Gábor Vona calls for unity among members of the Hungarian Guard

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gábor Vona called for unity among the various splinter groups of the Hungarian Guard at Erzsébet Square, on Sunday commemorating the second anniversary of the 2009 police terror.

On July 4, 2009, 200 members of the disbanded Hungarian Guard held a sympathy demonstration demanding the release of György Budaházy that the Gyurcsany regime arrested on fabricated charges. Riot police surrounded the peaceful crowd and by using tear gas begun dispersing the crowd. As a result, 216 members of the Hungarian Guard were arrested including Gábor Vona himself.

Speaking in front of 500 people that included members of the Hungarian Guard wearing white shirt and black pants, Vona remarked that division and discord is not in the interests of the Hungarian people. Therefore, the different groups of the Hungarian Guard needs to be united this year.

The "Day of Camaraderie," event has been attended by the captain of the New Hungarian Guard Tamás Juhász and several members of Jobbik parliamentary group including Gábor Vona and Levente Murányi. However, the Hungarian National Guard, the biggest splinter group led by József Ináncsi didn't attend.

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