Gábor Vona calls Hungarians to celebrate the first National Day of Unity in Gyöngyöspata on July 16

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thousands of patriotic Hungarians had come a few month back and joined us in demonstrating power, unity and the notion that things couldn't go on as before in Gyöngyöspata. Now, we stand at a historic crossroads once again, as Gyöngyöspata residents go to the polls to elect a new mayor, on July 17. The challenge is whether we can continue the positive process we have started in Tiszavasvári and make the Érpatak model a reality in Gyöngyöspata.

As always, the government will continue meddling in our efforts to ensure that justice and national unity won't materialize in the municipality. The time has come to you all who felt the need then and came to Gyöngyöspata in your free time to show support to the residents of the town, to come once again to help our efforts to form a united front.

On July 16, we must show again that we are not a scattered "flock of sheep", but a strong and steadfast community. Everyone is welcome on July 16, at 10 am, at the first National Unity Day, at the Gyöngyöspata football field; bring your children, family members and friends, and have a wonderful time, meanwhile let's show to the country, the treacherous government and the whole of Europe that together we are strong and united and can join forces if the interest of the nation demands it.

Hungary belongs to Hungarians and Gyöngyöspata to the residents of Gyöngyöspata not to shadowy foreign interest groups! Help us rejuvenate Gyöngyöspata so that the hardworking residents of the town can live once again in peace.

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