriots must continue fighting for their nation.

Next, Jakub Siemiątkowski, the head of Młodzież Wszechpolska Warsaw chapter read a statement outlining Polish patriots' support for Budaházy. He then demanded freedom for all political prisoners and declared that Europe is the homeland of Europeans, so Europeans should stick together and fight as one for a better Europe.

The modern concept of nationalism shows us that it is time to understand the importance of cooperation among the nationalist organizations of Europe pointed out Siemiątkowski. He then remarked that the changes taking place in Hungary are valuable, but still not enough to trigger a national rebirth.

After his speech, he handed over a petition to Hungarian Embassy staff who promised that the petition will be sent to Budapest.

The demonstration ended by chanting slogans such as, "Poland and Hungary are friends", "Budapest - Warsaw - common struggle" and "Communists buzz off!"

According to the Polish patriots, in some time in the future, it will be possible to demonstrate for Budaházy in several European countries at the same time.

(Szent Korona Radio –

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Gergő Kis wins first (bronze) medal for Hungary in Men’s 800 free

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


His finishing time was 7:44.94. That time busts his previous career-best in this race by a full 7 seconds, which also happens to do the same to the Hungarian National Record that he set last year.

“...everthing went according to plans... I'm happy that I won the first medal for Hungary in indoor swimming competition in Shanghai”.

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Aging Bolshevik László Kovács wants to quarantine “extremist” organizations

The socialists whose predecessors committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity in the past eighty years using the Norwegian massacre as a pretext to try to isolate "extremist views and organizations" in the country.

Aging Bolshevik László Kovács, the Vice-Chairman of the Socialist Party pointed out that the Hungarian Socialist Party condemned the Norwegian massacre the day it was committed and expressed the party's condolences to the victims' relatives immediately after the atrocity. It also sent a solidarity message to the Norwegian Labour Party that is the sister party of the socialist crime network that made more harm to the Hungarian people than the Mongol invasion in the thirteen century.

The Hungarian Socialists convinced that in situations like this "the Left must act proactively against hatred, which is the first step on the road to murder," said the hate-monger.

"But the action of the Left is not enough, because other forces opposing terrorism may become targets too" continued Kovacs.

(And here comes the point): According to Kovács, the broadest possible consent is needed among all democratic parties, after all the mass-murderer "by his own admission, has contacts in Hungary". It is all the more important that the democratic parties, civil organizations and the churches unite against hate continued his rant the hate-monger. Furthermore, European and international organizations are also need to be united because "the Norwegian terrorist had contacts not only in Hungary, but everywhere in Europe" concluded his rant on terrorism Kovács, who of course, stopped short of discussing the crimes of his terrorist comrades who murdered about 100 million people worldwide, during eighty years of communist rampage.

(MTI – edited by

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Picture of the day: Leopard mauls 11 in India

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The leopard strayed into the village area and attacked several villagers, including at least four guards, before being caught by forest officials, according to news reports. The leopard, which suffered injuries caused by knives and batons, died later in the evening at a veterinary center. The forest guard being attacked was injured


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The Story of Your Enslavement

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Krisztina Morvai is quitting the European Alliance for Freedom Party

In the MTV morning show, “Szemközt”, Krisztina Morvai announced that she is quitting the European Alliance for Freedom Party due to the differences between Jobbik and FPÖ and the controversy that the cooperation has created among her supporters.

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Sixteen Fukushima high school students arrived in Hungary

The Malév plane landed on Monday evening, a few minutes after six o'clock at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, where forty journalists, twenty students from Hódmezővásárhely, mayor János Lázár, Ito Tecuo Japanese Ambassador to Hungary and Mihály Hardy, Budapest Airport spokesman welcomed the sixteen Japanese students.

The idea of ​​bringing Fukushima students to Hungary came from Hódmezővásárhely mayor János Lázár. The young people have been chosen by the Japanese embassy paying particular attention to the mayor's request to pick students that suffered losses in the nuclear disaster.

The entire project is funded by the municipality of Hódmezővásárhely and the Japanese students will be aided by local volunteers during their stay in Hungary -- until August 6.

"Four months have passed since the nuclear disaster in March, in which twenty thousand people died and more than one hundred thousand still living in shelters. All young people here suffered personal losses, their families have been torn apart by the disaster caused by the massive earthquake. The students will be vacationing in Hungary and I'm sure that they'll have fun time that give them strength to recover from the heavy losses and continue their regular lives " said Japanese ambassador Ito Tecuo.

The students are accommodated in a hotel and will be aided by students from the Szeged University Japanese language faculty.

Besides Hódmezővásárhely, the young people will visit Lake Balaton, Visegrád, Esztergom and Budapest. They will meet President Pál Schmitt and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as well.

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“Magyar Sziget”: Only a few days to go

Monday, July 25, 2011

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A major confrontation is brewing between HVIM and the organizers of the “Sziget” drug fest

HVIM leadership has remained silent until now about the controversy surrounding a demonstration announced by one of the members of HVIM at “Hajógyári-sziget” where the international “Sziget” festival is being held each year. Yet, the extreme anti-Hungarian liberal media started attacking our movement like rabid animals reads the statement issued by HVIM leadership.

