French human rights activists have been blocked from boarding a Malév-Tel-Aviv flight at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hungarian authorities barred eight French human rights activists from boarding a Malév-Tel-Aviv flight at the Budapest's Liszt Ferenc International Airport for the request of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

The activists wanted to fly to Israel to show support to the Palestinian national struggle.

Israeli papers reported that Israel approached several airport authorities, including the Budapest International Airport to stop individuals that were on the provided black list, from flying Israel.

Nicolas Chachany, one of the organizers of the trip said when passengers demanded explanation for blocking them from boarding the flight, a Malév employee told them, "I'm sorry gentlemen, I'm just carrying out orders from the Israeli Ministry of Interior".

One of those turned away, Philippe Arnaud, said Malév showed him a list provided by Israeli authorities of nearly 400 people being barred from Israel.

German carriers Lufthansa and Air Berlin said they also received lists.

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