The first ever “Ancestors Day” celebration will be held in Bugac on July 29 to 31

Thursday, July 7, 2011

During the three day event shows, concerts, lectures and traditional performances will be held to celebrate the prominent historical figures of the “Honfoglalás” period.

The event was announced on Tuesday, at a press conference by Sándor Lezsák (Fidesz), the deputy speaker of the parliament - who is also the sponsor of the event. The goal of the “Ancestors Day” event is to strengthen national consciousness and bolster the unity of the nation that “destined to do great things in the coming years, decades and centuries” said Lezsák.

Zsolt András Bíró, the head of the Hungarian Turan Foundation and the organizer of the event said "a nation can't achieve great things whithout self-confidence." The “Ancestors Day” celebration targets all Hungarians around the world; “every festival worth as much as people are able to absorb from it” said Bíró.

The main attraction of the three day event will be the “Honfoglalás” period yurt camp and a bronze casting workshop said Bíró. In addition, there will be craft fairs, concerts, shows and lectures about the ancient Hungarian religion and belief system that our ancestors brought with them from the east said Bíró. The event will host a spectacle where the "world's best horse archers' perform military exercises from the Hun, Avar and Hungarian periods.

The free event is open for everybody; more information at and

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