First, we inclined to solve the controversy with Sziget organizers peacefully, but after all that filth they poured over our heads we changed our minds.

Károly Gerendai, the chief organizer of the Sziget Festival attacked us with the arrogance of the chosen ones; he said he could negotiate with anybody but radical Hungarians. But the last straw came when Károly Gerendai threatened Hungarians wanting to take part in the rally with thousands of foreign far-left anarchists and junkies that he intends to ship into the country. Why does this man, who in the last few decades has become rich from taxpayers money, think he can do whatever he wants? This suggestion that really aroused our appetite and decided that we live by our God given rights and mobilize the Hungarian national resistance against these fraudulent agents. This is our message to Gerendai and his comrades who in recent years, did their best to discredit “Magyar Sziget” with nefarious means reads the statement of HVIM leadership.

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Gábor Vona: what happened in Norway during the weekend was a crime against humanity

Jobbik president Gábor Vona condemned the Friday Oslo and Utøya massacres calling it a crime against humanity at a press conference in Budapest on Monday. In the mean time, he expressed his outrage as "some Hungarian newspapers" (liberal trash media) trying to invent a link between Jobbik and the mass murderer.

Anders Behring Breivik, before carrying out the bombing in Oslo and the massacre in the Utøya youth camp that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred people, uploaded an 1500-page document on internet in which he mentions several Eastern European radical parties among them Jobbik.

"Eastern Europe and the far-right nationalist parties" section of the document lists three organizations in Hungary: The Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP), the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM) and Jobbik. The document states that immigration and anti-Islamic sentiments are not the central themes of Eastern European nationalist parties as Islamic immigration is "very limited" in those countries. These parties are held more anti-EU, anti-Semitic and anti-gypsy sentiments writes the mass murderer.

At the Monday's press conference Gábor Vona offered his sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims and wished fast recovery to the injured. "What happened in Norway during the weekend was a crime against humanity, and we sincerely hope that the process can be stopped by European collaboration" said the leader of Jobbik party.

The politician, on the other hand found outrageous that "some Hungarian newspapers insinuating an indirect link between Jobbik and the perpetrator." He stressed that the document lists "each European party that opposes immigration".

Vona reiterated that Jobbik continues advocating the review of European immigration.

The chief of Jobbik recalled that in 2002, he attended a pan-Arabic youth gathering in Yemen with the youth leader of the Norwegian Labour Party.

Vona advised to the Hungarian media "if they want to explore really interesting and exciting information," about the killer, explore his Masonic and Israeli links.

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Picture of the day: 186th Anna Ball beauty queen, Nikolett Frei

Twenty-one year old college student Nikolett Frei of Kiskõrös has been chosen as the 186th Anna Ball beauty queen.

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Makoto Uehara is the new heavyweight champion of Japan

Sunday, July 24, 2011

On July 23, 2011, Makoto Uehara, as always, stepped into the ring in Japanese, Hungarian and colors to win and become the heavyweight champion of Japan. The fight took place in front of 15 thousand fans in Tokyo Dome Stadium.

The 93-kg Makoto Uehara won a second round knockout victory over the 110-kg opponent. With this victory, the champion sponsored by the Földi family, Haru Construction Co. Ltd., and became eligible for K1 and Showtime competitions.

Krisztián Földi and the champion

The fans

The media

The team's official uniform

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Twins meet up in Szigethalom: Photo report

Photos:Csudai Sándor


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PM Viktor Orbán Tusványos speech: the highlights

Profound changes have been happening in the world today; the western world is in deep economic crisis, which is shaking western democracies to the core. A year ago, everyone spoke about the end of the western world's financial and economic troubles. But instead, Greece has collapsed, and more countries that are situated at the periphery of EU slowly but surely falling behind. The world is at the threshold of a new era; countries that previously thought to be strong joined to the weak ones and vice versa. One of the things that triggered the collapse of the current world order is indebtedness that grew so big that can't be ever repaid.

The collapse of the old world is inevitable because there is no recipe for the massive debt repayments. The only recipe we know is the devaluation of national currencies and inflation said the prime minister.

Many people believed that economic growth and consumption can be increased indefinitely. As a result, market competition has changed into consumption contest. However, the underlying assets and resources that fueled consumption haven't increased proportionately. It follows that the Western world's growth path has become unsustainable, the future of younger generations are forfeited by depreciating value-added work said the prime minister.

In the emerging new era, the state will have a whole new role to play in economic matters. Only by using state assets, debt can be repaid and only the state can put people back to work. The economy won't change automatically, but only government can change the mode of production by changing the welfare state into a work-based economy. However, the state can be successful only if there is a strong community behind it. The real power of the state comes from the community said Orbán.

