The eleventh “Magyar Sziget” will be held on August 1-8

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HVIM will hold the eleventh “Magyar Sziget” during the week of August 1-8, 2011 at the usual location in Verőce. In recent years, “Magyar Sziget” festival has been attended by several nationalist organizations from all over Europe; organizers are hoping that the tradition will continue and this year more organizations will attend the event to exchange ideas about the struggles lie ahead.

Nationalist organizations in Hungary are following the Western-European events with great interest. On August 2, there will be an “International Day” with several rock bands – both local and foreign – will perform and a roundtable discussion about international issues will be organized. The organizing committee is asking participants intend to take part in the roundtable discussions to delegate a member by sending the person's name to organizers as quickly as possible.

If there are requests for longer talks organizers can accommodate those ones too.

With brotherly greetings,
“Magyar Sziget” organizing committee

More info:

For attendees giving talks during the festival, there is no admission fee. For others, 40 EURO for a week; the price includes the use of camp site, attendance opportunities to all programs, free bus service and other conveniences. Daily pass costs 6 EURO. There are possibilities to rent bungalows and motor-homes at the festival site; there are several other type of accommodations are available in the vicinity of the festival site as well (hotels, motels and so on).

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