Family and friends said goodbye to another victim of gypsy crime in Hajdúhadház

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gypsy criminals attacked and beat to death an 81-year-old woman and seriously injured her sixty-year-old son in a home invasion in January this year. The gypsies took four thousand forint --about 20 USD -- from the victims.

Due to the injuries, the old lady died soon after the assault and her son was hospitalized and later released from hospital care. As a result of the injuries, (and obviously as a result of the psychological scars he suffered during the assault) the son never fully recovered from his injuries and died six months later.

So far, three individuals have been murdered by gypsy criminals in Hajdúhadház. A few months ago, a man was assaulted for wine and cigarettes -- he later died in hospital.

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