According to the prime minister, Hungarians realized that the current system is broke and has become unsustainable. Hungary, ahead of all other European countries gave the right answers to the challenges of our time. Voters in the last year election felt that the government needed a super majority, in order to make the country catch up, as Hungarians do not want to become victims of the process, but active participants of the changes; they want to fight debt, unemployment and undeserved wealth. In the spirit of these expectations, the Fidesz government has already implemented major changes in the country: the dual citizenship, the new constitution, a completely new tax system, the bank tax, the crisis tax, the nationalization of the pension funds, debt reduction and measures to stop demographic decline.

In the mean time, the prime minister reminded people that the worst is not over yet. Among others, he remarked that the government is still unable to provide as much resources as needed to Hungarians living in the neighboring countries. In this context, he recounted the camp's motto, which states that “which belongs together grows together." He remarked that one of the most important goals of the emerging new era will be the unification of Hungarians.

Referring to the future, the prime minister drew attention to the whole of Central Europe, which will be more unified as the region becomes the focal point of the evolving a new economic era. Orbán stressed that without a strong mother land, the Hungarian nation can't be strong in the Carpathian Basin. Repaying the national debt will strengthen Hungary's position in the world in conjunction with the planned European production center and the re-industrialization of the country that will follow. One of the good news is that a year ago, Hungary drifted between the reefs but today we are navigating past the reefs said the prime minister.

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CRO, ITA, HUN and SRB advance to quarter-finals

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Serbia won their groups and advanced to the quarter-finals of the men’s water polo competition on the last day of preliminary-round games at the Natatorium today.

Hungary edged out Spain 12-11 to win Group A in a near packed house in a game where Spain held sway in the first half but Hungary took control just before halftime and never relinquished the lead. Montenegro clinched second with a 16-5 success over Kazakhstan.

In Group B, defending champion Serbia beat previously unbeaten Australia 12-9 while in the last game of the night, Romania defeated China 14-10.

Serbia had a bonus four minutes when Aussie SHARK Tim CLELAND was ejected from the pool for brutality, an unusual occurrence at World Championship level and a second player, Aaron YOUNGER, was also excluded for violence but with replacement.

In Group C, Croatia downed Japan 18-7 for three straight wins while Canada finished second with a 13-9 margin over Brazil in the Americas face-off.

In Group D, Italy came from two goals down in the third quarter to overhaul a heavily supported Germany 7-6. The winless United States of America breathed a sigh of relief, defeating South Africa 20-3 to secure third place.

The second round of the women’s competition will be played on Saturday with the four group winners having the day off.


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Fukushima students visit Hungary

The city of Hódmezővásárhely started a cultural exchange program as a solidarity initiative between the two friendly nations.

Seventeen Japanese high-school students arrive to Hódmezővásárhely on Monday from the Fukushima district for the invitation of Hódmezővásárhely city representative body. Hódmezővásárhely is the first city in Europe to establish local-level contact with Japan's disaster-stricken city of Fukushima.

The students arrive to Hungary as part of the Kizuna project initiated by the local government. Japanese use this term to express human relations and friendly ties among people; this is why the organizing committee has chosen the word for the solidarity action project's title. János Lázár the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely said to MTI that the Kizuna project is not a relief operation, but a cultural project demonstrating the friendship between the two peoples.

"I want to show the world that despite the disaster, we try to remain positive about the future" - wrote one of Fukushima high school students, who described the earthquake and the following atomic reactor explosion as a life-changing experience. Due to the high level of radiation in the area, residents can't open their windows, despite the summer heat and even can't dry their cloths outside after washing them. Students can't go out to the school yard either because the contaminated soil is covered with protective plastic sheets.

During their stay in Hungary, the Japanese students visit the main cultural sites of Hódmezővásárhely and its region, then they learn about the neighboring village -- Székkutas – rustic atmosphere, and visit Lake Balaton as well.

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Oslo bombing suspect has been arrested

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian police arrested a 32 year old local man -- Anders Behring Breivik – and accusing him of setting off an explosions in Oslo government district and gunning down at least ten people in the Utøya youth camp, on Friday reported Norwegian TV2.

According to TV2 sources, the suspect belongs to right wing extremist groups in eastern Norway, and have registered two weapons under his name - an automatic and a pistol of type Glock.

The 32-year-old suspect set up a company in 2009, that engages in the cultivation of vegetables, melons, roots and tubers; this means that he may have had access to fertilizer - a well known ingredient in the manufacture of bombs.

His Facebook profile listing him as a conservative and Christian man with connection to extreme right wing groups.

He is also listed as a member of a Masonic lodge.

The suspect owns a farming business in eastern Norway, and according to his Facebook profile he has studied in Oslo.

His main interests are hunting and bodybuilding.


(Notes: The compromised mainstream media is visibly disappointed about the outcome of the arrest. Before the suspect has been caught, several controlled media outlets started disseminating suggestions about possible Islamic involvement in the blast. An outcome like this would have served the interests of those pursuing the agenda of scaring the public with imaginary Islamic terrorist organizations that the corporate slave masters are using as a cover to advance the new world order project).


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