Aging Bolshevik László Kovács wants to quarantine “extremist” organizations

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The socialists whose predecessors committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity in the past eighty years using the Norwegian massacre as a pretext to try to isolate "extremist views and organizations" in the country.

Aging Bolshevik László Kovács, the Vice-Chairman of the Socialist Party pointed out that the Hungarian Socialist Party condemned the Norwegian massacre the day it was committed and expressed the party's condolences to the victims' relatives immediately after the atrocity. It also sent a solidarity message to the Norwegian Labour Party that is the sister party of the socialist crime network that made more harm to the Hungarian people than the Mongol invasion in the thirteen century.

The Hungarian Socialists convinced that in situations like this "the Left must act proactively against hatred, which is the first step on the road to murder," said the hate-monger.

"But the action of the Left is not enough, because other forces opposing terrorism may become targets too" continued Kovacs.

(And here comes the point): According to Kovács, the broadest possible consent is needed among all democratic parties, after all the mass-murderer "by his own admission, has contacts in Hungary". It is all the more important that the democratic parties, civil organizations and the churches unite against hate continued his rant the hate-monger. Furthermore, European and international organizations are also need to be united because "the Norwegian terrorist had contacts not only in Hungary, but everywhere in Europe" concluded his rant on terrorism Kovács, who of course, stopped short of discussing the crimes of his terrorist comrades who murdered about 100 million people worldwide, during eighty years of communist rampage.

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