Former police chief Péter Gergényi has become a suspect

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of the most hated figures of the Gyurcsany regime, former Budapest police chief Péter Gergényi has been questioned yesterday, as suspect by the Military Prosecutor's Office in Debrecen, in relation to the 2006 abuse of power by police under his command.

Gábor Gulyás, General Gergényi's lawyer, confirmed the information and revealed that his client handed in an official complaint against the accusations. The lawyer added that the complaint will be dealt with by the chief military prosecutor, but he didn't release additional information about the case.

The deputy head of the Military Prosecutor's Office in Debrecen, Attila Kiss, neither confirmed nor denied the accusations against the former police chief; but, he declined answering further questions about the case referring to the confidential nature of the investigation.

According to, the charges against the former police chief relating to the 2006 unrest that police put down by using extreme force. During the clashes with protesters officers didn't wear identification numbers with the obvious intent to prevent the identification of officers that used extreme force against defenseless citizens causing serious injuries many of them.

According to a 2005 provision, not wearing identification number by a police officer is a criminal offense.

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